Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 28 Daliu Village (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 28 If She Won't Marry, You Will! (Part 2)

At this moment, Li Cui's house is more lively than the other side. After selling his daughter, Li Dahai had already heard a lot of gossip and knew that the neighbors are scolding him; he can be considered famous in the town now. Many old people said that he will get retribution. Even his wife cried and said every day that his daughter would hate them. In the past 2 days, Li Dahai has been a little paranoid. When he heard noises in the middle of the night, he will get up and have a look.

Tonight, the sky is extremely dark, and the air seemed to be different from before. Li Dahai is tossing and turning and couldn't sleep. He keeps having a feeling that something is watching him. Suddenly, there is a loud noise in the living room, and there is the sound of something being smashed. Li Dahai endured his fear, turned on the light, and went out to have a look. The family portrait they had taken before had fallen to the ground and is broken into several pieces. Li Dahai's heart skipped a beat, and he wondered if the girl really came back.

Suddenly, the lights went out!

The room is so dark that one couldn't see their fingers. When people can't see, it makes them feel more terrified. Li Dahai asked with a trembling voice, "Cui Cui? Is that you, Cui Cui?"

There is another smashing sound. Li Dahai is so frightened that he almost sat down on the ground. Next, the things in the room started flying by themselves and fell to the ground with a loud crash. Li Dahai hugged his head in fear, and shouted in a panicked tone, "Girl, stop making trouble! Stop making trouble! I have no other choice. Your mother and I have raised you so long to adulthood. But you were gone in the blink of an eye. What can I do? I have to find a way to earn some money for the coffin/burial, right?"

There is no movement in the room. Li Dahai thought that Li Cui had listened to his words, and wanted to continue persuading her. However, at this moment, with a BANG, the table at home flew out upside down, and then the sofa stood up. Compared with just now, his daughter has become even more violent.

Li Dahai almost peed in fright, squatting in the corner trembling, when the light suddenly turned on again.

"What's going on?" Li Cui's mother turned on the light, and the youngest daughter also came out of another room. Seeing the mess of the house, she angrily asked her husband who is squatting in the corner, "What are you doing and not sleeping at night?"

Because her husband sold her eldest daughter, Li Cui's mother had serious resentment towards her husband, and she didn't even want to share a room with him. The same goes for the younger daughter, who looked at her father with disdain. When her sister was alive, her father used the money she earned to smoke and drink. When her sister died, this man would not even let the body go (and sold it), which made her feel a chill down her back.

"Cui Cui is back! Cui Cui is back and making trouble!" Li Dahai crawled to the door tremblingly. He couldn't stay in this house anymore, he is scared, really scared.

"If you don't do anything wrong, what are you afraid of my sister?" The little girl is also eloquent in her speech with a poisonous tongue, "My sister didn't say that she will take you away."

When Li Cui's mother heard that her daughter had come back, she called out in a low voice with red eyes, "Cui Cui, are you blaming your parents? Your father is not human!"

After Li Cui's mother cried out, the light went out again, and the whole family is shocked. Then, the light is turned on and off, flashing back and forth dozens of times. Li Cui's mother couldn't bear it anymore. She burst into tears, "Mom knows you are wronged. Cui Cui, stop making trouble. I’ll let your father return the money tomorrow and bring you back. We’ll let you go to Liu Chao’s place so let's stop making trouble, okay?"

After Li Cui's mother finished speaking, the lights stopped flashing.

After a while, Li Dahai realized that he is really fine and unharmed, he stood up tremblingly and scolded his wife with a strict tone, "Send the money back? What will I spend then? How can I earn 50,000 yuan by myself?"

The little girl said with a cold face, "If you only sit at home and wait to die, you will not earn 50,000 yuan in your whole life."

"I..." Li Dahai is at a loss for words. The temper he has from being told off by the little girl suddenly jumps up, and he raised his hand, wanting to hit someone, "You unfilial daughter! What you eat and wear now is given by me!"

"My mother is the one who gave it to me! My mother made the money by cleaning other people’s houses!"

"I’ll beat you to death!"

Seeing that there is going to be another argument, the TV set at home suddenly flew up and smashed towards Li Dahai. Li Dahai is so frightened that he staggered and flopped on the ground. The TV barely stopped moving on top of his head, almost killing him. Li Dahai is so frightened that he didn't dare to move, holding his head like a quail.

At this moment, Li Cui’s younger sister pointed at the wall and her eyes widened in shock, "Mom! Look!"

A line of conspicuous words is written in bright red blood on the wall: Mom, get a divorce. You will live better without him.

Seeing this, Li Cui's mother sat on the ground covering her face, crying in despair. Indeed, she and her little daughter would have a better life without this lazy man. Even if her eldest daughter is dead, she(LC) still can't stop worrying about her. At this point, what else holding her back? Why should she care about other people's opinions? This marriage needs to get a divorce.

It’s lively here at the Li family, while the Xiang family where Li Cui’s body is located is simply horrifying.

For the bride has risen from her coffin!

The people in the mourning shed are terrified. The master invited by the Xiang family went over to see and swiftly declared that he didn't want any red envelopes (more money). He said bluntly that he couldn't handle this matter anymore. He had never learned how to fight stiff corpse/jiangshi so he ran away as fast as he could. The Xiang family is in a mess. They are so scared that they paid a high price to find someone to send Li Cui's body back overnight.

It’s a stiff corpse/jiangshi, alright?! Who would dare to want this kind of daughter-in-law?

So at dawn the next day, a hearse stopped in front of Liu Chao's house. After unloading a phoenix motive coffin, the car turned around, driving away at a speeding speed of 180 mph.

Gu Ye slept until noon, just in time to see the cremation vehicle coming out of Liu Chao's house. He watched them walk away together and shrugged; a merit is completed. Yawning, he went back to his room, changed his clothes, and went to town.

Ordering 3 dishes, a bowl of soup, Gu Ye finished it with half a bowl of rice in a restaurant and stretched lazily. After that, he went to the funeral supply shop and bought a sack of hell money, a paper pig, a paper cow, a paper horse, and a two-story paper building. After thinking for a while, he pointed to the paper mahjong machine standing in the corner, "That one, give me one too."

The shopkeeper looked at him with incomparably thoughtful eyes, but he still wrote it down in the purchase notebook.

Gu Ye smiled and asked, "Boss, can you deliver door-to-door if I buy more?"

The uncle shopkeeper didn't know what Gu Ye is happy about. Generally, people who come to his shop to buy things have mournful faces. It's the first time he sees such a festive-looking customer and he can't get used to it.

"If your home is located in this town and you buy a lot, we can deliver it."

"Alright then, this, this, and this, I’ll give my master a set! Ey? Those 8 young ladies, give my master a set too!"

The corner of the shopkeeper’s mouth twitched. Inside, he thought to himself, who is this unlucky master who accepted such an unreliable disciple? Giving his master 8 beauties, isn't that simply looking for a beating?

"For the ladies, do you want the exquisitely crafted version or the ordinary ones? Exquisite ones are expensive. It’s 500 yuan per person, so 8 will cost you 4,000 yuan."

"The exquisite ones, I want the best for my master!" Gu Ye rested his chin and looked around the shop again, and suddenly burst into laughter, "Boss, sell me that tractor too."

When Gu Ye imagine how his master driving a tractor, with a group of beautiful girls sitting in the back of the tractor, the tractor emitting black smoke and putted along the moment he pressed the pedal… the mental picture is too beautiful!

When the leader of the investigation team of Xuanshu Association found Gu Ye, Gu Ye is squatting in front of his master's grave, burning gifts of beauties and a tractor to his master. Upon seeing what he burned, the team leader’s expression is quite spectacular.

Master: No one can hold down my coffin board (a.k.a stopping him from coming out of his coffin!

Raw word count: 5015 (whole chapter)


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