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Chapter 2807: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 19)

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Returning to the dorm, Luo Qing Chen received a text from the academic office after taking a shower.

The transfer application had been approved.  She could go to the academic office tomorrow morning to collect the items she needed for the department transfer.

Luo Qing Chen looked at the time.  It was already past nine, so she planned on going to sleep after drying her hair.

But she never thought that Fat Tiger would receive a call that gave her no time to sleep,

“Qing Chen, Qing Chen, what should I do?  My big brother was caught by the people at the ‘Muse’ bar.”  Fat Tiger was very worried as her face turned pale.

Her heart was already bad and the voice on the phone had been very loud and rough, so she must have been scared.

“Muse?”  Luo Qing Chen slightly knitted her brows.  It was the most famous high end bar in all of A City.

Although she had never been there, she knew quite a bit about the world of rich people.

The bar at Muse would be a million per night.  There were many rich second generations that went there to drink or to pick up girls.

Moreover, Muse was one of the properties under the Luo Family.  It seemed to be owned by the previous host’s mother……It was a bar that had been casually opened by her mother to taste wine from all over the world.

It was only a wine store for her, but she never thought that it would turn into one of A City’s hotspots, a place for the rich to squander money.

The little chubby girl was only a commoner, so why was her big brother at a place like Muse?

“Why was your big brother at a place like Muse?”  Luo Qing Chen blew her hair a bit before changing her clothes, “Is it your blood related big brother?”

“Yes!  It’s my blood related big brother……”  Fat Tiger was choking up in tears as she changed her clothes, “Big brother is very good to me.  Our family conditions aren’t good, so to let me go to a good school, big brother dropped out of school early to go work.”

“You’re saying that he isn’t at Muse to spend money, but to work there?”  Luo Qing Chen put her phone in her pocket and asked, “Did the people on the phone say anything just now?”

Although they had shouted very loudly, she couldn’t hear them clearly on the phone.

“They seemed to want me to bring money……But I……Where would I have money……”  Fat Tiger held her bank card in her hand, “Even if you add up all the pocket money that I saved from skimping on snacks over the past few months, it’s only two thousand……”

Luo Qing Chen slightly knitted her as a dim glow appeared in her eyes.

In the memories of the previous host, Fat Tiger was a very frugal girl.  Other than the money she had to spend on class, she basically never spent an extra dollar.

When she went to the cafeteria to eat each day, she would look at the braised pork for a long time, but she would only reluctantly order a small portion.

But taking a thousand steps back, the money she paid in class was a large amount.

It was five hundred a month.  The girls with Gu Zhu at the core would buy a bunch of snacks and drinks with it that they would put in a small fridge at the back of class.

But commoners like them weren’t even qualified to touch that fridge, not to mention having a drink or eating a snack.

But if they didn’t hand it over, it was unknown how Gu Zhu and those fellows would treat her.

So Fat Tiger didn’t waste much money on herself each month and spent quite a bit paying those fees.

“Don’t worry, I have money.”  Luo Qing Chen took the keys to their dorm, “Let’s go and see what the situation is.  If we really need to pay, we’ll pay.  If someone is causing trouble…..then that’s a different story.”

“Is that place……far from here?”

“It’s not far, it should be ten minutes by taxi.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at the clock on the wall, “Let’s not dawdle, let’s go.”

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