Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 30 The Yu Family (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 30 Gu Ye: I'm going to fall in love with him! Part 1

Gu Ye got out of the car at the gate of Yu's old house, looked at the courtyard, and exclaimed, "What an amazing feng shui spot where water gathers with hidden dragons."

Yu Ze pushed open the door, and an old man in a blue Tang suit with gray hair came up to him. The old man smiled and said, "The young master is back, and this is…?" Seeing Gu Ye who was blocked by Yu Ze, the old man is taken aback. This is the first time Yu Ze brought someone home.

"Gu Ye, he is the master I invited. This is Uncle An."

Gu Ye smiled and said hello, "Hi Uncle An. Old Master Yu invited me to come and see the painting."

"The master who saved Young Master Pengyu?" Uncle An asked in surprise. "You are sure young and promising. Master Gu, please come in."

Gu Ye smiled awkwardly. Promising young man or whatnots, it is the first time he heard someone use this word to praise him. Other people usually say he is someone who is not doing his job properly.

Stepping into the gate, they crossed the front yard, passed through the vertical flower carving gate, and then entered the inner courtyard. On the left and right sides are the east and west wing rooms, and several servants hang lanterns at the door. Yu Ze looked back at Gu Ye who is half a step behind him, "This is my father's study room. Even the east and west side rooms are filled with books, calligraphy, and paintings."

Gu Ye sincerely praised, "Old Master Yu is very knowledgeable, and it's normal to have a lot of books."

The more Gu Ye walked, the more he admired the surroundings. He sighed in his heart that the Yu family is worthy of a scholarly family. All the buildings are kept in antique-style interiors, from the stone tables and stools to the wooden carvings in the corridors, all of which demonstrate the owner's cultural accomplishment and rich family heritage. Moreover, to have such a large courtyard house so close to the center of the imperial capital, the value of this courtyard must be at least several hundred million. The rarest thing is that there is a layer of golden light above the Yu family, which is the aura of merit and virtue that can only be formed by doing good deeds. The Yu family is so rich but does good deeds so low-key, which shows the nature of this family.

After walking forward for dozens of steps, they arrived at the main room.

"Hidden from the wind but gathers water, four corner spirit protecting the house, good Fengshui!" After Gu Ye sighed in admiration, he gossiped in a low voice, very curious. "Mr. Yu, if standing on the roof of your house on October 1st, is it possible to see the military parade?"

Hearing that, the corner of Yu Ze's mouth curved slightly. He smiled and said, "You can go up and have a look later."

Gu Ye gave Yu Ze a puzzled look, how could he be so casual about this?

Yu Ze nodded, indicating that it's okay, just go to see if you want.

However, Gu Ye smiled and shook his head. It's not good to walk around other people's houses, it's too impolite.

Soon, Yu Ze brought Gu Ye to the backyard. When they stepped into the door, Gu Ye found a familiar figure squatting by the pond. Gu Ye slowed down, and walked over to look. Next, he felt like wanting to kick the person down, "Are you virtueless?"

The koi fishes in the pond look silly and naive, and Zhao Pengyu is trying to fish them up with a fishing rod.

"Yo~ Heavenly being is here!" Zhao Pengyu smirked, "I'm going fishing tomorrow, so gotta try out the fishing rod in advance."

Hearing that, Gu Ye became speechless. This person is sure virtueless.

Zhao Pengyu raised his head and asked, "Are you coming with me?"

Gu Ye answered with interest, "Sure, let's go together tomorrow."

"I heard that you went to the countryside to experience life. So how is it, and why did you not get tanned?"

"Anyone with a high IQ can't get tanned."

Zhao Pengyu touched his face and rolled his eyes speechlessly. He got tanned from playing basketball.

Yu Ze looked at the watch on his wrist and said to Gu Ye, "You can take a rest here. Someone will call you later when it’s starting."

Gu Ye nodded, "If Mr. Yu has something to do, just go and do your stuff, don't worry about me."

The corner of Yu Ze's mouth curved up, "Okay, by the way, do you want to eat the dessert from last time?"

Zhao Pengyu raised his hand, "Want!"

Gu Ye is not a hypocritical person either so he said the same thing, "Want!"

"There is a pastry room in the back kitchen, let Pengyu ask for whatever you want to eat."

Gu Ye grabbed Yu Ze's sleeve, and smiled until his eyes are narrowed, "Thank you."

Yu Ze got slightly taken aback, but Gu Ye immediately let go, with a smiling expression on his face, making it hard to guess what he meant. Yu Ze looked at his own wrist and left without saying anything.

Zhao Pengyu looked despair, and waited for Yu Ze to leave before he dared to complain, "I seem to be your nanny."

Gu Ye looked at the purple qi remaining on his five fingertips with emotion, "Your uncle is so good at taking care of people, a warm-hearted person ah!"

"You..." Zhao Pengyu's eyes were filled with a blatant question: Have you gone crazy?!

Gu Ye didn't bother to pay attention to Zhao Pengyu. He happily took out his mobile phone, logged into the game, and cracked the hero egg that he had never dared to touch for a long time. Next, a notification sounded: [Congratulations to the player [I run darn fast] for getting the S-level hero - Nuwa.]

"Oh my f god!" Zhao Pengyu threw away the fishing rod enviously and said, "What kind of dogshit luck you have?! This hero can add an extra life during battles so that players can be resurrected after death! I want it too!!"

With a hehehe, Gu Ye looked at the purple qi on his fingers that had been used up, and secretly suggested, "Then you can go and touch your uncle, and see if you can get lucky."

"I dare not! He has germophobia! You grabbed him just now and he actually didn't throw you out," Zhao Pengyu stretched out his paw angrily, "Can I touch you a bit? Are you also covered in lucky aura?"

Gu Ye grinned in disgust, "Get away! I'm a lucky person now, and this lucky person doesn't want to talk to you."

Zhao Pengyu: "..." This friendship will end sooner or later!

After resting for a while, Uncle An came to look for Gu Ye, "My master invites Master Gu to the side wing hall."

Gu Ye put down the half-eaten cherry blossom jelly in his hand and followed Uncle An to the East Wing. Upon entering the hall, he found that there are several other colleagues there. After Gu Ye sat down, he saw a familiar face opposite him, and he happily said, "Yo! We meet again! Where's your little apprentice?"

When the person opposite saw Gu Ye, his expression is not very good and he answered sullenly, "Luo Huai is still young, so he is not suitable for this kind of scene."

It is the master Gu Ye met in Daliu Village.

As if Gu Ye didn’t hear the hint in the other party's words at all, he said, "You're right, still young. Still didn’t learn much, need to practice more."

Stunned, Huai Xiang Guo's face turned red instantly when he heard these words. Doesn't this mean that he can't teach well?

Uncle An put the half-eaten jelly on the table as if he didn't hear the conversation between the two, he said kindly, "You can continue to eat. The old master and the young master are talking so they will only come over in a while."

Gu Ye thanked Uncle An with a smile and started to eat on his own. All the masters present looked at him with scrutiny in their eyes. Those who can come here are all famous figures in the circle, but Gu Ye, a young face, has received such courteous treatment, which really makes people confused about his background. Huai Xiang Guo also had to shut up at this time and endured it.

The old gentleman on the table next to Gu Ye took a sip of tea, and asked tentatively, "Can I ask where this little gentleman learned your skills from?"

Taking a bite of the jelly, Gu Ye’s eyes curved with a smile. He casually replied, "No school/clan, no sect, I just mess around by myself."

This is obviously a lie. The old gentleman saw that Gu Ye didn't want to tell him so he didn't ask further.

However, Huai Xiang Guo said flatly, "He is Gu Ye's younger disciple brother, also called Gu Ye."

"Gu Ye?" The expressions of all the people around changed. Some are surprised, some are sorry, and some are disdainful.

Gu Ye smiled and said, "That’s right. My name is Gu Ye too, and my father is Gu Decheng. When my family needs to change the feng shui someday, I’ll invite you. My father is rich."

Huai Xiang Guo’s words are blocked in one breath, his face flushed from holding back.

The old man next to Gu Ye sighed, "Your senior brother is a good person. In fact, there is no need to distinguish such a clear distinction between Taoism and sects, and there is no need to distinguish between good and evil. As long as one doesn't do bad things and uses it in the right place, it's good. From Gu Ye's death, haven't you all understood it yet? It's time for the Xuanshu Association to reform. The rules and regulations have restricted everyone inside a tight circle, and this is the real reason why this line of work cannot be passed on."

Everyone present did not dare to say anything, they lowered their heads and listened quietly to the teaching.

The old man looked at Gu Ye's eyebrows again, and said with a smile, "Little mister has merits and virtues, and doesn't care about trivial matters. This is a good thing. But your temper has to be restrained a little, so as not to offend others. You must know that ‘it is easy to hide from a visible spear, but it is difficult to guard against the hidden arrow.’ (idiom)"

Putting down the jelly in his hand, Gu Ye stood up. Then, he bowed to the old man, and said respectfully, "Thank you, Elder Tang, for your advice."

Elder Tang is surprised, "You know me?"

"I do. The respected seniors in the mystic circle are completely different from those hypocrites who are trying to gain fame."

Elder Tang shook his head helplessly. Listen to those words, he is still not afraid of offending others.

Behind the screen, Old Master Yu, who is nearly 70 years old and has gray hair, couldn't help laughing when he heard Gu Ye's words, "This kid you brought is quite interesting."

Yu Ze had a cold expression with disdain, "Much better than the people you invited."

As soon as Old Master Yu came out from the back, everyone in the hall stood up.

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