Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 36 Gu Ye (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 36 $3xual orientation is a problem Part 2

Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye's sleeping face, raised his hand, and gently touched Gu Ye's cheek. His deep eyes were half-closed, but they were still unable to conceal the dominance in his gaze. Thinking of Gu Ye's weird but kind-hearted character, Yu Ze couldn't help but curve his lips. He bent down to pick up Gu Ye and carried him back to his bedroom.

A few minutes later, Yu Ze went to the guest room with a quilt in his arms. After calculating the success rate of making the bed[1], he returned to the living room with a cold face and expressionlessly slept on the sofa.

The next morning, Gu Ye got up and came to the living room with a confused look on his face. When he saw Yu Ze lying on the sofa, he suddenly sobered up. How did he switch places with Yu Ze last night?

Gu Ye was too embarrassed to think deeply when the doorbell rang. Yu Ze slowly opened his eyes, sat up, and said to Gu Ye, "Good morning."

Gu Ye blinked, “Morning."

Yu Ze went to open the door. Secretary Liu was so shocked when he saw Gu Ye that he almost dropped the breakfast in his hand. Hurriedly handing the breakfast to Yu Ze, Secretary Liu lowered his head to cover up his gaffe. He took out a pair of shoe covers from his pocket and put them on, his inner thoughts have exploded. After receiving a call to bring two breakfasts, Secretary Liu didn't sleep well last night. He spent the whole night wondering which little devil had seduced the aloof President Yu. Unexpectedly! It’s actually a man! Looking at Gu Ye's familiar face again, Secretary Liu felt that Gu Ye did look quite devilish.

Yu Ze put the meal on the table, "I'll take you home after breakfast."

Gu Ye calculated his fortune with his fingers, "No, I'll take a taxi and go to an overpass."

Seeing Yu Ze's puzzled expression, Gu Ye smiled and said, "Someone will be coming to give me money today."

Yu Ze: "..."

As a competent good secretary, Secretary Liu had already put on gloves and started cleaning. When he heard Gu Ye's words, he asked in surprise, "That kind of thing also can be calculated?"

Gu Ye smiled and said, "Yes, you are in trouble with the water element today, so... don't touch the hot or cold water."

Secretary Liu lowered his head. In his heart, he blamed himself for being too talkative and brought disaster to himself.

While Gu Ye was eating, he suddenly thought of what happened last night and explained, "By the way, I lied to that little girl last night. I didn't take advantage of you (by saying that he liked men). Don't worry."

Yu Ze paused and put down the steamed dumplings he picked up.

Just when Gu Ye was about to ask what was wrong, he heard an ‘ouch’. He and Yu Ze looked at each other and walked quickly to the kitchen. They saw Secretary Liu holding a water glass with an embarrassed look on his face, and the crotch of his pants was soaked.

"Master Gu, your calculation is so accurate." Secretary Liu said these words in embarrassment, his face turned red. In his heart, he felt extremely happy after listening to Gu Ye’s words and took a glass of room-temperature water. Imagine if it’s hot water or ice water… it makes his balls ache just thinking about it!

Gu Ye didn't know what to say and could only give the other party a sympathetic look.

When Gu Ye went back to eat, he noticed that Yu Ze seemed angry. Because the other party ate all his favorite steamed dumplings with seafood fillings. After finished eating, Yu Ze wiped his mouth expressionlessly and handed him the plate of steamed dumplings with beef and celery fillings.

Gu Ye ate slowly, feeling confused. What happened? No one messed with him(YZ)!

He Yunyi drove for more than 4 hours and traveled more than 800 miles, and finally came to the imperial capital again, to the footbridge where he met Gu Ye and Gu Yang that early morning. After listening to Gu Ye’s words that day, he headed eastward and found a factory by chance. After some discussion, the factory director took out all the inventory and gave him to deliver his unfulfilled orders first, then he could return to pay the money. With the help, his processing factory didn’t need to be closed and the jobs of hundreds of workers were saved.

He Yunyi was not only grateful to that factory director but also grateful to Gu Ye who pointed out the direction. He originally planned to wait here for a few days, hoping to find Gu Ye. After all, Gu Ye said that the summer vacation is here, but not exactly when. Unexpectedly, when he got out of the car, he saw a long queue at the place where Gu Ye was. That young man surrounded by the crowd, isn’t he the little master he was looking for?

"There are ten principles of selecting an ancestral tomb’s location. Every violation of one of them will bring harm to the descendants. From your facial appearance, you don’t have illness or disaster in the family. There is no problem with the current location of the ancestral tomb. Why do you still need to move the tomb?" Gu Ye looked at the aunt's face in front of him and really didn't understand.

The aunt smiled sheepishly and said, "Didn't people say that burying their ancestor in a good Feng Shui land can help future generations make a fortune? But I just selected the location of the ancestral tomb in my hometown at random."

Gu Ye clicked his tongue and said slowly, "You, at present, you don't have to worry about food and drink, and your family is full of children and grandchildren. This is a blessing that others can't get even if they want it. You don't have to torment your ancestors for eight generations for the sake of future generations and tire your ancestors. Won’t this end up ruining the blessings of future generations, don’t you think?”

"Indeed, there’s some truth in it." The aunt nodded in agreement, "Then you can give me a word reading to see if my son can be promoted this year?"

Gu Ye stood up and said with a smile, "I can’t, the ten readings I allocated are finished today."

"No way? Am I not the 9th person?"

Gu Ye pointed to He Yunyi, who was standing at the back of the crowd, "That old customer made a reservation 3 months ago."

Seeing everyone disperse, He Yunyi stepped forward and said excitedly, "Little sir, we meet again!"

Gu Ye smiled and said, "I knew I was right about your character. You will come back and pay me the 30,000 yuan fee for fortune-telling."

He Yunyi laughed, quickly took his wallet, and pulled out a card with a password written on the back. "This is 60,000 yuan. Thank you, little master, for your guidance."

Gu Ye took it and looked at the card with squinted eyes. "That's 30,000 yuan extra. Tsk, there's no reason to give the money back once it's in my hands. Let me give you one more piece of advice. After 3 years, don’t let your son near deep water."

A chill ran down He Yunyi's body. His son is only 1 year old now and likes to play in the water. The little master actually reminded him of this. Could it be that... He Yunyi was so frightened that he broke into a cold sweat.

"Thank you for your advice, little master, thank you very much!"

As He Yunyi said that, he wanted to pay money again but Gu Ye picked up his folding stool with a smile and waved his hand.

"You don't have to give me anymore. It's enough. Your most difficult time is over. In business, it all depends on you. As long as you stick to your original intention and develop with quality, you can expect a bright future."

With Gu Ye's words, He Yunyi, who was still a little lacking in confidence, immediately straightened up and became confident.

Gu Ye took the money and went to an ATM. He also took out another 200,000 yuan from his account and transferred them all to Hope Primary School. He has transferred money to this account countless times and knows it by heart. He had forgotten several other accounts that needed funding and needed to check his record for the number.

When Gu Ye got home at noon, just in time for lunch, Gu Decheng asked with concern, "What did you do yesterday? Why did Yu Ze say you went to save people? Is it dangerous?"

"It's not dangerous," Gu Ye spread his hands and said with a relaxed expression, "I just saved some people along the way and tied some loose ends."

Only then did Gu Decheng feel relieved, "Don't try to be a Holy Father whenever you have nothing to do. Protect yourself first. Since you can talk to Yu Ze well, you should also learn from him."

Gu Ye didn't take it seriously. Inside his heart, he is still complaining about his steamed dumplings with seafood filling being eaten, "I don't know how to do business, and he doesn't know how to tell fortunes."

"How much money can you make from fortune telling? Do you plan to spend your whole life telling people's fortunes?"

"I have no problem supporting myself in this life. It's pointless to make too much money and not be able to spend it."

"When you get married in the future, will you take your wife to follow you to set up a stall under an overpass?"

"I may not be able to get married, so there will be no one to follow me."

When Gu Ye said this, his parents were stunned, "Why?"

Gu Ye touched his chin and said deeply, “To be honest, I don’t know whether I like a boy or a girl, or maybe I like a ghost. As long as they looked good and caught my eye, I might fall in love with them, and I don’t even know what species my partner would be."

Papa Gu immediately felt that his blood pressure was going to rise.

When Mrs. Gu saw that her husband didn’t look good, she quickly gestured at Gu Ye with her eyes to ask him to shut up, "The child is still young, so it's a bit early to talk about this. When he has time to fall in love in college, he might find a girl he likes. By the way, several schools called me today, but I rejected them all. I listened to my son’s decision and let him choose Capital University, it’s closer to home."

Gu Ye smiled with curved eyes, "Thank you, Mom!"

"You are the best. When your brother’s school has a holiday, I want to stay with grandma for a week. You can come with us too."

Gu Ye’s expression stilled. His little stepmother comes from a farming family. Her parents made a fortune by contracting a mountain and planting fruit trees. She also has a younger brother, whom this original body always calls uncle, as Gu Yang did. Erm, how to say? The family members from his stepmother's side are all honest and have good intentions. They are not bad to him either. It's just that they are not biological after all, which is a bit embarrassing. When people are talking as a family, why is he getting involved?

"I'm all grown up, so no need to follow along."

Mrs. Gu was worried, "Then won’t you stay at home alone?"

Gu Ye nodded, "I’ll eat breakfast and dinner with Dad. If Dad doesn't come back at noon, I can ask the nanny to cook for me. If I don’t want to eat home-cooked food, I can still go outside to eat with my classmates. You can go home at ease. Please send my hello to grandparents, uncle, and aunt."

Gu Ye didn't want to go, and Gu Yang naturally didn't want to go either. Mrs. Gu angrily tugged her son's ears and said, "You have to go! We’ll leave after getting your results."

Gu Ye gave his brother a look that said, "Good luck, you’ll need it".

Soon, Gu Yang's results came out. He forgot to write his name on the Chinese test paper, and he got 0 points. Mathematics was done normally, 52 points. In English, 68 points. Physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, and politics all scored no more than 60, ranking him last in the grade. When Gu Yang came back with the report card, Gu Ye knew that this child was finished.

Sure enough, his little mother chased Gu Yang in high heels with a feather duster in hand for half an hour. She finally let him go when she couldn't run anymore. She was so angry that she sat in the living room and wiped her tears, "Did I give birth to a fool?! Are you stupid?!”

Gu Yang squatted at the door and whispered, "Can you blame me? Do you think I didn’t want to get good marks too? I think I did it right, but the teacher didn’t give me points."

Mrs. Gu was so angry that she wanted to beat him up, even with bare feet. Gu Ye rushed over, grabbed his mother, and persuaded her earnestly, "That should be it, he still has a beating waiting for him, so please be merciful."

When Mrs. Gu heard this, she wanted to cry even more. She was distressed and angry. There was really nothing she could do. She turned around and hugged Gu Ye and cried, "I can't live this life. When I get old, I will count on you! Your brother is a wastrel and cannot be relied upon!"

Gu Ye suppressed a smile and patted her back, "Okay, okay, I will take care of you when you get old, I will take care of you!"

Gu Yang sat at the door carelessly and complained, "Moms are made of water, they are unreasonable and crybabies."

Gu Ye glared at Gu Yang. This silly kid, how much do you want to be beaten?

After a while, Papa Gu came back. The first thing he did was to ask for Gu Yang's result paper. Seeing the miserable score, Papa Gu looked around angrily and grabbed the feather duster used by Mrs. Gu earlier.

Gu Ye stood on the second floor. Lying on the banister, he watched the domestic violence in the hall and exhaled expressionlessly. Then he went back to sleep.

The next day, Gu Yang, who had been beaten up by the mixed doubles, went to his grandma's house. Gu Ye stroked the dog's head and took a deep breath. Without Gu Yang's noisiness, the whole house felt peaceful.

Gu Decheng held a document and called Gu Ye, "This is your second brother's thing, please help me send it to him."

"Ah?" Gu Ye grabbed Dog King's ears. He thought to set up a stall soon, but his father gave him tasks again.

Gu Decheng said seriously, "It's very important. You must hand it over to your second brother personally."

"Oh." Gu Ye took it helplessly, "What's the name of my second brother's company?"

Gu Decheng answered angrily, "Yu Ming Media and Entertainment Company! Are you really his biological brother? You don't know where your brother is working."

"I'm sorry!" Gu Ye bent down and apologized, admitting his mistake so quickly that people were off guard. After that, he hurried out of the house without giving his father any chance to preach.

After leaving the house, he sent a message to his second brother, asked for an address, and called a taxi. No matter how much he thought about it on the way, Gu Ye felt that something was wrong. What documents needed to be delivered by him and he had to hand them over to his second brother in person? Gu Ye looked at the document bag and saw nothing unusual. What's the old man's idea?

Gu Ye subconsciously pinched his fingers and calculated. After he figured out what happened, the expression on his face was distorted. There was only one sentence in his heart, ‘Frick! Dad is also a sly fox!’

Gu Ye: I don’t know what type of guy or girl I like.
Yu Ze: You like the type like me!

Raw word count: 7070 (whole chapter)


[1] Banana: Poverty has limited my imagination because I can’t imagine how hard it would be to make a bed XD

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