Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2926: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 34)

Song Nan Mo’s face instantly turned pale.  He quickly said, “I ask the emperor to understand, she……she could never try to assassinate the emperor.”

Song Nan Mo knew better than anyone what kind of person Luo Qing Chen was.

She was very smart and thorough.  She would always be very calm no matter what kind of danger she faced.  She had no reason to kill the emperor and it was even more impossible for her to commit treason.

Feng Yu looked over Song Nan Mo, “You seem to know very clearly whether she attacked this one or not?


“What is your relationship with her?”  Feng Yu was very direct.  In this big world, he was the emperor.  There was nothing that he couldn’t obtain and nothing he would be obsessed over.

And today, he really wanted to ask this.

That woman who had fought off twenty black clothed men along with a sword in hand, that woman who had saved his life, just who was she?

What was her relationship with Song Nan Mo?

“Reporting to the emperor.”  Song Nan Mo took a deep breath and said, “She is the one in Nan Mo’s heart.  This subordinate wanted to wait until the emperor’s birthday to ask you to marry her.”

Feng Yu felt his head buzz and go blank.

He never thought that Song Nan Mo would be this direct.  The one in his heart…..why did it sound a bit ridiculous?

“This one saw the jade pendant on the night of the assassination.”  Feng Yu looked at Song Nan Mo and said, “Do you dare guarantee that this has nothing to do with her?”

“Emperor.”  Song Nan Mo gritted his teeth and said each word with force, “This subordinate dares to use his life to guarantee that Qing Chen had nothing to do with this.”

Qing Chen, Qing Chen, Qing Chen……

So that was her name and Song Nan Mo said it without her surname, which meant that the two of them were quite close.

“This one knows.  You can leave now.”


Feng Yu didn’t say anything else.  Eunuch Du on the side gave him a look and he shook his head.

The eunuch that was by the emperor’s side was the best at guessing his thoughts.

Since there were some words that the emperor didn’t want to hear, there was no need to say them.

“This subordinate is leaving.”

At the same time, the Righteous Declaration Palace.

Concubine Rou called Luo Qing Chen and told her what happened tonight.

“This one knows that Nan Mo gave you the jade pendant a long time ago.”  Concubine Rou gave a sigh, “He is a very obsessed person and definitely won’t change his mind once he falls in love with someone.  He told me that no matter what happens in the future, he wouldn’t take multiple wives and concubines.  He is a pure hearted person that will only take a single sip out of three thousand wines.”

“Concubine……”  Luo Qing Chen lowered her head a bit and said, “This servant knows that her status does not match Sir Song’s……”

Luo Qing Chen showed that she had some self awareness.  What status Song Nan Mo had and what status she had.

She naturally knew that they were not a match.

Although it was not difficult for her to have anything, she had to acknowledge the status that the system gave her in this world.

There were some things that had to be done step by step, only then would one be able to enjoy the scenery.

“It isn’t like this……”  Concubine Rou shook her head, “Actually, that silly boy already told me what happened between you two.  Your identity is given to you by others, it isn’t hard for this one to ask the emperor for a better status.  Even if you can’t reach the upper three ranks, you can still reach the middle three ranks.”

“Concubine Rou……”

“But the emperor suddenly came and asked about the jade pendant.  This one has been in the palace for many years and has never seen the emperor so agitated.”  Concubine Rou patted the back of Luo Qing Chen’s hand and said, “Be honest with this one, have you met the emperor or offended him in some way…...Or did you…..leave a deep impression in his heart?”

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