Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2806: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 18)

Luo Qing Chen helped Fat Tiger off the ground and patted the dust off her, “Let’s go!  I’ll take you to eat something delicious……”

“I…...Qing Chen……We’re still alive!”  Her voice was trembling still.  She was still thinking of when Wang Bing took out the small knife and when the crew cut in glasses had thrown the brick.

For a moment, she almost thought that she would die today.

It was a good thing that nothing had happened.

It was a good thing that it was a miss.

“Relax, we’re still alive.”  Luo Qing Chen gently patted her back before walking towards the parking lot.

She knew that Su Chen and Lan Ting were standing not far away, but she didn’t even look at them from the corner of her eyes.

There were some people who were destined to never make waves in her life, they would forever be gone.

The last rays of the setting sun slowly disappeared and the lights of the campus turned on.

Su Chen watched Luo Qing Chen’s back for a long time, but he never called out her name.

He was the same as before.  No……he was even more confused than before.

Because he found that he didn’t know what he wanted even more.  What he did know was that he didn’t like this feeling, he didn’t like this feeling at all.

“Su Chen, were you going to save her?”  Lan Ting bit her lip as she said this in a careful voice.  It felt like her heart was being crushed by a large stone and she couldn’t breathe.

“Lan Ting.”  Su Chen clenched his fists and roared in a low voice, “She is my student, why shouldn’t I save her?  Do you know how despicable your actions were just now?”

“I……”  She took a deep breath.  With tears in her eyes, she bit her lip and said, “Did you want to save her because she was your student or because she was your ex?  Su Chen, don’t you think that you are letting Qing Yu down like this?”

Whenever she felt that she couldn’t hold Su Chen down anymore, she would always bring out An Qing Yu.

The three words that she hated the most in the past had become her greatest weapon now.

“Do you know how kind An Qing Yu was?”  Su Chen gave a cold laugh, “She was the kind of person who told her parents at a young age that if she ever died, she wanted her organs to be donated to people in need.”

He loved An Qing Yu, her smile, her kindness.

She was different from the other girls who would laze around or go shopping on weekends.

She would go to a shelter or an orphanage in her spare time.  She wanted to do more with her abilities.

It was a pity that this girl didn’t have a good ending.

“Why are you talking about this……”  Lan Ting pursed her lips, “I’m asking you if there’s someone else in your heart other than Qing Yu.”

The repeated questions were because she wanted to know a certain answer.

She wanted Su Chen to clearly tell her if he only loved An Qing Yu after all of these years.

Because that way, she only needed to compare to a dead person.

Because that way, she still had a chance.

“Humph.”  Su Chen gave a cold laugh, “Perhaps there is only Qing Yu in my heart, perhaps there’s someone else.  But……it definitely doesn’t have you.”

“You……”  Lan Ting saw the cold and determined eyes that he had and her face turned pale.

Such cruel and heartless words……

“It will never have you.”  There was no light in Su Chen’s deep eyes.  Other than coldness, there was only coldness.

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