Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2808: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 20)

Since Muse opened up in A City, there were many small bars that opened up beside Muse that had decent business.

The entire street had changed its name from Northwest Street to a more elegant and literary name, Moonlight Street.

The waning moonlight, charming and making people drunk.

“Little girl, you should be careful going to Moonlight Street this late!”  The driver was a middle aged uncle who was showing his watch while reminding them to be careful.

“Un, it’s fine.”  Luo Qing Chen chuckled, “We’re going to pick up a friend.”

As soon as they turned the street to Moonlight Street, the bright lights filled their eyes.  There was also the various smell of alcohol that filled the air.

It was as if just by taking a few breaths, you would feel a bit drunk which wasn’t bad.

The driver stopped fifty meters in front of Muse before saying to them, “Cars like ours can only stop here and not in front of Muse, only those expensive cars costing more than a million can stop there.”

“Un, thank you, master.”

Luo Qing Chen scanned the QR code to pay before pulling Fat Tiger out of the car.  Her head was down and she was still very scared.  She was tightly holding the card that had two thousand in it from her saving money.

“Do you believe me?”  Luo Qing Chen patted her head like a big sister to comfort her, “Just with the scene of me beating up that gang at school should be enough for you to trust me!”

Fat Tiger slowly looked up.  The colourful lights fell onto Luo Qing Chen’s face, lighting it up.  That fair skin, the spirited eyes, the curly hair.

She seemed to be……so beautiful that she was glowing.

Fat Tiger felt like she was under a spell and could only give a desperate nod as she said, “I believe!  I believe in you.”

Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug before heading towards Muse with a laugh.

Suddenly, she felt that the timing of her arrival in this world wasn’t that bad.

At least she could save Fat Tiger, at least she could see Mu Li Chuan as soon as she arrived.

At the same time, in a Nissan car parked not far away, it was no one else other than Su Chen.

Since he left school, he hadn’t been able to find peace for a long time.

Anxiety, restlessness, annoyance, and unwillingness……

All these negative feelings filled his heart all day and he couldn’t get rid of them no matter what he did.

So he decided to go to a small bar on Moonlight Street for a few drinks after dinner.

He never thought that he would actually run into Luo Qing Chen here.

What was she doing here?

Su Chen narrowed his eyes and fixed them onto the girl across the street.

She shouldn’t like doing these kinds of things.  Could it be that his indifferent actions today had hurt her?

Why was it that while he told himself that it was for the better, it was him and not her who couldn’t let go in the end?

Su Chen closed his eyes and parked by the side of the road before heading over.

Cars that weren’t worth millions couldn’t park within fifty meters of Muse.  Although he didn’t often come to Moonlight Street, he still knew this.

When he crossed the street, he saw her stop at the entrance of Muse.

Su Chen was a bit surprised.  If she was here drinking because of a bad mood, why was she going to Muse?

Moreover, it seemed like her roommate was following her.

Two girls going into Muse so late at night, it really was disturbing…...

“Stop.”  When Luo Qing Chen was on the steps into Muse, the security guard quickly stopped them.  He looked over them through the tinted sunglasses and said, “This isn’t a place for students like you.  If you want to pretend to be mature, go next door.”

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