Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 34 Xia Xiang (ETL) Part 1

[Warning: Mention of child abuse, mutilation, molestation, and death in this chapter.]

Chapter 34 A horrific tragedy Part 1

That puppet probably didn't expect that someone not only wasn't afraid of it but could come up and beat it brutally. It lay on the ground and stared at Zhao Pengyu for 5 seconds. Then, under Zhao Pengyu's fierce gaze, it turned over and crawled away on his hands and feet, crawling very quickly.

Zhao Pengyu chased after it angrily and pinned it on the ground with his foot. "You scared Laozhi and you still want to leave. I still want my face, alright?!"

Gu Ye quickly pulled Zhao Pengyu away. He lifted the puppet from the ground by its arm, patted the dirt on its body, and said, "Be gentle to him, he is still a child."

Zhao Pengyu sneered, "I'm still a baby too!"

Gu Ye is speechless and affirms, "I know, you are a giant baby. But he is really a child."

Zhao Pengyu snorted and expressed his deep disdain for this kid. After discovering that ghosts can also be beaten, classmate Zhao Pengyu's aura instantly rose 18 meters high. Right now, he is like the God of War and just wants to fight with ghosts.

The puppet got frightened by Zhao Pengyu and cried out with a WAAAAAH. The cry sounded as if it was squeezed out of the throat. It is heavy and muffled, but strangely harsh and made people's heads buzz. But it sounds like he really is a child.

Zhao Pengyu got dumbfounded and said, "Frck! Toddler’s voice!"

Gu Ye rolled his eyes, "I told you it was a child, but you don't believe it!"

At this time, I heard the voice of a little girl singing:
"Ten little people ate together, one choked to death and nine were left. Nine little people stayed up late, one overslept and there were eight left. Eight little people went out to play, one was left there, and there were seven left. Seven little people were chopping wood, and one cut himself in half and there were six left..."

In this strange environment, in such a quiet courtyard, a little girl with a tender voice actually sang such a clear song. Anyone also knew that no little girl would be here in the middle of the night.

Zhao Pengyu became nervous, "What the hell? A singing ghost?"

Gu Ye frowned, "It sounds like a scary nursery rhyme."

The nursery rhyme was still singing, getting closer and closer to them, and it became clearer and clearer:
"Six little people played with honeycombs, one was stung to death by a wasp, and there were five left. Five little people entered the hospital, one was left behind and four were left. Four little people went to the beach, one was eaten by a shark, and three were left. "

Zhao Pengyu got frightened by this weird nursery rhyme and had goosebumps all over his body. "Is this song implying something? Why do none of them die in peace?" He looked around and said warily, "Why do I feel that this place, this place is a bit like... a place where children are being raised illegally?”

Gu Ye looked at the crying kid in his arms and said solemnly, "Yes, the ghosts here are all children and have missing limbs. I asked those little ghosts from before and they were all abducted children. Some had their organs removed and died on the spot. Some had their bones broken multiple times, causing them to grow into deformities and were sent to different places to beg. Those who cannot hold on will die here. Rather than saying that this haunted house is scary, it is better to say that it is the human heart, using this somewhat terrifying house to do inhuman and unscrupulous things."

Hearing that, Zhao Pengyu's expression turned cold and he cursed angrily, "These beasts!" Looking at the puppet in Gu Ye's hand, Zhao Pengyu couldn't help but pat the dust on the little figure, "I'm sorry, does it hurt from the kick just now?"

The little puppet didn't expect that Zhao Pengyu would apologize to it. The crying finally stopped, and it twisted its body uneasily, still trying to escape.

Gu Ye took out the small porcelain bottle from his pocket and pulled the ghost's soul out of the doll. "When things here are resolved, I will send you to reincarnation. Can you tell me where are the people you guys captured a few days ago?"

The little soul struggled in fear and did not cooperate at all. Gu Ye had no choice but to stuff him into the bottle.

At this time, a red shadow flashed in front of Gu Ye. Hong Dou came back with a kid in her arms, "Young master, I caught him."

This child is holding a small bunny doll in his arms. Gu Ye clearly felt the breath of a living soul in the rabbit so he grabbed the rabbit and took out the soul; the soul is a stranger. This person is not very old and should be a similar age to Xia An.

As soon as the soul came out, he collapsed and cried, "Oh my god, I actually dreamed that I turned into a stuffed toy!"

Gu Ye kicked the soul with a cold face and said disgustedly, "You are not dreaming, you are seeking death! What frcking haunted house exploration! Where are your classmates?"

"I, I don't know!" The soul looked around in horror, "Why am I here? Didn't I go home already?"

Gu Ye pressed on the soul’s head in frustration and chanted, "Seven spirits of life protection, go to the Three Pure Ones, Return!"

The soul disappeared in the blink of an eye. When the ghost child saw that his toy was gone, he cried loudly. Gu Ye picked him up, glared at him, and threatened, "Where are those people you captured? If you don't tell me, I will..."

The child's eyes are empty sockets. Even if you can't see his eyes, you can still feel his fear. Gu Ye frightened the child but couldn't continue to speak anymore. He held the child in his arms, patted him gently, and coaxed, "Okay, okay, don't cry anymore. Don’t you just want toys? I’ll buy them for you. I’ll buy a cartful of them."

Zhao Pengyu couldn't see anything and worried asked, "Why can't I see it? Please let me see!"

Gu Ye tapped on the area between Zhao Pengyu’s eyebrows and opened his spiritual eyes. Seeing the miserable state of the child in front of him, Zhao Pengyu no longer cared about being afraid. He just felt a flaming fire in his heart, rushing straight to the top of his head. "These beasts, even if they are caught and sentenced to 800 times shot to death, it wouldn’t be too many!”

At this moment, a little girl in a red dress came to the window quietly. Staring at them with blood-red eyes, her red mouth moved, and the weird nursery rhyme started again:
“Three little people walked into the zoo, one was snatched away by a big bear, and two were left. Two little people were basking in the sun, one was heated to death and only one was left. The little person felt so lonely. After he hanged himself, no one was left. Hehe, hehehehe... hahahaha... not a single one is left, they are all dead."

Gu Ye looked towards the window. The little girl just looked at him with a smile, a pair of shallow dimples on her face. She obviously looks very cute, but now she looks extremely eerie. At this moment, the window slammed shut, and the only light source in the room is from the flashlight in Gu Ye's hand.

"Giggle..." Clear laughter kept coming from outside the window. It sounded innocent, but if you listened carefully, it was full of resentment.

Zhao Pengyu pushed the window nervously and found tightly shut as if it was welded to the frame.

Gu Ye sighed, "Kid, you are the most powerful here, right? Did you stuff the souls of the people who entered this yard into the rag doll?"

"Giggle, giggle..." A string of sweet laughter came from the window again, "They are all dead, they are all dead, there is no one left, they are all dead!"

Gu Ye crossed the grave mound and walked to the locked door. "Little girl, do you think you can trap me like this?" Gu Ye raised his foot and kicked on the door panel. With a BANG, the entire wooden door flew out.

The little girl got so frightened that she exclaimed in surprise and flew backward far away. Gu Ye rushed out to chase her. Unexpectedly, Gu Ye froze when he saw the scene in the yard.

In the yard, he doesn’t know when many more children appeared. He counted more than 30 children. Judging by their height, they ranged from 3 or 4 to 7 or 8 years old. Every one of them has missing limbs.

Having seen too many human tragedies, partings between life and death, too much moral decay, and the loss of humanity, Gu Ye thought that he had developed a heart of stone and had become a perfect bystander; able to face all kinds of things rationally. But now, he suddenly couldn't suppress his heartache, nor could he suppress his impulse to kill those scum.

"Gu Ye, these children..." Zhao Pengyu couldn't continue his words. If he said that those criminals are animals, he basically insulted animals by comparing these low lives with them.

Several of the children are holding shabby rag dolls in their arms. Gu Ye had already sensed that there are living souls hidden inside. But now, he is reluctant to snatch them from the hands of these miserable children. Gu Ye knelt down under the hostile gazes of the children and released the few child ghosts he had captured. Seeing that the other children are safe and sound, all the children are eager to surround the strangers but they are afraid of Gu Ye; not daring to approach nearer.

"Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. The police will take you home, back to your parents. There will never be any bad people to hurt you again." Gu Ye spread his hands and said with a smile, "Look, big brother has nothing in his hands. I won't hurt you."

The little girl in a red dress stood quietly in front of Gu Ye, watching him smile at them, but did not step forward or do anything. It is obvious that she did not believe Gu Ye very much.

Gu Ye stretched out his hand to the little girl and asked with a smile, "Do you want to go home? I will help you."

The little girl looked into Gu Ye's eyes and took a tentative step forward. Finding that Gu Ye hadn't moved, she took another small step forward, little by little. Soon, she reached in front of Gu Ye. She stretched out her little hand and gradually moved closer to Gu Ye's palm. Just when she is about to touch Gu Ye, a sinister sneer appears on the corner of the little girl's mouth, and a cold ghostly aura swiftly claws at Gu Ye's eyes!

This brat is so fast, no one expected that she would suddenly turn against Gu Ye and use such a cruel move. Gu Ye instinctively raised his hand to block the attack, but it was too late, and his eyes could already feel the cold ghostly aura. At this moment, the Buddhist beads on his wrist emitted a dazzling golden light, and the little girl was instantly thrown away by the golden light.

Gu Ye looked at the beads in shock, and when he looked up again, he saw the little girl's resentful face, "Liar! You are all liars! You are all liars!"

"Just because I don't want to fight you doesn't mean I won't hit the naughty kid!"

Gu Ye stood up, feeling a little angry. But he is more angry at those who lied to this child. How many nightmares did such a young child go through before she no longer believed anyone?

Gu Ye walked over, and under the little girl's resentful eyes, he reached out and picked her up, "Be honest with me, and I will take you home."

The little girl's eyes widened. Feeling the warmth in Gu Ye's arms, she tilted her head back in disbelief and looked into Gu Ye's bright black eyes. Being so close, she could clearly feel the tenderness hidden in these eyes. It seems that he is really different from the people who used to lie to her with a gentle mask.

The little girl asked defensively, "Why are you helping me? Do you also want to take off my clothes like those uncles?"

Just with this sentence, Gu Ye's breath hitched and he felt like something is clutching his heart. "No," Gu Ye hugged the child tightly with a cold face. His fingers are trembling as he says, "I just want to let those scumbags die."

At this moment, in the yard next door, someone is speaking on the phone quietly, "Brother Long, two people came in next door and they tore down the door. They must have found something. What to do?"

"What to do?! What else can you do?!" The person on the other end of the phone said angrily, "Stone them to death, hit them with a car, strangle them to death with a rope. I don't care what method you use, they must be silenced forever. Otherwise, we will be the ones who die! How the hell did you guard the yard for so many people to get in? It was the same with those people two days ago, how did they get in?!"

The young man broke into a cold sweat and said nervously, "I clearly remembered to lock the door and it was locked from the inside. I don't know how they opened it!"

"You can explain to me later. Go and stop them. I will be there with my men right away."

"Okay Brother Long, I'll go right away."

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