Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 30 The Yu Family (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 30 Gu Ye: I'm going to fall in love with him! Part 2

Gu Ye has always heard people call ‘Old Master Yu’ here and there, so he thought that the old man would be a rigid old pedant, the kind who is more rigid than his own father. Unexpectedly, he turned out to be a refined and handsome old man, with a smile on his face, looking very kind. Looking at Yu Ze standing next to him, Gu Ye understood that Yu Ze's appearance doesn’t come from his mother's genes, the old master’s genes are extremely prevalent.

Old Master Yu briefly greeted everyone. After everyone sat down, he said, "A friend gave me a nameless ancient painting so I’m inviting every master here to come today, to help me take a look. Is this young lady alive?"

If someone dared to say such nonsense as the painting being alive, everyone here would laugh out loud and reply, “Bullshit!” However, as soon as Old Master Yu said this, everyone’s expression became serious, "Is it possessed by a spirit body? It is impossible for the person in the painting to come to life."

"It's better to get the painting out, let's take a look."

When everyone saw the ancient painting in the glass container, they all praised it, "What a solid foundation! The lines and ink are well-defined, and the colors are bright and colorful. The most important point is that it is so well preserved, huh? There is no signature?"

"There is resentment attached to it, giving off an ominous feeling. I'm afraid it was dug out from the ground (burial ground)?"

The moment the painting is placed for viewing, everyone can feel the resentment emanating from it, but they can't see any figure in this painting moving by themselves. Old Master Yu turned his head to look at Yu Ze who stood far away with a cold and disdainful attitude, not wanting to join in.

Yu Ze said with a cold face, "Don't ask me, I can't see anything."

Old Master Yu pointed to the door, "Then, please go out first. You should know that ghosts and gods dare not breathe/move when you are around."

"Pfft!" Gu Ye couldn't hold back and laughed out loud. It's no wonder that Yu Ze didn't believe in ghosts and gods. With his aura, he really couldn't see anything strange. When he is around, ghosts and gods don't dare to come out.

Yu Ze looked helplessly at Gu Ye smiling at him. There is a little resentment in his eyes (for not being able to stay back).

Gu Ye immediately gave Yu Ze a look that said ‘I understand you. It's not easy being a child born in old age. The parents will be old people when you grow up, and old people are always unreasonable.’

Yu Ze went out with a sullen face.

With the curtains drawn, the entire study room is darkened but the girl in the painting remains motionless. Old Master Yu said to everyone, "Now. I can only ask you gentlemen to show your abilities. I have no malicious intentions and just want to know the reason (what is happening). Whoever can find out, you can go to the second floor and choose one of my calligraphy and paintings to take with you."

Earlier, Gu Ye was not interested in the painting, but hearing Old Master Yu’s words, his eyes widened. Those are all the calligraphy of Old Master Yu. They are treasures and ever so valuable!

Except for Elder Tang, everyone is eager to try their hand, obviously moved by the reward that Old Master Yu said.

"If she doesn't show herself, then I can only force her to come out." Someone already prepared a magic weapon at hand, like a warrior who slays demons and defends the weak.

But Gu Ye simply walked over from the back and pushed that person away. Ignoring everyone's gaze, he put his hand on the glass container and closed his eyes, trying to feel something with his heart.

The young man wanted to speak, but Old Master Yu gave him a ‘shush’, signaling him to be quiet and not to interrupt Gu Ye. The young man could only endure it. Looking at the magic weapon in his hand, he somehow felt that he was like a joke.

2 minutes later, Gu Ye opened his eyes and asked Old Master Yu, "So, as long as you can figure out the reason, it's fine? There's no need to kill her, right?"

"Yes." Old Master Yu nodded appreciatively, "I just want to know the reason."

Gu Ye smiled, "There is indeed a spirit attached here. She is imprisoned in this painting. She wants to leave, but she can't. This young lady is also a poor soul."

Old Master Yu expressed his interest, "Oh? I would like to hear more about it."

"A thousand years ago, a local corrupt official wanted to give his boss a birthday gift. He heard that his boss loved calligraphy and painting, but he couldn't produce one himself, so he found a scholar to do it for him. This scholar has his own arrogance so naturally he doesn't listen to the official. Hence, the official sent someone to arrest the scholar's family and threaten him. The scholar had no choice but to paint."

Gu Ye looked at the woman in red in the painting again before continuing, "The scholar drew a picture of a seductive young woman who is pretending to be a girl from a good family, secretly going out on a date, waiting for her sweetheart in the mountains. He is insinuating that the corrupt official did terrible things but wanted to maintain a good reputation at the same time. In the end, the official won’t get anything from the wait."

Old Master Yu suddenly realized, "No wonder there is no inscription or signature on this painting, the scholar should be disdaining it ba?"

"How do you know so clearly?" The young man who got pushed away by Gu Ye just now asked in a bad tone, "Who knows if you are making up stories to bluff people."

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows and sighed, "Because I'm smart, I'm talented, and I can form empathy link, can you?"

The young man stared at Gu Ye with envy and hatred. He really didn't have this kind of talent, "Then you still haven't explained why she is coming alive."

Hearing that, Gu Ye's expression turned cold, "This is also an inhumane tragedy. In order to make sure this painting never faded, the corrupt official added corpse oil to the paint and specially refined it with a secret method."

Everyone’s expression changed. There were indeed many such inhumane things in ancient times, and there are also many people who used live people as sacrifices. They just didn't expect this kind of thing to happen in this painting.

"For thousands of years, this painting has not changed a bit. The young lady in the painting, because of long-term contact with things used by living people, started to feel the emotions of human beings, and gradually gained spirit. However, being trapped by the corpse oil with a resentful aura, she couldn't escape, even if she wanted to leave."

Gu Ye asked seriously, "Can't you guys feel her despair?"

Very well, Gu Ye understood from their expressions, they couldn't feel it.

"Your talent is really..." Gu Ye doesn't want to go on but everyone understood the meaning - too noob!

Being embarrassed by Gu Ye, the young man wanted to get some dignity back and said, "This matter is easy to solve, just get rid of this spirit."

"Getting rid of it is too much," another rather kind-hearted master said, "The human world is not a place for her to stay, why not send her to reincarnation instead? It is not easy for a non-living thing to be able to form spiritual consciousness, reincarnation is the greatest kindness to her."

Gu Ye laughed, "Why did you decide for others? Have you considered this young lady's opinion?"

"Yin and yang are different, she can't survive in this world. It's for her own good."

"Then why don't you ask this big sister what she thinks." Gu Ye stretched out a finger and tapped the glass lightly twice, "Miss big sister, if you still don't show up, they will kill you for real.”

With everyone paying attention, the woman in the painting finally moved. The beautiful woman in red put down the things in her hands and bowed to Gu Ye, every movement is beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Gu Ye pointed at her and asked everyone, "Look, how sensible. You guys have the heart to kill her?"

An old man in the group earnestly advised, "She is a spirit and not a human being. If given the chance, she can cultivate into a Yao/spiritual being. Not doing bad things now doesn't mean she won’t do it in the future. Furthermore, letting her reincarnate doesn't mean killing her. Don't be tempted by her beauty, you young man."

Gu Ye sighed, "Old man, to be reincarnated or not, you have to ask the person concerned. Little big sister, do you want to reincarnate?"

The woman in the painting shook her head. She finally acquired spiritual consciousness. If she goes to reincarnate, she will no longer be herself.

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "Can you play the pipa?"

Even though the person in the painting didn't understand why Gu Ye asked this question, she still nodded.

"Then can you sing and dance?"

The person in the painting nodded again.

"Can you come out and hold the umbrella for me when it's raining?"

The person in the painting froze for a moment, then nodded again.

"Can you help me get takeout when I'm hungry?"

The person in the painting couldn't understand what takeaway meant, but thinking that it is probably about running errands, she nodded again.

Gu Ye snapped his fingers, "Okay! It's you then! From now on, you will be my No. 1 servant. I will rescue you from the painting, and you will serve me for 80 years, how about it?"

Gu Ye's words immediately caused an uproar, "Are you crazy? It is forbidden to raise ghosts and spirits!"

Gu Ye ignored them at all and took out a small porcelain bottle. After that, he took out a cinnabar pen and drew a spell on the bottle. The next moment, the beauty in red in the painting finally gets out of the painting and is put into the porcelain bottle in the blink of an eye. Gu Ye curved the corner of his mouth. Clenching the porcelain bottle tightly, he looked at the crowd with a provocative expression, "It depends on my mood whether to raise (ghost/spirit) or not."

"Humans and spirits are different. Child, don't make trouble for yourself!"

"Crazy! If you don't listen to advice now, something will happen sooner or later!" Several masters present shook their heads and sighed as if they had expected that Gu Ye would be killed by this woman in the near future.

Gu Ye looked at Old Master Yu and Elder Tang who had been silent all this time, "Is this matter settled?"

Old Master Yu looked at the painting, and said regretfully, "Oh, if the spirit is gone, the core of this painting will be gone as well."

Gu Ye couldn't help laughing. At this moment, the old master is actually feeling sorry for his painting.

"It's fate to meet you," Old Master Yu took the key and opened the glass container. Taking out the scroll inside, he rolled it up and put it in a box, "Since you took the person away, take this painting with you as well."

Gu Ye asked anxiously, "Then, can I pick another one (prize) to take away?"

Old Master Yu is amused and says, "Take it. Since I am happy today, I will allow you to pick 2 more instead." Old Master Yu whispered in Gu Ye's ear, "I'll tell you in secret. In my collection, lies a most precious treasure. Most people can't pick it out, so it depends on your eyes."

Hearing that, Gu Ye's eyes lit up. "Since you said that, then pardon my rudeness. My dad likes your handwriting very much. He will be turning 60 years old soon. Originally when I accepted the invitation, I wanted to ask you to write him a few words as a birthday present. Unexpectedly, I hit the jackpot today! Hahaha~"

"Okay, go pick it!" Old Master Yu patted Gu Ye on the shoulder, and Gu Ye went upstairs under the eyes of everyone who wanted to bite him with envy.

After inviting several other masters to the tearoom, Tang Lao said, "I didn't expect to finally able to pick one with wits after searching so long. Unconventional, knowledgeable, and courageous, he seems to be able to resist pressure as well."

Old Master Yu nodded and said with a smile, "Unfortunately, he is too young to convince the majority, but he will be doing great in a few years. In order to pick someone for you, I lost 3 paintings."

"Yeah sure," Tang Lao stroked his beard, and casually said, "Obviously you like that child yourself and are willing to give the paintings away. Don't I know you yet?"

At this time, Gu Ye had already wandered around Old Master Yu's study room. He could see the aura in the calligraphy and painting. Old Master Yu's calligraphy is majestic, and every piece is worthy of being treasured. Gu Ye couldn’t pick one as he wanted every piece he saw. After checking around, Gu Ye couldn't find the treasure that Old Master Yu mentioned. He walked to the window and saw Yu Ze standing outside the main door. Gu Ye shouted, "Mr. Yu!"

Yu Ze looked up and saw Gu Ye waving to him with a smile all over his face. He is signaling to him, ‘Come, come!’

Yu Ze paused but really went upstairs.

Gu Ye asked in a low voice, "Old Master Yu said that there is a treasure hidden here, can you tell me which treasure is it?"

"He even told you this?" The corners of Yu Ze's mouth curved up, "Has anyone ever told you that you are very likable?"

Gu Ye waved his hand, "No, but many people say that I'm crazy, even ghosts are afraid of me."

Yu Ze frowned, and said in dissatisfaction, "It's because they are stupid and ignorant."

"Yes, I think so too." Gu Ye raised his hand and signaled Yu Ze to give him a high-five. As expected from heroes who see the same thing.

Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye's face approaching in front of him, slightly lost in thought. At this moment, the setting sun is shining its last through the window, and Gu Ye's fair cheeks are tinted with a thin layer of pink by the sunset. With his bright smile, his long eyelashes flicker like two cute little fans. He looks delicate like a doll, but his temperament is like a glass of strong wine. The timid dare not get close to it, and those who dare to taste it will get drunk when they touch it.

Yu Ze stretched out his hand without thinking and fulfilled Gu Ye's wish, tapping his palm lightly. Seeing Gu Ye's happy face, he also smiled and said, "The treasure he said is just what he thinks is a treasure. It has no value at all in the eyes of others."

At this moment, Gu Ye's eyes suddenly fell on a painting in the corner, and he couldn't move his eyes away. This painting is obviously one size smaller than the other drawing papers, and there is no inscription on it. It is just a thick blood-stained broken sword, inserted in the devastated desert. The surrounding wind and sand are rustling, and the sky is vast. The broken sword is just left here, which should have given people a sense of desolation. However, the feeling of this painting is domineering. It emanates an aura of ‘Who’s there to take the brunt of responsibility but me’. Even if it is broken, it still does not hold back its edge.

Gu Ye suddenly thought of the Ghost General sitting in Yu Ze's car. How come the feeling of this painting is similar to that Ghost General?

Gu Ye couldn't help touching the painting, "This painting is so handsome. What kind of mind should the person who painted this picture have? I am going to fall in love with him. This is the one I want! I want this painting!"

Gu Ye excitedly moved the stool and climbed up to take down the painting. He is very much in admiration for Old Master Yu. He decided to go to Old Master Yu later and begged the old man for a few words (calligraphy).

Yu Ze raised a finger and poked Gu Ye's waist twice, "This is my casual drawing when I was 16 years old. It doesn’t worth any money, do you really want it?"

Gu Ye: "Sorry, what I said just now doesn't count!"

Raw word count: 6366 (whole chapter)


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