Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2971: Side story: I will never settle in this life (3)

At that moment, I suddenly realized how cowardly the original Song Nan Mo was.

That Song Nan Mo couldn’t do anything, he was restrained by the rules of the palace.

The etiquette between ruler and ministers had ruined it for me and her.

Perhaps it should change.

There was a wall in my heart, but now that the wall had collapsed, no one could stop me from doing what I wanted to do.

In the court, I declared that I wanted to go to the battlefield.

I knew that he wanted me to die, but he couldn’t find a legitimate reason because of the empress dowager.

Now that I decided to go to the battlefield, it was a great thing for him.

Because the people that went to the battlefield had their head in their hands and could die at any moment.

I knew that he wanted me to die, but I couldn’t die.

Not only could I not die, I had to win battles again and again.  I wanted to establish my prestige in court, I wanted to make him angry, but unable to do anything to me.

Because I was no longer the minister of the ministry of industry, Song Nan Mo.  I was a person who contributed military merits to the Heavenly Court.

The old ministers all favoured me, the soldiers all submitted to me.  He couldn’t do anything, he was helpless.

I wanted him to know how I felt when he sent her to the High Race Country.

How he had step by step turned the disciplined Song Nan Mo into this black bellied and arrogant person.

I never backed down on the battlefield and never failed, not losing a single battle.

The only miscalculation was the final danger that he had left for me.

I didn’t expect that he would send eighty thousand elite soldiers to be buried with me.

He, he……What a terrifying person.

He was the ruler of a country and these soldiers were the flesh and blood that fought for him.

But to let me die, he didn’t hesitate to make such a crazy decision.

But he never would have thought that my light was still there.

That light that shined into my life without any warning was still there.

With thousands of arrows, she ran towards me with the light behind her while in a dress soaked red in blood.

I didn’t know if it was my mistake or if my brain had stopped when I saw her.

It seemed that I didn’t notice anything around me.  The wind stopped, the arrows stopped, the sand stopped……

It was as if I only saw her, the one running towards me without a care for the dangers.

I even thought, was I about to die?  Just like a dream, seeing the person that you wanted, but could never be with.

In my enduring heart, how I……I wanted to hold her.

Death……didn’t seem that scary.  At least I could hold her in my arms.

At least I didn’t have to think about how I could get her back from King Talu.

After all, she was already married……Would she still want me……

But then everything around me seemed incomparably real.

I heard the sound of the sand and wind, heard the sound of swords clashing around me, heard the sound of her crying as she hugged me……

I had never seen her cry this much before.  She suppressed it even when her eyes were red.

This was my first time seeing her cry like this……

She should be afraid……afraid of losing me?

When I held her in my arms, no one could understand the softness in my heart.

The more I experienced in life, the more I appreciated everything that I had.

I didn’t have the world, a country, but I had her by my side.

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 44/100]

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