Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 35 Xia Xiang (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 35 How about getting a room? Part 2

Gu Ye decided to return the souls of Xia An, Xia Xiang, and several classmates after breakfast. Not long after, Xia Xiang called and said feebly, "Gu Ye, my brother, and I, give our thanks to you and Peng Yu."

At this moment, Gu Ye had already taken a taxi to a stuffed toy store. Knowing that Xia Xiang had woken up, he felt relieved and said, "There will be more days ahead. Let's enjoy the next four years together."

When Xia Xiang heard this, he suddenly realized something, and the corners of his mouth curved up, "Okay, let's enjoy the next four years together."

After Gu Ye bought dozens of stuffed toys, he became worried. If he brought these things home, his family would definitely ask him what a boy was buying these things for. It’s very hard to hide his things without getting noticed. He had to find a way to move out.

In order to prevent his family from suspecting that he had any special hobbies, Gu Ye handed these dolls to their own security guard at the main gate and told him that they were to be sent to children in mountainous areas so please help to keep them for a few days.

The security guard brother thought of what Gu Ye said previously about ‘sending express delivery to a friend’ that night, and his expression looked particularly complicated when he took it.

As soon as Gu Ye entered the house, he asked Mrs. Gu, "Mom, will my dad come back for lunch?"

Mrs. Gu curled her lips and said, "When other children return home, they will ask for their dad ‘Where is my mom?’ but you? You just know to look for your dad."

Gu Ye doesn’t know if to laugh or cry, "I want to ask my dad for money."

Mrs. Gu blinked and immediately changed her expression, "Oh, you need money? I'll call your dad and ask him to come back and eat."

In just one morning, Gu Ye's photos were exposed on the Internet: Shocking! This year’s science stream top scorer looks like this!

These reporters are also very capable. Gu Ye went to the toy store to buy dolls in the morning and still managed to get photographed by them. As soon as this post was posted, the Internet immediately became lively. Many people were shouting:

This little brother looked handsome enough to debut!

The top scorer in science has a girly heart, he went to buy dolls!

With such talent and good looks, how else other people going to compete?

Soon there will be a recruitment battle among prestigious schools across the country. Let us wait and see who will win this school grass*!

[In case there are still people who don’t know these terms, school flower is for girls, and school grass is for boys. It’s something like prom king and queen, just that it’s not prom but for the whole year]

Immediately afterward, Gu Ye's identity was also revealed: he turned out to be the third son of real estate tycoon Gu Decheng! With good looks, money, and talent, countless netizens joked that this is a life that not many people could afford to envy!

Gu Ye's score also shocked everyone who knew him. What were his previous scores? And looking at his current score, even the head teacher, Teacher Yu, found it incredible. Gu Ye has completed a counterattack from the bottom-most rank to the first rank in the past six months!

This was the last batch of students taught by Teacher Yu before retirement, and he actually taught the top scorer in the science stream in the country. Teacher Yu is overjoyed and makes a phone call to Gu Ye. While congratulating him, he also told Gu Ye, "Several prestigious schools have contacted the school for your contact information. This means they are here to snatch the best scorer. Discuss this with your family and make plans in advance."

Gu Decheng had already heard the news at noon. He was so happy that he looked several years younger. Even his footsteps were light with a breeze and his posture was straighter than usual.

Gu Ye sat opposite his father and asked with an obedient face, "Dad, what are you going to reward me this time?"

"I heard that you don't want to live on campus?"

Gu Ye nodded vigorously, not expecting the opportunity to come so soon, "I like peace and quiet. I learn better outside than in a dormitory."

"Okay, I'll have someone go there to buy you a house tomorrow." Papa Gu, who was in high spirits, asked excitedly, "How big of a house do you want? Dad will buy it for you."

Gu Ye happily stretched out a finger and said humbly, "A 1-bedroom unit is enough."

"How unambitious!" Gu Decheng laughed and scolded, "Your father is engaged in real estate, alright? If I get you a one-bedroom apartment, won’t you be afraid of others laughing at you?! I’ll buy you a two-story house with a loft. If you live alone, 200 square meters should be enough."

"Thank you, Dad! I love you, Dad!" Gu Ye wanted to hug the old man and spin him around twice. It's so cool to have a rich dad! Gu Ye struck while the iron was hot, "Dad, Yu Ze said to have dinner with me tonight, can I go?"

Gu Decheng waved his hand, "Go, go, go, you've grown up now. Our family won't have too many restrictions on making friends. You can make more friends like Yu Ze."

On this side, the atmosphere is nice - the father is feeling kind and the son is being filial. The more Mrs. Gu looks at it, the more uncomfortable she becomes. She got reminded of what Gu Ye said earlier about Gu Yang not doing well in the exam this time, and she felt even more uncomfortable. Of the four brothers, the stupidest one now becomes Gu Yang. How will they live in the future?

When Gu Yang came back from the exam that afternoon, the first thing Mrs. Gu asked him was how he did in the exam. The child was full of confidence and replied, "I filled in all the blanks, no problem! Don't worry!"

Mrs. Gu just wants to beat Gu Yang to death. The point is not to fill in the blanks, but to be right or wrong!

Gu Yang is still feeling good about himself. Hearing that his brother was the top scorer in science this year, he happily went to play with Gu Ye. But before he even entered Gu Ye’s room, he got blocked by a sentence ‘Your brother needs to catch up sleep’. Reluctantly, he took the ball and went to play with the Gou Wang (dog).

When Gu Ye woke up, the silly boy is already playing well with the dog. As he drank coffee, he looked at the silly boy's eyebrows (to read his fortune). The corner of his mouth twitched uncontrollably, and he asked with concern, "Little brother, have you handed in your answer sheet?"

Gu Yang answered with a confirmed tone, "I did, I definitely handed it over!"

Gu Ye asked with a complicated mood, "Are your answers, filled in the correct spaces?"

Gu Yang scratched his head, "That should be right!"

"What about your name? Have you written it down?"

Gu Yang asked worriedly, "Brother, what's wrong with you? Are you awake?"

Gu Ye twitched his lips and patted the child's shoulder, "Take care!" Gu Yang won’t be able to escape a beating from both mother and father.

After drinking coffee, Gu Ye went back to his room and took a shower. Just as he was about to go out, the security guard at the door called him, "Third Young Master, someone from the Xuanshu Association is looking for you and wants to confirm something with you."

"Xuanshu Association," Gu Ye clicked his tongue, "Just wait, I'll be there soon."

After deliberately lingering for more than 10 minutes, Gu Ye blew his hair before going out. The weather is very hot now even in the evening. Hence, the people from the Xuanshu Association waited until their heads were sweaty and oily due to heat, and were not in a good mood. When they saw Gu Ye coming out looking refreshed and strolling around, they suppressed their anger and asked, "We came here to ask about the courtyard house number 24. Did you use the ghost summoning array?"

Gu Ye looked innocent, "What?"

This time, two middle-aged men came on behalf of the association. They have been in this business for a long time and have a relatively stable temperament so they haven't gotten angry with Gu Ye yet.

"Our people found clear evidence that you used something that is forbidden in the association and even hurt someone."

Another man added, "Scumbags should be taught a lesson, but you can't use ghosts to hurt people. The art of controlling ghosts has long been banned."

Gu Ye innocently said, "I didn't do it. Why do you say I did it? The police didn't say anything."

The two of them looked at each other for a moment, and their expressions were not very good due to Gu Ye's refusal to admit it. “Let’s put this question aside for now, what about those children? It's impossible not to leave a single soul behind. Are they in your hands?"

Gu Ye took out his cell phone angrily, filled with righteous indignation, "I'm going to call the police uncles, you guys are crazy! What age is this? Talking about souls! I *spat!"

The two middle-aged men were so angry that they made a futile trip on this hot day and didn't manage to ask anything. Sure enough, people named Gu Ye are not ordinary chaotic people!

At the same time, at the Xuanshu Association headquarter, even the good-tempered Elder Tang lost his temper.

“What right do you have to send people to question Gu Ye? Do you guys represent the law? Did you guys write the laws of the metaphysic society? If people don’t follow the association’s word, they can't live?"


"Shut up!"

Actually, Xie Cheng wants to say to be careful of getting a heart attack. But as soon as he opened his mouth, he was scolded by Elder Tang so everyone present did not dare to speak. Xie Cheng is Elder Tang’s direct disciple and Elder Tang cares for him the most. At this moment, even Xie Cheng doesn’t receive a good treatment from Elder Tang, who else can persuade him?

“If you all still have some conscience, please clear Gu Ye’s name! He is a hero, why can't he be mentioned in the society now?" Elder Tang clutched his chest angrily, his heartbeat pounding.

At that time, a witch doctor from the Miao tribe extracted viruses from corpses and added them to a Gu worm to create a worm that could turn a person into a walking corpse after death. Unexpectedly, the witch doctor made a mistake somewhere causing that Gu worm to mutate and reproduce in large numbers. Those insects carrying corpse poison can not only poison people to death but also turn those corpses into walking corpses. If they can't all be wiped out, the entire Huaixin City's millions of people will turn into zombies. By that time, it is not an exaggeration to say that it will be the end of the world.

Within the metaphysic society, anyone with some sense of conscience has gone to Huaixin City to help. They tried every method, but it was helpless. It was Gu Ye who used a forbidden technique banned in the entire metaphysic society to summon heavy rain. Then, using every drop of blood in his body as a guide, he sacrificed his life to heaven and integrated all his merits into the heavy rain. This heavy rain lasted for three days and three nights, which wiped out all the bad qi in Huaixin City. Millions of people are safe and sound, Gu Ye is the hero who saves the world!

But Gu Ye is not from the Xuanshu Association, and he usually goes against the Xuanshu Association. His use of forbidden techniques to save people made the society feel like they were slapped in the face. In order to prevent newcomers from imitating Gu Ye and not following the rules, no one is allowed to mention Gu Ye’s name. What about conscience? For the sake of the so-called face, their conscience has been fed to the dogs!

Like his senior brother, Gu Ye does not seek fame and wealth and does not like disputes. He does not ask for any explanation regarding his senior brother’s death, nor does he seek revenge cynically, nor does he seek revenge on society. All he does is do good things to save people. Now the association is starting to cause trouble for Gu Ye’s junior brother again. This is the only one disciple left of Shao Fuxian’s faction! Do they still want to force him to death? Didn’t everyone say that the mystic arts society would be united and develop together? They say one thing and do another!

Elder Tang looked at this group of people and stood up in great disappointment, "I'm quitting the Xuanshu Association. You guys can continue doing your thing. I'm old and can't fight anymore. President Jing, perhaps choosing you to be the president was the biggest mistake I made in my life."

Jing Lianzhong's face turned pale, "Master!"

"Elder Tang!"

"Master Tang!"

"Elder Tang, please don’t!"

Everyone in the room panicked and hurriedly tried to persuade him to stay, but Elder Tang turned a deaf ear and left without looking back. Xie Cheng, who was leaning at the door, looked at the commotion and did a palm-hold salute to the president of Xuanshu Association.

"Senior brother, Master has left. I still have to serve him, so I'll quit too."

"Xie Cheng!"

Jing Lianzhong called out calmly. Jie Cheng turned around and smiled brightly at him. He made a goodbye gesture before running to catch up with Mr. Tang, leaving with a smile.

Gu Ye still doesn’t know that Elder Tang has withdrawn from the Xuanshu Association. While having dinner with Yu Ze, he talked about those children. Yu Ze's expression remained cold during the conversation. Although he doesn't speak, he eats very slowly. Later, he simply put down his chopsticks with a sullen face and stopped eating. He was obviously very angry.

Gu Ye was not in the mood to eat either, so he put down his chopsticks and said seriously, “These children have no limbs and will be disabled in their next lives. But these disabilities were caused in later of their lives and not pre-destined so their fate can be changed. I want to use your purple qi to help these children return to normal. Mr. Yu, are you willing?"

Still wearing that cold expression, Yu Ze pointed at the meal that Gu Ye had only eaten a few mouthfuls of and said, "After you finish eating, I will promise you."

Gu Ye suddenly felt that the breath he was holding in his heart became much smoother. He smiled and picked up the bowl, "Then where should we go later? Find a hotel nearby?"

Upon saying this, Gu Ye chuckled. What he said seemed to be inviting Yu Ze to ‘get a room’.

Seeing Gu Ye’s smile, the corners of Yu Ze’s mouth finally curved up. He said gently, "Go to my house."

"That’s not very good? I heard from Zhao Pengyu that you don't like other people entering your residence."

Yu Ze took another sip of soup and said in a calm tone, "Other people can't but it’s fine if it’s you."

Gu Ye widened his eyes and asked curiously, "Why?"

Yu Ze put down the spoon, held his chin, and looked at Gu Ye quietly. His slender index finger touched the mole at the corner of his eye. Then, his phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and it was hard to tell whether he was joking or serious, "You looked pleasing to my eyes."

Hearing that, Gu Ye put down his chopsticks and pulled his chair to Yu Ze’s side. Raising his hand. he patted Yu Ze's shoulder and said happily, "Hahahahaha, you have such discerning eyes! I also think I am the most pleasing to the eye in the world!"

Yu Ze couldn’t restrain himself and the corners of his mouth twitched. The eyes he looked at Gu Ye flashed with a bit of frustration.

Gu Ye: I am the most handsome person in the world!
Yu Ze: What you said… is correct.

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