Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2969: Side story: I will never settle in this life (1)

I still like you very much.  In the lonely city filled with smoke, surrounded by tens of thousands of soldiers, I will still come for you.  ——Song Nan Mo.

I also thought about how my life would have been if I didn’t meet you.

Perhaps it would have been very plain, living into my old age.

Facing a person that I couldn’t say that I loved, but protecting them for the rest of my ordinary life.

But at a certain point, God shot a bright firework into my life.

They might not know how important this life was for me, but it had changed my life.

Actually, she and I were not destined.

A light would be loved and remembered by others.

Even if she was a maid, there was nothing that stopped her from shining bright.

The richest and most powerful man in the world loved her, loving her to an obsessive level.

At that moment, I felt so disciplined and so insignificant.

I didn’t love her less, but I could only accept my punishment and endure without a word.

I could die, but I couldn’t give in.

That was my……bottom line…….

After being imprisoned, I thought about many things.  How my mother and father were also matched together in the beginning.  I heard that before my mother married my father, there was someone that she loved.

Although I heard rumours from my relatives, I could see that there was something missing when my mother looked at my father.

It was only a long time later reading my mother’s suicide note that I realized that she already had someone that she loved, but she married my father because of family reasons.

There was an obsession in her heart, one that no one knew about.

But mother didn’t expect that the two children she gave birth two wouldn’t escape this fate.

First it was my big sister and then it was me.

I didn’t know much about my sister's matters, I had only met Chi Heng once.

I didn’t understand why my sister wouldn’t listen to father and insisted on marrying Chi Heng.

If she could enter the palace, wouldn’t you be able to enjoy your life in endless glory, wealth, and status?

Yes……That was who I was at that time, how ridiculous.

What use was glory, status, and wealth?

If I could be with the one that I loved, even if it was living in seclusion in the mountains, even if it was working all day and night, I would be happy.

Of course, that realization came a bit too late.

I always regretted that the fate between us was a bit lacking.  If I had a crush on you first, then it wouldn’t have believed in love at first sight.

In the imperial gardens, my heart throbbed.

The me at the time didn’t understand that throbbing.  As soon as I thought about it, I said that you were a maid of my sister’s palace and went with the flow.

I never thought that I would be such a person, calculating things like this.

She often said that I was disciplined and cautious, but I wasn’t this kind of person.

Actually……I cared about things more than she thought, but she didn’t know.

The first time that I talked to her was because of my sister’s child’s death.  Actually, I had felt that something was wrong at first, but I couldn’t explain why.

She was very smart.  She wasn’t like a maid, but a witch that could see through people’s hearts.

There were many times where I didn’t dare look into her eyes or get too close.  I was always afraid that my heart beating fast would be heard by her in the silent night.

That heart seemed to be telling her how much I loved her.

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