Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 34 Xia Xiang (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 34 A horrific tragedy Part 2

Gu Ye hugged the little girl and returned to the house with the graveyard, "Are all your bones buried here?"

"Yes." The little girl is still in defensive mode. She didn't do anything to Gu Ye because she felt that Gu Ye is too powerful and she couldn't beat him.

Gu Ye lifted the tombstones at the corner of the wall and saw a coffin that was not tightly covered. Using the flashlight to shine into the gap, Gu Ye pursed his lips and couldn't bear to look at it anymore.

Zhao Pengyu followed behind and said, "Gu Ye, let’s call the police. We can't dig up all of their bodies. Not to mention, there are too many." When he said the last part of the sentence, Zhao Pengyu's voice was trembling.

Gu Ye said with a sullen face, "Find Xia Xiang and the other living souls first. Little girl, let’s exchange conditions." Without an exchange of conditions, the little girl would not let down her guard and keep thinking that he had evil intentions, so Gu Ye simply said, "Release those people you captured a few days ago, and I will help you go home. There is my friend among them, and his parents are waiting for him to come home."

The little girl said defensively, "Two of them have already run away. I couldn’t return them to you."

"Run away?" Gu Ye had a bad feeling that it was the Xia brothers who ran away.

Hearing that, Zhao Pengyu also felt a headache, "Isn't this just giving us trouble?"

"Hong Dou, go look for them. They can't escape from this yard."

As soon as Gu Ye finished speaking, a big grizzly bear rag doll appeared with a small green dinosaur in its arms. It struggled to get out from under the wood fixtures at the corner of the wall and ran over quickly. However, the moment they came out of their hiding place, all the little ghosts in the yard looked over and saw the little dinosaur in the bear’s arms. All the little ghosts rushed over excitedly as if they had been injected with chicken blood. When the bear saw this, it got so frightened that it hugged the little dinosaur tightly and ran away as fast as it could.

Gu Ye's eyes lit up and he pointed at the running cloth bear, "Xia An!"

Hearing that, the bear doll looked back. But at this pause, the little ghosts caught up with it and rushed up to snatch the little dinosaur in its arms. This little dinosaur is like addictive candy to them, everyone wants it.

Zhao Pengyu ran over with the wooden sword and said fiercely, "Get out of my way! Whoever wants to snatch with me will not be sent home!"

The little ghosts are so frightened that they quickly dispersed and formed a circle around the doll, looking at the bear lying on the ground like a piece of delicious cake.

"Are you Xia An? We are here to rescue you. Where is your younger brother?" Zhao Pengyu twitched the corner of his mouth, can’t bear to look directly at the battered bear with its cotton exposed.

The little bear looked down at the doll held in his arms. The little green dinosaur is also ripped out of its cotton.

Zhao Pengyu twitched the corner of his mouth and stretched out his hand, wanting to touch Xia Xiang in such a condition, As a result, Xia An kicked him on the back of his hand. He seems to have quite a temper.

Zhao Pengyu raised his hand helplessly, "I'm sorry, I won't touch it. You two brothers' tempers are very different."

At this moment, Xia An anxiously pointed to the next door and then to the door, flailing around. Zhao Pengyu puzzledly asked, "What do you want to say? Just say it!"

Gu Ye ran over, grabbed the little bear's head with one hand, and pulled out Xia An's soul. Xia An's first words were, "I’m telling you guys to run away! Someone is coming! They have guns!"

As soon as Xia An said these words, a dozen people wearing masks rushed in at the yard and locked the main gate behind their backs.

When the little ghosts saw them, they quickly ran away in fear. Gu Ye swiftly picked up the little dinosaur that fell on the ground and pulled out Xia Xiang's soul without pausing for a second. Next, he grabbed the two brothers and roughly stuffed them into the small porcelain bottle, then pulled Zhao Pengyu to run into the house.

At moments like this, we can see the psychological quality of a rich young master. Zhao Pengyu calmly took out his mobile phone and called the police. He simply and clearly explained his location, who is outside the house, what weapons they had in their hand, and reminded the other party, "There are bodies of young children here and we found human bones."

As soon as the little girl heard that Zhao Pengyu called the police and the police would arrive immediately, her precautions are no longer obvious. Crouching between Gu Ye and Zhao Pengyu, she looked back at Hong Dou who is standing behind Gu Ye, and thought for a while. Then she grabbed the corner of Gu Ye's clothes.

"Are you afraid of them?" Gu Ye felt the little girl trembling and said softly, "Don't be afraid. Do you want to make them pay the price? Do you want to let off some steam?"

The little girl's eyes lit up, "Yes, I do."

"Very good," Gu Ye smiled. Sitting cross-legged on the tomb mound, he picked up the cinnabar pen and drew a spell between the little girl's eyebrows. "Go and put your little friends into this bottle, and then all of you can watch a big show together."

"Gu Ye," Zhao Pengyu frowned at Gu Ye’s action, "the police will be here soon. If these people die, it will be easy to suspect that you used mystical skills to harm people."

"They won't die, I will only disable their souls. They will also be disabled as animals in their next life. I’m just letting them feel what it is like to go to hell." Having said this, Gu Ye smiled with his eyes curved, comforting, "Don't worry, I have experience."

Gu Ye picked up the cinnabar pen and began to write and draw in the air, "I can't make it easy for them. Even the death penalty can't atone for their sin of harming so many children." Gu Ye frowned, made a small cut on his finger, and squeezed out two drops of blood. "Ghost summoning formation, summoning hundreds of ghosts, hungry spirits gather, Formation Activate!"

As soon as the word ‘Activate’ is chanted, a gust of eerie wind rises in the room. Zhao Pengyu saw a group of green-faced fanged evil spirits suddenly appear in this gloomy small house. The evil spirits looked extremely ferocious, causing him to feel something buzzing sound in his mind. He got scared until his mind blanked out.

Gu Ye tapped his finger between Zhao Pengyu’s eyebrows and closed his spiritual eyes.

Zhao Pengyu took a deep breath, but before he could recover, rapid footsteps were already at the door. Zhao Pengyu threw away the wooden sword, picked up a small tombstone without looking at what was written on it, and waited by the door. The moment anyone comes in, he will fling it at their head and smash their brain out.

Gu Ye curled his lips and smiled, "No need for you to take action," he waved to the ghosts, "As long as you keep them alive, you can do whatever you want."

Several criminals who had already come to the door outside were frightened when they saw this room. "This house can't really be haunted, right? The ghost-suppressing thing seems to be broken and it doesn't glow anymore."

Another said fiercely, "What are you afraid of? How can there be ghosts? Even if there is, you are not afraid of them when they are still living. So why should you be afraid of them dead?"

The man felt that it sounded right when he thought about it so he boldly kicked the door open. Standing outside the room, they saw a very handsome young man sitting on the grave mound, and sitting next to him is a little girl in a red dress, looking at them with a smile. Seeing the little girl's face clearly, the man immediately got frightened and took two steps back. His voice changed, "There is a ghost, there really is a ghost!"

Gu Ye raised his phone and pressed the camera function. The next moment, he started talking and trembling as if he is frightened, "Ghost? It must be you have done too many bad things and your conscience is feeling guilty. If you don't do something bad, how can ghosts come knocking at your door?"

Zhao Pengyu couldn’t react in time to what Gu Ye is trying to do. This brother, you change your face too quickly!

Those starving ghosts found that their sacrifices just delivered themselves to their doorsteps. They rushed forward with a burst of eerie wind, grabbed the souls of these people, and dragged them out. The pain of having their soul (3 ‘hun’ and 7 ‘po’) stripped out of the body is no different than getting skinned alive. Since the criminals couldn't see anything, when such a situation suddenly happened, they could only hug their heads and scream in panic.

Zhao Pengyu mustered up the courage and pointed to his eyebrows to indicate: Please open my spiritual eyes again.

"Ghost! Ghost!" Screams keep going in the house. When Zhao Pengyu opened his eyes again, he saw a ghost twisting off the arm of a living soul and eating it. He regretted his decision on the spot. The scene that happened next immediately made his face turn green. The evil ghost stretched out its long nails, pulled out the intestines of the living soul, and swallowed it whole. Zhao Pengyu felt so sick that he wanted to vomit, so he covered his eyes and didn't want to look anymore.

In Gu Ye's footage, it can only be seen these people going crazy, screaming, and writhing in pain on the ground. It wasn't until one person lay on the ground motionless and the others started to struggle less that Zhao Pengyu asked nervously, "Did anyone die?"

Gu Ye shook his head and said fearfully, "I don't know, who knows why they went crazy? They said they saw ghosts," When Gu Ye said this, his voice trembled and he asked, "Did you see it? There aren't really ghosts here, are there?"

Zhao Pengyu opened his mouth in shock. Man, your acting talent is so terrifying!

But this time, Zhao Pengyu understood what Gu Ye meant when he said he had experience, so he could only cooperate with him in acting, “What do we say when the police come?”

Gu Ye is trembling with fear. The are hints of cries when he spoke. "We're just here for adventure. When we found bodies under these stones, bad people came to hunt us down. We are just victims, so let’s be honest."

Zhao Pengyu swallowed and quietly gave Gu Ye his thumb. Buddy, you sure are acing it. You can act in a movie called "Self-cultivation of an Actor" and it will definitely become a huge hit. But he also understood that Gu Ye making the video is to leave evidence for himself. How could he turn a blind eye to a performance that should be coordinated together? So Zhao Pengyu slapped his thigh excitedly, "Fortunately, you recorded this video, which can prove that we really didn't touch them! Damn it! Look, that man is still holding a gun, it’s contraband ah!"

Gu Ye asked tremblingly, "We won't die, right?"

Zhao Pengyu comforted his friend thoughtfully, "No, the police will be here soon. Listen! Police sirens!"

Gu Ye is so moved that he cried, "I will never play this kind of game with you again. If you play again, I will end our friendship! Police uncle, come and save me!"

Zhao Pengyu gritted his teeth and squeezed out the words from his throat, "...I'm sorry!"

Another soul dragged out by evil spirits, this one is even worse. 5 ghosts pulled a limb each, and the soul got torn apart, just like the capital punishment of dismemberment by 5 horses. Each ghost held a part and started to chew on it. For a hungry ghost, this is a filling delicacy.

Seeing that this man's soul is about to disperse, Gu Ye turned off the video and threw a talisman over to protect the soul. The fear from before was no longer on his face, and he smiled lightly, "Friends, you can eat their bodies and leave them limbless, but please don't eat their spiritual consciousness. They still have to go to court sober and face trial."

These hungry ghosts looked at the talisman in Gu Ye's hand with fear, and obediently let go of the food in their hands. Seeing that Gu Ye had a bad look on his face, they all invariably stuffed the chewed soul into the man’s body, signaling that they really didn't want to eat anymore.

Zhao Pengyu no longer dared to look at it. Gu Ye smiled at the starving ghosts and drew the spirit-dispersing talisman. Watching the hungry ghosts disappear, a bit of fatigue appeared from his brows.

"Giggle...hahaha..." When the little girl saw this scene, she clapped her little hands happily and started singing the nursery rhyme again.

Gu Ye looked at the little girl and rubbed her head distressedly.

The police finally arrived, prepared for the worst. The two young men who reported the incident may have been caught by criminals or have been killed. However, after rushing in, they saw a dozen people lying on the ground, and two high school students sitting on the ground, huddled in fear.

"Police uncles! Help!" Gu Ye ran over and grabbed a young female cop in plain clothes, "They all said there was a ghost, they were all crazy!"

When the police saw that the young men could still move and scream, they felt relieved. They quickly called a doctor to check their bodies and then arrested these people lying on the ground. The young lady comforted Gu Ye gently, "It's okay, we are here now, don't be afraid."

"The safety on this gun is turned on. It's too dangerous." The policeman in charge of the scene investigation looked frightened. "You two are really lucky!"

Gu Ye pointed to the room and said nervously, "Big sister, there is a child's body inside, a body!"

People from the police team and forensic doctors rushed to investigate. Unexpectedly, the digging lasted all night.

For such a tragic case, the entire police department was mobilized. When digging up these children, they all did so with tears. There weren’t enough tools, so some used their bare hands causing their fingers to be bruised up. A policewoman with a child even broke down and cried on the spot. When the bodies were finally counted, everyone's eyes were red.

38 corpses, all children under the age of 8!

The author has something to say:
When I was writing this chapter, I felt very uncomfortable. It’s the kind of discomfort that couldn’t be vented out no matter how much revenge, how much legal judgment, or how much worse life than death for these beasts. Because no matter what I did, these children still died. Trafficking in women and children, child abuse, and child molestation have often been reported in the news in recent years.

Such crimes hidden in the sun are often heinous. What to do if you can’t recognize these beasts in human skin at first glance? You can only learn to protect yourself first. Girls should go out less alone in the middle of the night. Those with children must teach their children to be defensive.

Raw word count: 7049 (whole chapter)


[Banana: Even though I have read this chapter a few times already (first read and a few times during translation), it still makes me sad TwT]

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