Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2801: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 13)

Lan Ting never thought that Su Chen would arrive.  She also never thought that when she turned around, Luo Qing Chen would already walk off without even looking back once.

Her eyes didn’t even stay on Su Chen for a second.  It was as if he was someone that she didn’t want to look at, like he was a stranger.

“Su Chen, I……”  Lan Ting came forward and nervously looked at Su Chen.

She didn’t know why he was here, but she knew that since he was this close, he must have heard her conversation with Luo Qing Chen.

“She……didn’t say anything?”  Su Chen didn’t ask her why she looked for Luo Qing Chen, but rather he asked if that girl named Luo Qing Chen said anything.

Lan Ting was stunned as she suddenly felt a sinking feeling in her heart.

Because she could clearly see a bit of loss in Su Chen’s eyes.  It wasn’t blame towards her, but disappointment.

“You should have heard everything that she said.”  Lan Ting revealed a smile, “I actually……thought that she wouldn’t be able to think it through, so I told her the truth.  That way she would be able to get over it sooner, don’t you think?”

She did her best to conceal her true goal, to make herself seem more perfect in Su Chen’s eyes.

“Yes.”  Su Chen gave a laugh like he was laughing at himself, “I heard everything.”

Actually, he hadn’t just heard everything, he also saw everything.  He saw that calm look on her face and the indifference in her clear eyes.

There was a feeling of unwillingness in his heart which made him feel an inexplicable feeling.

“You…..are sad?”  Lan Ting tentatively asked, not daring to say anything else.

Why?  Why did the look Su Chen give her seem like he cared very much about Luo Qing Chen?

He cared about her gaze, her words, as if her indifferent tone and look had deeply hurt him.

Why did he reveal this look of pain?  He shouldn’t have this kind of look……

“No.”  Su Chen narrowed his eyes and forcefully suppressed the feelings in his heart.  He looked at Lan Ting and said, “The matter between me and her should be me feeling sorry for her.  Don’t go looking for her and don’t cause her any trouble.”

Since he couldn’t be by her side, he didn’t want to change her life any more.

She was only eighteen years old, it was when her youth and passion should glow.

His ruthlessness shouldn’t affect her youth.

But…...why did he feel uncomfortable?

There was a twist in his heart like the image around just now kept playing in his mind.

Again and……again.

Suddenly, he didn’t even know what he wanted.

“......”  Lan Ting was a bit speechless before pouting her lips in an arrogant manner, “I got it.”

Actually, she knew in her heart that even if she didn’t cause trouble for Luo Qing Chen, there would be others in their class who would.

For example, Gu Zhu.

With how Luo Qing Chen treated Gu Zhu in the morning, Gu Zhu would take it to heart.  She would have already thought of a way to deal with her.

There was one place in the Royal Academy that was considered a bad place, it was the bicycle parking lot that was far away from the teaching building.

It was twenty minutes to go from there to the classrooms and there weren’t many people who rode bicycles in this school.

After class, Luo Qing Chen and Fat Tiger went to the parking lot.

But they were stopped.

“Humph, you want to get away safely after bullying Queen Zhu?  Aren’t you thinking a bit too beautifully?”  The boy in the middle gave a cold snort as he looked at Luo Qing Chen and Fat Tiger with sharp eyes.

He was called Wang Bing.  He had loved Gu Zhu for many years and had done many stupid things for her.

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