Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2972: Side story: An entire country can’t be exchanged for one person

You love everyone, Concubine Rou, the empress dowager, the little prince, him, but you can’t love me.  ——Feng Yu

It snowed heavily that day.

I sat in the Golden Imperial Hall, watching as my dynasty disappeared bit by bit.

If someone asked me: Do you regret it?

I would answer: I don’t regret it.

No one understood me.  If I could go back in time, I would hope that I didn’t meet her.

What I regretted wasn’t the decision, but meeting her.

I had been the crown prince since I was young.  Although the road to the throne wasn’t smooth, no one could stop me.

So I had an arrogant personality and could see through people’s hearts.  I didn’t have many friends, my only friend when I was young was probably Song Nan Mo.

I thought that he and I would be friends for life.

But I never thought that we would lose each other because of a single girl.

In the dead of night, I would ask myself if I really loved that person.

I am the emperor, I can get any beautiful woman in the world, why was I so obsessed with her?

I could give her to Song Nan Mo to make him more loyal to me and I could give their love a beautiful ending.

But……I couldn’t do it……

I never thought that I would like a person this much.  It was as if I wanted her even if I lost my heart.

Disregarding our relationship as ruler and minister, disregarding everything.

No one knew what I was thinking.  Thought that that I was being selfish and self serving, but no one knew that I really liked that person.

Perhaps……Even more than Song Nan Mo.

To take a gamble, I made a bold decision.

She was a smart person, she would definitely know what choice to make.

The High Race Country or my concubine, I wanted her to choose one.  I didn’t think she would go to such a far off place.

I gambled that she wouldn’t go.  I didn’t even ask her to beg me, as long as she told me she didn’t want to go, I wouldn’t let her go.

I didn’t sleep that night.  It was the first time I didn’t sleep since I had taken the throne.

But she never came to beg me.  She wasn’t willing to beg me even when putting on that bright red wedding dress.

Why?  Why?

She once sacrificed her life to save me.  When those countless black clothed experts surrounded me, she firmly stood in front of me.

I thought that……even if she didn’t love me……she wouldn’t hate me……

But she really seemed to hate me……

But we did have one thing in common, we were both biased.

It was not wonder……she was my sister, my half related sister from the same father.

No one would understand.  Even if I couldn’t marry her, as long as she was by my side and I could always be with her.

Even if I knew that she was my sister, I didn’t care how heartbroken I was and would protect her.

But she……still left.

Marrying into the far off High Race Country, so stubborn that she didn’t look back once.

That year that she left, I didn’t sleep well.  Scenes of our first encounter would appear in front of my eyes in the middle of the night, like nightmares that wouldn’t go away.

I had been tortured enough!

So when Talu’s arrow pierced my heart, I didn’t feel any pain and instead felt relieved.

Finally, there was no need to agonize.

Who said that emperor’s were ruthless?  I loved so much that I couldn’t control myself anymore.

Land, honour, wealth, status……

I could give it all away, just her alone was enough.

But I didn’t seem……lucky enough……

Not lucky……


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