Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 35 Xia Xiang (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 35 How about getting a room? Part 1

Gu Ye and Zhao Pengyu were taken to the police station. The police checked their videos and saw that they didn’t do anything to the criminals. So, they only got a severe scolding, "Not sleeping at night but visited a ghost house, looking for excitement. Well, isn't it exciting this time? If something really happened to you, wouldn’t your family be heartbroken?"

Gu Ye and Zhao Pengyu each held a cup of instant noodles, they were really hungry. So, they ate while being scolded. When they have free time to speak (between bites), they will apologize to the police uncle. Their attitude of admitting their mistakes was very pious. The policewoman next to the boys was afraid that they would not have enough to eat, so she gave them a piece of ham each.

At this moment, the policeman at the door called the captain, “One of those two high school students is the son of real estate tycoon Gu Decheng. Another is the nephew of Yu Ze, the chairman of the international electronics industry. Right now, both Gu Ye's second brother and Yu Ze have come to pick them up in person, asking if they can be taken away?"

Looking at the two naughty kids holding the cup of instant noodles and drinking up all the soup, the captain uncle didn't know what to say about them for a moment. To eat instant noodles so voraciously, the boys don’t look like a rich second generation no matter how he looked at them. The rich second generation of other families knew to spend money, race cars, and pick up girls but these two rich second generation went looking for ghosts in the middle of the night. The uncle felt helpless and said, "Don't go out running around in the middle of the night from now on, do you hear me?"

Gu Ye and Zhao Pengyu put down the cup of instant noodles at the same time, nodding obediently.

So obedient! It is simply a breath of fresh air among the rich second-generation naughty kids! The captain uncle softened his expression and told the boys, "This matter must be kept secret, otherwise it will cause panic in the outside world. We can only announce it to the outside world after the case is resolved, do you understand?"

The two young men nodded obediently. No matter what the other party said, they just nodded.

"Okay, you can go after you finished eating."

Gu Ye yawned as he walked out of the room. Seeing that Zhao Pengyu was dawdling, he asked, "What's wrong with you? Do you want to stay?"

Zhao Pengyu said with an ugly face, "My parents are on a business trip so I have been staying at my grandpa's house recently. That means the person who came to pick me up …is ...my uncle?"

Gu Ye nodded, "Probably."

Zhao Pengyu clutched his chest, feeling a sense of sadness that he is going to die soon.

After the boys left, someone in the police station said, "I checked the information and heard that Gu Ye is good at fortune-telling, psychic, and catching ghosts. Does it have anything to do with him that those scum are now like this?"

The young police officer who said this was immediately scolded, "Stop talking nonsense, what age is this? You are simply spreading feudal superstition! What we have to do right now is follow this line of evidence and bring all criminals to justice. Bring these scum to court and make them plead guilty and serve as a warning to others! Instead of worrying about whether the students who discovered this incident will summon spirits! If you understand, go investigate the case immediately. Even if we don't sleep or eat, we still need to find out all these scum!"

The theory about ghosts is dismissed, and everyone devotes themselves to investigating the case. The female police officer in charge of sorting out the report pulled out a file and said, "Some of the dozen criminals woke up and shouted that there was a ghost. Moreover, they all had problems with their bodies. Some could not move their arms, and some could not move their legs and feet. However, during the examination, no problems were found. It seemed to be psychological problems."

"From a psychological analysis, this can also be explained. After living in that house for so long, guarding a big grave mound every day, and killing so many children, they will have a hidden guilt in their hearts. It is understandable for them to imagine that these children came to seek revenge on them."

And so, Gu Ye and Zhao Pengyu’s involvement with this case is washed cleanly.

However, people from the Xuanshu Association found out the problem. After they learned what was going on there, they quietly came to investigate (at the house). An old man said angrily, "This is a forbidden technique in the metaphysic world, the ghost summoning array. He dares to control ghosts and hurt people! If we don’t restrain this Gu Ye, he will be as lawless as his senior brother!"

Several young people didn't speak, but some even thought that Gu Ye did a good job. They didn't say anything, but the expression on their face was very happy.

The old man saw a young man casually sitting on the table who didn't usually follow the rules. He tried to make an example from him and asked, "Xie Cheng, do you also think he did the right thing?"

*Xie Cheng answered with a smile, "No, I didn't say anything. I'll go to the scene again to check whether all those children have been reincarnated."

Seeing that the atmosphere is not good, Xie Cheng jumped down from the table and dodged people as quickly as possible. His partner also left with him and said with a sullen face, "Right now, the upper management of the society is very resistant to Gu Ye, and the management is becoming more and more deformed. I really don't know what will happen in the future."

"Then, let's disband (leave). Instant Noodle Superman* is fearless. I really want to quit and do something I want to do."

[Banana: It wasn’t explained in the novel so far but it seems that Xie Cheng and his partner were the ones who appeared in chapter 23 where Gu Ye fought an unscrupulous master in Aunt Wang’s case]

At the door of the police station, Gu Ye saw his second brother and Yu Ze standing on each side of the entrance. Looking at Zhao Pengyu again, he was as honest as a quail, moving slowly and with difficulty. After thinking about it, Gu Ye walked towards Yu Ze and said with a smile, "Zhao Pengyu helped me a lot. I am honored to have him as a friend."

The implication is please let him live!

Yu Ze looked at them with a cold face and said nothing. There was no expression on his face, but it made people feel surprisingly stressed. Gu Ye smiled awkwardly and quickly apologized, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked him to take risks in the middle of the night. It was my fault."

Zhao Pengyu hurriedly said, "I took the initiative to follow him. I willingly accept the punishment and I will do 3 advanced math reviews when I get back. But I don't think I did anything wrong. I will still follow him next time he goes out."

Hearing that, Gu Ye is speechless. Silly boy, stop pretending to be manly at a moment like this!

Yu Ze watched Gu Ye keep making eye signals at Zhao Pengyu, and said coldly to Zhao Pengyu, "Go back and write me a report on this incident, and give it to Secretary Liu tomorrow morning."

"Okay!" Zhao Pengyu felt relieved. Afraid that Yu Ze would change his mind, he hurriedly dodged 5 steps away.

Gu Ye secretly glanced at his second brother standing on the other side, looking at him with a smile on his face, unable to tell what he was thinking. But still, he turned to Yu Ze and asked guiltily, "Um, is Mr. Yu free these two days? I want to treat you to a big dinner."

Yu Ze narrowed his eyes, "Do you need my help?"

The corner of Gu Ye's mouth twitched, this person is too smart!

Yu Ze's expression softened, "Did you get scared tonight?"

Gu Ye shook his head, "I’m fine."

"Go back and have a good rest. I have time after 6:30 pm, and I will listen to your story then."

Gu Ye's eyes lit up, "Okay! Let’s keep in contact via WeChat."

"What contact?"

Gu Ye heard the teasing words behind him and turned around with his lips pursed. Gu Lin is standing behind him. Compared with his eldest brother, Gu Ye thinks that Gu Sen is easier to deal with than Gu Lin. His eldest brother has a temperament like his father, a bit serious. On the other hand, his second brother who likes to smile like a fox is someone Gu Ye couldn’t grasp his real emotion.

"It’s just a plan to have dinner together. Second brother, why are you here?"

"If I don't come, do you want Dad to come? Aren't you afraid that he will be so angry that his blood pressure will rise and he will be admitted to the hospital?" Gu Lin smiled at Yu Ze, and Yu Ze nodded to him. The two don’t have any intention of communicating, each took their charge away and got into the car.

Gu Lin sat next to Gu Ye and said with a smile, "I will keep tonight's events a secret from our family, but just this once. If you dare to take risks like this again in the future… hehe."

Gu Ye trembled all over and looked at Gu Lin defensively, "Brother, are we really biological siblings?"

"It's because we are biological brothers that I can't watch you die!" Gu Lin's lips curved up, but it was obvious that he was angry. "If something happens to you, how will my eldest brother and I explain to our deceased mother?"

Gu Ye lowered his head, feeling too guilty to continue the topic. After all, he was not the original owner of this body.

"Since I returned home last time and saw how much you have changed, I realized that I cared too little about you before. I was busy at school before and had no time to care about you. Now that I have time, do you think I don’t know what you have done recently?" Gu Lin looked at Gu Ye with a smile, "You are so naive, kiddo."

The corner of Gu Ye's mouth twitched. This kiddo now doesn’t want to talk to the big bad fox.

"When did your relationship with Yu Ze become so good?"

Gu Ye helplessly replied, "Brother, when you act like this, I feel like our parents caught me in an early romance. We just have common interests and gradually get to know each other."

Gu Lin sneered, "Yu Ze having a common interest with you, a high school student? Are you out of your mind? Do you how ruthless is Yu Ze? Just ask our eldest brother who is the same generation."

"Oh." Gu Ye lay down on the side and said tiredly, "Brother, you can scold me again tomorrow. I'm too tired."

Controlling the Hundred Ghosts was very mentally draining, and seeing so many children who died tragically made Gu Ye feel really tired. After seeing too many such things, he only had one thought in his mind: Everything goes by with the wind (follow the flow), the world is not worth it (to fight for improvement), live freely as he likes in the future.

Gu Lin couldn't bear to scold Gu Ye anymore, so he covered him with a blanket and took him directly back to his own residence.

Sleeping in a comfortable guest room, Gu Ye still had trouble sleeping. When he closed his eyes, all he could see were those mutilated children. There were too many negative emotions, which made him feel uncomfortable. He keeps thinking that those scumbags have gotten off easy, and he still wants to do something to them. He couldn't let out this stuffy feeling, which made him uncomfortable. This caused Gu Ye to get up early in the morning and sit on the sofa in the hall with a tired look, in a daze.

After Gu Lin got up, he frowned and asked Gu Ye, "What are you thinking about?"

Gu Ye said deeply, "I'm thinking about how to make a doll with a soul."

"You think you can do anything, wanting to be a tailor now?" Gu Lin smiled and said, "You should see how many points you got in the college entrance examination."

"Ah! It seems that the results were released early this morning! I forgot to check!" Gu Ye suddenly sobered up and hurriedly logged on to the Internet to check the results.

Gu Lin also came over to take a look with concern. When he saw Gu Ye's results, Gu Lin was shocked, "That's amazing, my little one!"

Gu Ye's comprehensive score in science was 300 points, and he only lost 1 point in mathematics, with a score of 149 points, 135 points in Chinese, and 145 points in English. In the second half of the year, he also won the first prize in the National Olympiad. According to the regulations, 20 points were added to his total score, and his score actually reached 749 points! It is only one point away from the perfect score of 750. This result is unprecedented!

Gu Ye was also happy, he scored 40 points more than in his previous life! Reviewing back lessons is still useful!

"You will definitely be the top scorer in the science stream this year," Gu Lin happily rubbed his brother's head. "Take this report card and go home. You will definitely not get scolded."

Gu Ye was moved, "Second brother, you are so smart!"

"Of course, it's experience."

Gu Ye clenched his fists with a serious face and asked in an extremely solemn tone, "Brother, if I do something that makes Dad unhappy in the future, and if he wants to beat me, can I come to you? Do you think you have more experience than our eldest brother?"

The smile on Gu Lin's face stilled, "Don't even think about it!"

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