Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2802: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 14)

The sun fell onto her clean face.  The cherry blossoms on the sides of the path swayed in the wind and pink cherry blossoms floated down.

This atmosphere was more suited for a lovers’ walk and not……a fight.

But she couldn’t do anything.  She was the one defending, so it couldn’t be blamed on her for ruining this beautiful scene.

Although there weren’t many people around, there also wasn’t a lack of people.

But when they saw Wang Bing and his scattered followers, they all kept a distance of at least ten meters.  Then they took out their phones to take photos while watching the fun.

“Bing……Big brother Bing……We can talk this out……”  Fat Tiger’s legs were already trembling and she almost knelt down.

It had to be said that her mentality really was bad!

“Talk this out?  Why didn’t you talk it out with Queen Zhu this morning?”  Wang Bing spat his gum on the ground, “Isn’t it too late to beg for mercy now?”

At that moment, several of the followers behind him took a step forward, trying to show off their presence.

Luo Qing Chen coldly narrowed her eyes.  She took out the umbrella that Fat Tiger gave her this morning with her right hand.

An umbrella covered in feathers with an otaku feel that also let off a faint fragrance.

This umbrella had been soaking in a pool of blood in another world.  Since she had a chance to do this again, why couldn’t she use the umbrella?

Not to mention, it was her birthday present.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!  Aiyo, are you an idiot?  Are you planning on cosplaying with that otaku umbrella?”

“Truly a fool.  Is this kind of woman worthy of talking back to Queen Zhu?”

“She’s quite pretty, but is there something wrong with her brain?”

“How about you beg for mercy?  You can kowtow to Queen Zhu and then become this young master’s woman.  Perhaps you might be able to avoid a severe beating?”


The taunting words filled her ears, but her expression was as indifferent as before.  Only Fat Tiger beside her was so scared that she almost broke out in tears.

Although she was often bullied in class, this was her first time being in a fight like this.

As a person with a weak heart, it really was hard for her.

“What’s the point of all this chatter?  Does a bunch of men only know how to talk?”  Luo Qing Chen coldly looked up and revealed a faint smile, “All of you come already!”

She hated people who wasted words before a fight.  Especially those that had no skills, but liked to brag to the heavens.

Don’t these people think about the things that they do?  They watched too many movies and wanted to be someone who was young and dangerous.

“Si!”  The surrounding crowd took a cold breath.

They thought that Luo Qing Chen would run away and try to find a way to find a teacher, but they never thought that she would directly confront them.

Could it be that this person really wanted to be beaten up?

There were more and more spectators gathering.  So when she incited Wang Bing like this, his face turned completely red.

He thought that he was the big brother in school.  His father was only a gangster that had suddenly broken out one day.

With a father that walked the light and dark path, he thought that he was very powerful.

He wasn’t absent from fights and the teachers couldn’t do anything to him.

Of course, the most important thing was that a certain young master wasn’t at school right now.

Otherwise, he would lower his head when he met him and would consciously move out of the way.

But that didn’t mean that anyone could talk to him like this.  Was this person named Luo Qing Chen tired of living?

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