Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2924: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 32)

Concubine Rou put her right hand on her forehead and waved her left hand, “You leave first and let sister think about it.”

At the same time, in the Supreme Hall.

Eunuch Du reported, “This servant has already investigated everything about that girl that the emperor wanted me to find.  This servant has already checked all of the maids or harems girls in the harem.  That day……no one left the palace.”

“Impossible.”  Feng Yu slightly knitted his brows, “She was definitely from the harem.  Are you certain that all of the harem girls were accounted for?”

“Unless it’s one of the maids of the four concubines who left this palace, this servant can’t check those records.”  Eunuch Du said, “Do you think that it’s possible that she’s one of the young misses from the noble families?”

“Impossible, this person was definitely from the harem and couldn't have been a maid from the empress’ Flying Flower Palace.”  Feng Yu thought about it before saying, “She asked for the carpet from this one to prove Concubine Rou’s innocence, so this person must be close to Concubine Rou or even……”

“Has the emperor thought of something?”

“She might even be from the Righteous Declaration Palace.”  Feng Yu looked out the window as his deep eyes narrowed, “Go to the Righteous Declaration Palace.”

“Yes, emperor.”


This was the first snow after winter came.  Concubine Rou slowly stood up and opened the box by the bed.

There was a jade pendant in the box with a large character on it, Rou.

She didn’t give this jade pendant to Feng Yu.  She told herself that the emperor had everything and didn’t need this jade pendant of hers.

But in truth……

This jade pendant was her last obsession.

Entering the palace as a concubine was not her choice, but to stabilize the Song Family’s position in court.  The Song Family sent her to the palace and presented her as a gift to the emperor.

“Ai.”  Without knowing how long passed, she leaned over and held the jade pendant.  She gave a deep sigh and said, “Do you think that I should do my best to make Nan Mo happy?  At least one person in the Song Family should have their dream.”

“What is Concubine Rou doing?”  A cold and majestic voice slowly rang out behind her.

Concubine Rou trembled before the jade pendant fell to the ground.

“This concubine greets the emperor.”  Her face was covered in shock and she didn’t even dare reach for the jade pendant on the ground.

“Concubine Rou’s body hasn’t recovered yet, so just sit down.”  Feng Yu’s eyes fell onto the jade pendant and there was a sharp glow that appeared in his deep eyes.

“This jade pendant.”  The emperor was about to reach out for the jade pendant, but Concubine Rou was faster as she quickly said, “It’s just some trivial thing, this concubine will put it away.”

“Wait.”  Feng Yu stopped her, “Why is Concubine Rou so nervous?  Give this jade pendant to this one to see.”

“Emperor……”  Concubine Rou took a deep breath before giving a gulp, “Yes.”

When she handed the jade pendant to the emperor, she felt less nervous in her heart.

After all, the one that she wanted to give the jade pendant to was no longer around.

“Rou.”  Feng Yu narrowed his eyes and began to recall the scene from the cave that night.

The jade pendant was the same as the one in his hand, but the jade pendant……had a different word on it.  It was ‘Mo’.

“Reporting to the emperor, this was what this concubine’s mother gave her when she entered the palace.”  Concubine Rou sat straight up and said, “It’s just a small jade pendant, why is the emperor so interested?”

“This jade pendant, is there another one?”

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