Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2925: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 33)

Concubine Rou was surprised.  Her eyes filled with confusion as she looked at Feng Yu, “How does the emperor know this?”

Feng Yu’s dark eyes suddenly lit up.  The person who had saved him at the Clear Light Temple was really someone under Concubine Rou.

“This one wants to see her.”  Feng Yu’s eyes were filled with desire as his deep eyes seemed to burn with flames of passion.

Concubine Rou trembled before quickly saying, “This is the property of the Song Family.  Other than my mother, Nan Mo also has one.”

She didn’t dare lie to the emperor.  The emperor was already familiar with this jade pendant when he asked this, so it would be found out if she lied to the emperor.”

“Nan Mo?”  Feng Yu narrowed his eyes, “Du San Bao, return to the Supreme Hall and call Song Nan Mo into the palace.”

Eunuch Du quickly replied, “Returning to the Supreme Hall.”

“Emperor……what is this?”  Concubine Rou nervously looked at Feng Yu as she asked, “Could it be that Nan Mo has done something wrong……”

Guessing the heart of the emperor was a skill that was necessary for concubines of the harem.  Concubine Rou could see from Feng Yu’s eyes that they were filled with flames.

As for the reason why, she couldn’t guess.

But she knew that Song Nan Mo had given this jade pendant to Luo Qing Chen and wanted to be with her for the rest of his life.

Now……just what was happening……

“The harem isn’t allowed to interfere in politics.  Concubine Rou should know that there are certainly things that can’t be asked.”  Feng Yu looked at her and said, “This one will come see you another day.”


Feng Yu didn’t turn back as he walked out of the Righteous Declaration Palace.

Feng Yu wouldn’t mistake it.  The jade pendant that she had that day was almost the exact same as the one that Concubine Rou had.

But the letter on the jade pendant was different.  Why was Song Nan Mo’s jade pendant on her……

Sitting at the desk in the Supreme Hall, Feng Yu kept thinking about some things and couldn’t let them go for a long time.

He didn’t know what was wrong with him, but he felt some things lingering in his mind.

It made him dull, anxious, and he found it a bit hard to breathe.

“This subordinate greets the emperor.”

Song Nan Mo felt that the atmosphere in the Supreme Hall was unusually solemn when he arrived.  The emperor had never summoned him to the palace this late before.

Unless……it was something very important.

“No need to be courteous,.”  Feng Yu raised his right hand and said, “Sit.”

Song Nan Mo still gave a polite bow as he said, “Thank you, emperor.”

“This one just came back from your sister’s and saw that she had a very particular jade pendant.”  Feng Yu looked at Song Nan Mo and asked in a questioning voice, “Concubine Rou told this one that you also had a jade pendant like this.  Is this true?”

“Reporting to the emperor……”  Song Nan Mo softly said, “This is indeed the case.  It was this subordinate’s mother who gave one to this subordinate and this subordinate’s sister.”

Song Nan Mo could tell that Feng Yu’s every word was testing him, but he didn’t know what he was testing him on.

Could it be……

“This one has seen you wearing that jade pendant before……”  He paused as a sharp glow appeared in his eyes, “But recently, this one hasn’t seen you wearing it.”

Song Nan Mo slightly knitted his brows before kneeling down to say, “This subordinate gave it to someone else.  Did something happen to the emperor?”

Feng Yu saw how nervous Song Nan Mo was and the flames in his eyes burned even brighter.

Could it be that the girl who saved him was related to Song Nan Mo?

“If this one told you that the one who you gave the jade pendant to was related to this one’s assassination, what would you say?”

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