Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2825: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 37)

Pass on!  Pass on what!

She then came back to her senses.  They were childhood friends, so Mu Li Chuan’s home was in the same area as her villa.

The hand of Su Chen sitting next to them trembled as he held the teacup and his heart couldn’t help skipping a beat.

What was he caring about?  He didn’t know, but he kept thinking about all the things that happened when he was with her.

Again and again without going away.

“It’s not only your birthday today, but also Qing Yu’s birthday.”  Lan Ting opened a can of beer and took a sip, “She is my best friend, so I’ll give her a toast first.”

When Su Chen heard the two words ‘Qing Yu’, he came back to his senses.

That’s right!  He had the same birthday as her.  The first time that he met Qing Yu was beacuse they had the same birthday.

It was at a celebration at a cafe where they had both chosen the four numbers 1212 as their lucky numbers.

They had looked at each other with smiles.

They had fallen in love at first sight.

Su Chen also picked up a can of beer and opened it before taking two big gulps, “So I don’t like celebrating my birthday.”

“Don’t think too much about it.  Since we’re out, we should enjoy ourselves!”  Lan Ting raised the can of beer and said with a sweet smile, “Happy birthday.”

Su Chen gave a slight nod, “Thank you.”

The smell of beef hot pot came from not far away and he couldn’t hear the voices from Luo Qing Chen’s side anymore.

At the same time, Mu Li Chuan was swirling some lamb meat as he looked at her to say, “It seems like you’ve really grown up, you don’t even remember his birthday.”

“I do remember.”  Luo Qing Chen ate some salmon, “It’s just that I don’t care.”

There were some people that would slowly disappear with time.  It seemed that as long as she didn’t go out of her way to remember, she didn’t even remember what he looked like.

A very full dinner.

When they left, Su Chen and Lan Ting were still there.  She had ordered a cake for him and there were candles on that cake.

If Su Chen hadn’t done those things to hurt the previous host, she might have been interested to hear the story between him and An Qing Yu.


Since meeting that night at the izakaya, Luo Qing Chen never saw Su Chen again.

It snowed a few times at school and the weather of A City became colder.

The photography department started their biggest event, the desert trip.

The entire department wanted to participate and every class only had ten spots.

Every student chose their best picture and showed it to everyone.

All the teachers of the department would vote to choose the best students to go on the desert trip.

When all the pictures were hung up, it was revealed to everyone under the sun.

It was obvious who had talent with a single glance.

For example, Mu Li Chuan.

But there were some pictures that were more abstract and special, so not everyone could understand them.

For example, Luo Qing Chen.

Mu Li Chuan’s picture was of an avalanche happening at the top of a mountain.  If she didn’t see this picture, then she never would have thought that a person like Mu Li Chuan would go to such a dangerous place.

He really loved photography and used his life for it.

“Young master Li truly is amazing!  He really is the absolute rich second generation!”

“Ah, I feel the same!  This old man’s young girl’s heart.  There have been many girls by his side, when will it be my turn!”

“Dreams are beautiful, but reality is different from dreams.”

“Damn!  Why is father so envious of Luo Qing Chen.  No, it’s not envy, it’s jealousy!”

When the discussions ramped up, Luo Qing Chen could hear people mentioning her name……

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