Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2970: Side story: I will never settle in this life (2)

When the truth of my sister’s matters came out, although the queen wasn’t punished, she obtained Feng Yu’s sympathy.

But my sister didn’t seem to care that much.  What she cared about was the child and not Feng Yu.

Because she felt that she couldn’t protect that child and wronged him……

Seeing this, I felt that I couldn’t leave her in the palace.

I decided to let my sister convince mother and father while I asked for an engagement from Feng Yu.

I had been Feng Yu’s companion since I was young.  Other than being ruler and minister, we had a relationship of being friends.

He was a very smart person and took care of me.  He knew that I didn’t like to compete, but he promoted me step by step and arranged a position in court for me.

I thought that an engagement from him would make mother and father more willing to accept my marriage.  I thought that he would help me, letting me marry the one that I loved.

But the heavens really played a big joke on me.  I never thought that he would fall in love with the same person as me.

I wasn’t willing to back down, so he didn’t give me a chance.

The two hundred beatings didn’t just sever the ruler and minister relationship between us, it also severed our friendship.

Was I thinking too much?  How could there be friendship between ruler and minister?

As the board hit my body, I kept thinking.  There were three thousand people in his harem and all kinds of girls, why did he have to choose Luo Qing Chen?

He knew that I only liked Luo Qing Chen in this life, but he loved countless people.

The red walls of the harem weren’t suited for her, she couldn’t stay here.

Of course, what made me more obsessed was that the one that she loved wasn’t Feng Yu, but me.

Since it was like this, what reason did I have to back down?

After I left the prison, I was taken to the Peaceful Kind Palace.

I didn’t know what method she used to convince the empress dowager at first.  It was only after arriving at the Peaceful Kind Palace that I learned that her status was more noble than I imagined.

She was the previous emperor’s daughter, the princess of the Heavenly Court.

The previous emperor died early and left behind very few children, not even a single daughter.

Now that she had become the eldest princess, she was a person with an extremely noble status.

This change caught me off guard, but it also helped my heart gradually settle.

She was Feng Yu’s half sister, so he couldn’t marry her.

Even if he was domineering and unreasonable.

Even if he was the ruler of a country, he couldn’t marry her.

The rules of the ancestors were there, so there was nothing that he could do.

I thought that at least……he would let her go.

Even if I was expelled from the palace, as long as the future was settled, then I was willing.

Because I knew that I still had her.  We could go to a place outside of the emperor’s control and live a peaceful life.

But Feng Yu never thought of giving me this opportunity……

No, he never gave me this opportunity.

If he couldn’t get it, he would destroy it.  That was his style.

Thinking about it, it was right.  He was an arrogant person, how could he help us?

But I couldn’t let her marry into the High Race Country no matter what……

If you truly love someone, even if she didn’t love you, would you be willing to destroy her?

I didn’t understand, I would never understand……

As time passed, I couldn’t understand even after a long time.

Why, why would he do this?

The day that she left the palace to get married, there was a heavy snow that fell.

I was in the Peaceful Kind Palace, surrounded by the guards.  The sharp swords cut my body, but I didn’t feel any pain.

What was painful was my heart and my memories.  What hurt me was her kind eyes looking at me, telling me ‘don’t worry’.

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