Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2827: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 39)

When he said this, even he was stunned.

He clearly needed to stay away, but he couldn’t stop himself from approaching her at this moment.

As for who can’t let go, he already laughed at himself in his heart many times.

After all, he could deceive everyone, but he couldn’t deceive himself.

It suddenly fell silent.  There was only Gu Zhu’s face that turned red from embarrassment and the crowd watching carefully.

“Professor Su doesn’t need to speak up for me.”  In the end, it was Luo Qing Chen who relieved the situation.  She just gave a light shrug before giving an uncaring smile, “Because I don’t need it.”

Why should she accept Su Chen’s help?  No matter what the situation was, Su Chen was just a scumbag in her eyes.

He was the one that caused the death of the previous host in another world, that would never change.

“Ke, ke.”  Gu Zhu felt that her momentum was gone, so she quickly changed the topic, “Alright, that is your private matter.  But I heard that there are only a few spots to go to the desert this time.  Luo Qing Chen, with this level of skill, are you worthy of competing with talented people?”

After saying this, she didn’t forget to look at the boy with glasses who had sided with her earlier.

But this boy with glasses was already shaking on the side.

The reason was——

Five meters away from him, there was another man standing there.

He had a white dress shirt, a navy blue sweater, and a scarf around his neck.

It seemed not only casual, but also very noble.

Mu Li Chuan, the person that no one dared to offend in this Royal Academy.

Gu Zhu’s heart trembled, as what happened in the bar still vividly appeared in her mind.

Then there were the rumours about Luo Qing Chen and Mu Li Chuan that were still spreading across the school.

Whether they were true or not, at least one thing was certain for now.  Luo Qing Chen was indeed someone who stood by Mu Li Chuan's side for now.

She was unwilling, she really was unwilling.

Just why couldn’t she who had everything compare to a commoner who had nothing?

“Young master Li……”  Gu Zhu gritted her teeth before suddenly looking up, “I know that you and Luo Qing Chen might have a good relationship, but I also heard that there are only a few spots on the desert trip.  There are so many classes in the photography department and so many people want to go, so isn’t it unfair to others to give a spot to this person who has this level of skill?”

How powerful and righteous her words were, they were simply the embodiment of justice!

Mu Li Chuan coldly narrowed his eyes, “How is a layman like you qualified to judge the photos of our photography department?  Even if you don’t see what is special about this photo, that doesn’t mean that others can’t.”

“Actually……I can see a bit.”  The green haired boy who sat behind Luo Qing Chen used a magnifying glass to look at her photo before saying in a surprised voice, “Could it be……Could it be that it’s that photo?”

“Gu Zhu, what is with that panicked look?”  Lan Zhi who happened to be on the other side came over, “Don’t ruin Qing Chen’s photo!  I even prepared a tent for two people!”

Although she and Luo Qing Chen had only known each other for a while, she had heard her big sister talk to her about her and Su Chen.

She felt that Su Chen was wrong, but her big sister went against morals to say that he was right.

But in her eyes, that was very selfish.  So when she knew that Luo Qing Chen would transfer to her class, she took the initiative to become her deskmate.

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