Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2826: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 38)

Was there something wrong with their brains!  Why would they drag in someone unrelated when they were gossiping?

Wasn’t it weird hearing your name being brought up while they were gossiping like this?

Luo Qing Chen walked all the way down and it was only at the end that she saw her picture.

A blank picture.

Why was it a blank picture?

Did she make a mistake?  Or did someone swap out her picture?

She knitted her brows before finally remembering after two seconds of being in a daze.

Why this picture was blank.

But before she could explain to the teacher, some enemies appeared.

Gu Zhu, a math department student, actually came to see the pictures of their photography department.

There was no need to think to know that she was here to see her work.  Seeing her face that had a mocking look before she even said anything, it really made people want to beat her up.

But for someone like Gu Zhu, verbal pain would definitely leave a heavier mark on her heart.

Only, before it was her turn to hurt her, Gu Zhu spoke first.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, what is this?  A blank photo and you want to participate on the desert trip?  You really rolled out of the math department and into the photography department.”

Gu Zhu’s voice was still as sharp as ever, so everyone’s eyes all gathered on her.

Then their eyes all fell onto Luo Qing Chen’s photo.

Actually, one would find that it was a picture of snow if they looked closely, but looking from a distance made it seem like a blank photo.

“Although I can see that it’s a picture of snow, there really isn’t any technique in this.”  A certain boy wearing glasses pushed them up as he spoke in a proud voice.

Gu Zhu naturally followed up, “I’m right!  It’s a shame for this picture to be chosen and the person who took this photo really is shameless.”

The boy wearing glasses said, “I heard that she used to be in your math department?”

“That’s right.”  Gu Zhu gave a meaningful smile, “It’s a pity that her plan to seduce the professor failed and she changed targets.  She came to your department to target young master Li.”

“Ze, ze, ze.”  The boy wearing glasses gave a shrug before disdainfully narrowing his eyes to look at Luo Qing Chen, “You really are a slut.”

“This student, you can eat all you want, but you can’t speak nonsense.”  Su Chen’s voice slowly came from not far away, with a deep tone to it.

He was suppressing the anger in his heart, looking at Gu Zhu with sharp eyes.

“Professor Su……”  Gu Zhu was scared by this sudden voice, so she could only say while pursing her lips, “What I said was right……”

“Not a single word you said was correct.”  Gu Zhu really didn’t know what was wrong with him, it was as if he couldn’t suppress the anger in his heart anymore.

She never seduced him.  If they wanted to talk about initiative, he was the one that took the initiative.

When he was in America, he couldn’t control his emotions and charged out to save her.

Actually at that speed, if he didn’t charge out, she wouldn’t have been hurt.

But he did charge out and charged into her life like this.

To be good to her, to protect her, to make her fall in love with him.

But when she fell in love with him, he abandoned her so cruelly for his own selfish reasons.

Thinking about it now, he really wasn’t a good man.  In this situation, he couldn’t just turn a blind eye to people slandering her.

So Su Chen looked at Gu Zhu’s proud face and said word for word, “From the beginning, I was the one that approached her and she didn’t approach me.”

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