Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2828: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 40)

“I think that the teacher who developed the pictures didn’t see Qing Chen’s comments.”  Mu Li Chuan took off his cap and put it on her head before saying with a smile, “The resolution for this picture is completely wrong.”

Actually, although she admitted that Mu Li Chuan was very intelligent.

In all these worlds, which male lead wasn’t intelligent?

But when he said these words with such certainty, she was still surprised.

Everyone looked at each other with confused looks in their eyes.

Luo Qing Chen seriously looked at Mu Li Chuan and couldn’t help revealing a smile.

This feeling was very good.  Everyone doubting him wasn’t important at all, as long as the people understood her, that was enough.

Perhaps it was because of the indifferent look on Luo Qing Chen’s face that didn’t change or the confident and proud look that Mu Li Chuan had, Gu Zhu started panicking a bit.

Could it be that there really was something mysterious about the seemingly blank picture?

“What does young master Li mean?  Could it be that there’s something that we can’t see in this picture?”

“I feel like there should be!  Otherwise the green haired boy wouldn’t have used the magnifying glass on it.  The more he looked at it, the more excited he was.”

“Then why can’t we see anything?  Could it be that there’s some strange principle where we have to use the magnifying glass to see it?”


“I’m sorry……”  An unfamiliar voice cut through the discussion of the crowd.

She walked over to Luo Qing Chen’s picture and hung another one up beside it.

This picture gave a completely different feel from the first picture.  This second picture was the one that made people’s eyes light up.

On the snow capped mountains, the snow reached all the way to the sea in a column.  Where the ice went, the marine life was frozen to death.  This kind of natural phenomenon was known as a death icicle.

But there were few people that had seen death icicles in this world, let alone taken a picture of it.

Normally speaking, this phenomenon only lasted around three seconds.  When Luo Qing Chen adjusted the focus and pressed the shutter, it was already freezing outside.

So the light refracted in her camera was different.  If one wanted to see the death icicle completely, they had to zoom in the picture and widen it.

Not only could you see the death icicle reaching into the sea, you could also see the fish and shrimp frozen in the death icicle.

When Luo Qing Chen submitted this photo, she had told the teacher that it had to be magnified when developed.

It was a pity that the teacher had completely forgotten this matter.

And who else would stand up but……Mu Li Chuan.

He could have felt the difference the moment that he saw the picture, he should have reacted at the same time as Luo Qing Chen.

While Luo Qing Chen was standing there listening to the crowd, he went to find the teacher and asked the teacher to magnify it by three times.

The result was like heaven and earth compared to the snow white of before.

“Wa!  So amazing.  What is this scene, why don’t I know about this……”

“I also don’t know.  Could it be manmade?!”

“Based on the cohesion and clarity, it shouldn’t be synthesized.  Moreover, does anyone know what it is?”

“Actually, I know.”  Lan Zhi knitted her brows as she said in a calm voice, “This should be a natural phenomenon that happens at the north and south poles.  It forms when the temperature drops to a certain level and the salt in the seawater precipitates, which causes the seawater to freeze, extending towards the bottom of the sea in a column shape.”

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