Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2800: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 12)

At two in the afternoon, Luo Qing Chen came to the southern courtyard while casually drinking some yogurt.

Because there was class right in the afternoon, there wasn’t any equipment on the courtyard.

Looking in the distance, there was only a single class that was there and it was far from where Lan Ting was.

Luo Qing Chen sipped the thick yogurt and put her left hand in her pocket before heading in Lan Ting’s direction.

Her expression wasn’t good, most likely because she was in a bad mood from waiting too long.

But this unpleasant feeling disappeared as soon as she saw Luo Qing Chen.

Because she knew that what she would say next would definitely make the girl in front of her miserable.

Lan Ting crossed her arms and looked at her with the attitude of a school flower, “It’s our first time meeting, classmate Luo Qing Chen.”

“Speak if you have something to say.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a yawn and said, “Don’t waste everyone’s time.”

Her eyes were calm, but there was a strange coldness to her voice.

Lan Ting knitted her brows, “You and Su Chen don’t have a future, don’t obsess over it.”

“Don’t I already know that?”  Luo Qing Chen slowly looked up and revealed a cold smile, “We’ve already broken up.”

Lan Ting trembled when she heard this.  This was different from what she imagined.

Shouldn’t this girl in front of her panic and then desperately ask her for the reason?

She wanted to see this scene, she wanted to see her pained and wild expression because she was jealous of her in a certain way……

She was jealous that she could stay with Su Chen for a year, jealous that she was able to receive his love.

So the bloodier the truth, the more she couldn’t wait to tell her.

Then she would be able to feel joy in her heart from seeing her lost and pained expression.

It was a pity that she never expected Luo Qing Chen to not show any sign of pain, rather she looked like she didn’t care.

This expression made her feel anger in her heart.

She bit her lip and looked down at her as she coldly said, “He doesn’t love you, the person that he loved already died three…..no four years ago in a car crash.  He thought that the heart of the person that he loved was in your body, but that wasn’t the case.”

Her every word was forceful, like she was a cold executioner that wanted to cut out this person’s heart.

These words had appeared the same in the previous host’s world and she had pushed her into the endless darkness in this cruel way.

It was a pity that these words didn’t hurt her at all.

“Oh.”  Luo Qing Chen pretended to give an understanding nod, “But we’ve already broken up, so what’s the point of telling me this now?”

It was probably because she was so indifferent that Lan Ting was very flustered.

“You……”  Lan Ting gave a cold laugh, “Don’t pretend, it’s impossible for you to not care about Su Chen.  Just cry if you feel sad, why are you torturing yourself?”

“He, he.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a cold laugh with a calm look, “Who do you think is torturing themselves more right now?”

“Luo Qing Chen, you……”

She took a big sip of her yogurt before looking at Lan Ting with a calm look, “I’m going to class.  If you want to talk about something, talk with professor Su Chen alone.”

As soon as her voice fell, she pointed not far away behind Lan Ting.  Standing there was a young man in a clean suit with deep eyes.

The young man that this body had loved so much before.

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