Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 29 Gu Ye (ETL)

Chapter 29 My god, my brother ran away with a man!

Without turning back, Gu Ye knew who the person standing behind him is, and he also knew why the other party is looking for him. But he still stayed calm and continued burning the offering; the beauties and the tractor to his master. As he did it, he muttered to his master, "Although it's not Qingming or the 15th day of the month, I feel that you don’t care about these rules anyway, old man. Just treat these as receiving a courier, and you can use it when you receive it. I haven’t dreamed of you for a long time, and I don’t know if you have been reincarnated. It would be a pity if you were reincarnated. These beauties are expensive yo."

Hearing that, Qi Zong, who is standing behind Gu Ye, twitched his mouth again.

By the time Gu Ye burned everything, it is already dark. He stood up, patted the ashes on his hands, and looked at Team Leader Qi, "This Sir, you’ve been waiting for a long time."

Qi Zong coughed and recovered from Gu Ye's nagging, "Hello, I am the leader of the investigation team of Xuanshu Association, Qi Zong."

Gu Ye tilted his head, "What can I do for you?"

"Are you Mr. Shao's second apprentice? As far as I know, Mr. Shao has only one apprentice, Gu Ye."

"That's right because the time I got accepted was not during my master is alive. My senior brother was the one who accepted me. Coincidentally, my name is also Gu Ye." Gu Ye smiled, "My senior brother mentioned that in the future, I will also get an apprentice and call him Gu Ye."

The statement caused Qi Zong to choke on his breath. One Gu Ye is enough to give them a headache. These days, many young people who are new to the association are fans of Gu Ye, and they all think his lawless temper is very cool. Now there is another junior brother of Gu Ye, who is as lawless as him and has the same name and surname as him. Just thinking about it makes his head hurt.

"I came here to ask if you want to join the Xuanshu Association." Qi Zong seriously threw out an olive branch, "We have many colleagues discussing academics together, learning from each other, and helping the people deal with unknown and dangerous events. There is a monthly salary, social insurances, and a housing loan. Since now you are the only one left in your sect, you should join us. Metaphysics gradually depreciated as time passed. With everyone staying together, at least we have someone to take care of each other’s back."

Gu Ye waved his hand, "No, no, no, I think Mr. Qi has misunderstood. I don't need organization, nor do I need to learn from each other, and I don't need others to take care of me." Gu Ye straightened his back and said proudly, "My father is Gu Decheng. My dad has money, he has plenty of money."

Qi Zong is speechless. It’s precisely because he knew that Gu Ye’s father is rich and that he didn't want Gu Ye to join Xuanshu Association that he(QZ) chased him(GY) to here. Gu Ye is still young, but his ability is very high. It is a pity that such a talent is left alone to grow free-range (without rules and guidance). And with this temperament, if no one manages him, he will be the next Gu Ye in the future who would dare to slap the face of the entire mystical arts world when stimulated.

"I've finished talking. Goodbye, Mr. Qi."


"Don't follow me!" Gu Ye’s expression turned cold in a second. He pointed at the man and said seriously, "Otherwise my master will crawl out of the coffin and take you away with him."

Qi Zong: "..." Can't continue with this talk anymore!

Gu Ye suppressed a smile, put his hands in the pockets of his jeans, and walked away in his small white sneakers. When passing by a small mound of dirt, he can even skip along, just like an innocent boy who is not bothered by the world.

Qi Zong couldn't even muster the strength to get angry. Finally, he shook his head helplessly, feeling powerless all over his body.

Gu Ye returned to the village, tidied up the house, and packed his backpack. Then he burned some joss paper in the yard, and said to the empty yard, "You poor little ones who have nowhere to go, it's okay to stay in my house. Just remember to take care of the weeds and don’t let the house gets dusty.”

A breeze rose in the yard, and it spun around Gu Ye a few times. The corner of Gu Ye's mouth curved up in a beautiful arc, and he nodded, "Okay, see you next time."

Early the next morning, Gu Ye picked up his backpack and quietly left the village without closing the gate. At the entrance of the village, he stood there and yawned. Gu Ye has dark circles under his eyes as he finally dreamed of his master last night, after a long time. He was back to the days when he lived in the alley in the capital when he was a child. The old man chased after him all night with a walking stick. After running past eight streets, Gu Ye is too tired to walk now.

Counting something with his fingers, Gu Ye then raised his hand to stop a taxi and said when he entered the car, "Go north."

The driver is puzzled, "North? Where should I stop then?"

Gu Ye leaned lazily on the seat. He closed his eyes, wanting to sleep, "Go north all the way and don't look back, I’ll pay the distance you went. I have good fortune in the north."

The driver master stepped on the gas pedal speechlessly, thinking that this young man is good-looking, but his brain is not good.

With this, Gu Ye ran out to play for several days. Mrs. Gu saw that Gu Ye seems to have enjoyed himself too much outside and didn't intend to come back, so she sent him a message: [Come back quickly after playing enough, your father wants to send someone to catch you again.]

Gu Ye took a picture of a particularly rural road, surrounded by weeds and lala plants (Japanese hops), and sent it to his little mother: [Mom, when you are old, your son will take you here for a trip, isn’t it beautiful?]

Mrs. Gu replied in seconds: [Not going, thank you!]

Gu Ye secretly posted the conversation on his socmed: [This little old lady really doesn't know how to appreciate the beauty of the world.]

Mrs. Gu is so angry when she saw the nickname ‘little old lady’ that she wanted to blacklist this unfilial son.

Unexpectedly, there are people who liked Gu Ye’s post. Mother Zhao looked at her son's phone screen curiously and smiled, "From Gu Ye's attitude, it can be seen that Gu Ye's mother is still good to him, not as bad as the outside rumors."

At this moment, another Like appeared under Gu Ye's post. Seeing that,  Zhao Pengyu's eyes widened, and he stood up in shock, startling Mother Zhao who was talking.

"Mom! Tell the truth, am I my uncle’s biological nephew? He even gave Gu Ye a thumbs-up (a Like in his post). He never gave a thumbs-up to me!"

Mrs. Zhao is also very surprised by this because Yu Ze is someone with deep thoughts since he was a child. No one would know what he is thinking unless he said it out.

"Probably… because you are ugly." Mother Zhao couldn't find a suitable reason, so she could only explain it this way to the child.

Zhao Pengyu angrily replied to Gu Ye: [Same world, same mother!]

The reason why Gu Ye chose to wander in the countryside is that the environment is good and pollution-free. The pace of life is slow too, which can reduce stress. The second is that there are many strange happenings in the countryside. Not only can he find some fun, but he can also help people solve their problems, which is also considered a merit.

When Gu Ye was young, his master told him that in order to cultivate oneself, one must first cultivate one’s mind, and one can do so among the people. Only when one is down to earth and understands people from all walks of life, then they will know how to be grateful and also know who actually needs their help.

Carrying a bag with him, Gu Ye played outside for half a month amidst Mrs. Gu's soul-chasing calls. It wasn't until Yu Ze called him to ask him for something that he stopped. Gu Ye calculated that his grades would come out soon so he head home slowly.

After entering the house, Gu Ye handed his bag to the nanny. Raising his hand with difficulty, he said, "Please turn on the air conditioner to 18 degrees Celsius, and give me a cup of strawberry-flavored shaved ice, thank you."

Mrs. Gu sees that Gu Ye’s hair has grown so much that it became an eye-sore, "After going out for so many days, why didn’t you get tanned? See, your hair is so long that it can be braided. How did you live outside like this?"

Gu Ye fell on the sofa, lying flat like a salted fish, and said with a smile, "Can’t help it, this kind of thing follows whoever raises me. Since my mother is good-looking, I can't get tanned no matter what. Even with a funky hairstyle, I will still be heaven-defying good-looking."

Mrs. Gu glared at Gu Ye for a while with her mouth pursed. But soon, she couldn't hold back the corners of her mouth, and patted Gu Ye's shoulder happily, "Oh, you brat, hahaha~ Sister Wang, tell the kitchen to cook more dishes for lunch today. Xiao Ye likes to eat beef so make a steak too! I think he seemed to have lost weight, so we need to nourish him.”

Gu Ye grinned in pain and took the shaved ice handed over by the servant. Then he smiled too, my mom is so easy to flatter!

During lunchtime, Gu Yang also came back with his schoolbag on his back. Kiddo got invited by a group of girls to play at the claw game machine after school. The result was a great haul, and he carried several strings of dolls on his back. Seeing that his brother is back home, Gu Yang jumped up and down excitedly. The dolls behind him swayed from side to side, up and down. They were very colorful and Gu Ye wanted to sigh when he saw them.

"Brother! Where did you go to play? Take me with you next time! Take me with you!" Gu Yang threw himself on Gu Ye's back and put his arms around Gu Ye's neck. With a grin, he tried to knock his brother down.

Gu Ye clicked his tongue, this brat has grown up fast recently. He as the child from a premature birth seems to be the shortest of the brothers. If this kid dared to rebel even now, how about later in the future?

Gu Ye moved away to avoid the force of Gu Yang's attack. With a kick from the bottom of his foot, he hit the acupuncture point on Gu Yang's ankle. Kiddo fell down on the sofa with a gr0an, and Gu Ye pressed him down firmly with just one hand, "Easy. If I have a chance, I will take you there. Don’t get scared until you peed your pants yo."

"Whoever is afraid is a dog!" Unable to struggle free, Gu Yang stiffened his neck and exclaimed.

Gu Ye suppressed Gu Yang again, and added the other leg, pressing down on Gu Yang that he could only wave his limbs around. He floundered like a little turtle being pinned to the ground, but unable to turn over.

Gu Ye didn't expect Gu Yang to be serious with his words, because during the summer vacation, he really led Gu Yang to catch ghosts. At that time, he reminded Gu Yang, "You said it yourself, whoever is afraid of a dog, you are not allowed to back away.” As a result, Gu Yang hugged his arm and barked all the way, making Gu Ye so angry that he don’t want to bring him out anymore.

After taking a nap at noon, Gu Ye took a shower, changed his clothes, and went downstairs.

Gu Yang secretly followed behind Gu Ye and asked, "Brother, where are you going?"

Gu Ye answered without turning his head, "I have something to do outside. Don't wait for me for dinner, I probably won’t come back to eat."

Gu Yang asked cautiously, "Who are you eating with? Girlfriend?"

Gu Ye looked back helplessly, "What is this about girlfriend and boyfriend? Brat, don't make wild guesses."

Gu Yang curled his lips and ran to the top attic in one breath. He took out his binoculars and looked out. In his view, he saw a familiar luxury car parked in the shade of the gate outside. A young man in a white shirt is standing beside the car. The man is estimated to be over 1.85m, with long legs and a straight back. He just stood there quietly, but full of aura. Looking at the face, he is as handsome as the model on the poster. Next, Gu Ye can be seen at the gate and greeted the man with a smile. The other party raised his hand and shook it lightly, as a greeting. His gestures are elegant and handsome.

Gu Yang saw his brother get into the car and felt displeased. He doesn't know when his brother made such a friend. At first glance, this kind of person seems to be very good at deceiving children!

When Gu Ye got into the car, Yu Ze said, "Is someone in your family hostile to me?"

"It should be my younger brother. That little brat, I don't know what's wrong with him." Gu Ye smiled, but inside, he couldn’t help admiring Yu Ze’s ability. This person's sensitivity is terrifyingly sharp. To be able to feel hostility from such a distance, is he still a human being?

Since they are closer distance with each other now, Gu Ye clearly felt the ghostly aura on Yu Ze's body. It is daytime, and the cool Ghost General did not appear, but Gu Ye could still feel that the general is protecting Yu Ze. This is very strange to Gu Ye. Why did that Ghost General choose to follow Yu Ze who couldn't see him? The general should come to him, be his No. 1 spirit servant!

Seeing that Gu Ye is silent, Yu Ze took out a game console from the drawer, "Want to play?"

Gu Ye took it over and saw that it is new and unopened, "You didn't buy it now, did you?"

"At your age, you might be bored on the road."

Yu Ze's voice is so soft that people can't feel how caring he is but the warm gesture made Gu Ye curve the corner of his mouth. He and Yu Ze haven't actually spoken a few words, and he doesn't know each other's temperament but judging from his facial features, Yu Ze is not a person who will take the initiative to care about others. On the contrary, he should be terribly indifferent, and there should be nothing for him to care about except his family.

"Actually, Mr. Yu doesn't need to keep thinking about the incident where I saved Zhao Pengyu. He and I are buddies and I am happy to save him. You really don't need to pay off the debt for him." Gu Ye attributed Yu Ze’s kindness to him from Zhao Pengyu’s incident.

After opening the box of the game console, Gu Ye shifted to a comfortable position and sat down. Then he asked, "What do you think Old Master Yu asked me to see? Is it about the tea party?"

"No." Yu Ze said with a helpless expression, "Someone gave him a painting. But he said there is something wrong with it, so he wanted to have a master to look at it."

Gu Ye couldn't help laughing. This is not easy for Yu Ze as he didn't believe in ghosts and gods at all. But his father believed in this and invited the masters to his home for gatherings every year.

At this moment in the old house of the Yu family, the study room is filled with priceless ancient paintings. In a beautiful landscape painting, a beautiful woman in a red dress, holding a pipa and a red paper umbrella stood up from the stone bench under the tree and flew lightly to the tree.

The attendant who cleaned the study swallowed nervously as soon as he walked to the painting. Mustering the courage to look at this painting, he then threw away the feather duster in fright, screaming, "Sure enough, she moved again! That woman moved again! She moves as soon as the young master is not at home!"

The author has something to say:

When Yu Ze is at home, the beauty: Dare not move, dare not move, dare not move...

Raw word count: 3764


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