Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2799: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 11)

“Ai, this classmate.”


A handsome boy walked over to their table and as soon as he spoke, Fat Tiger retreated with a shriek.

“Do you need something?”  Luo Qing Chen calmly looked up with eyes that were filled with coldness.

Actually, she knew why this young man was looking for her.

Because this scene had also appeared in the memories of the previous host.

“Miss Lan Ting wants you to go to the south courtyard.  She wants to talk to you about professor Su Chen, she can give you the answers you want.”

The previous host should have felt very complicated at that time.  Su Chen had broken up with her without any warning and crushed all her fairy tales.

She didn’t know why and she was anxious to find out.

She vaguely remembered the previous host running to the southern courtyard.  But what waited for her wasn’t a redemption of love, but she had met the truth and the end of her life……


She didn’t need this answer.

But that didn’t mean that she wasn’t planning on going.  She would rise from where she  had died.

She didn’t care about Su Chen.

But that didn’t mean that she would let those that hurt her live comfortably.

“I got it.”  Luo Qing Chen continued eating her corn, “Let her wait a bit.  I’ll take a walk after I finish eating.”

The handsome boy was visibly surprised.  What Lan Ting had told him wasn’t the case.

She said that the girl would be very agitated and would run like she was crazy.

But the truth turned out to be that the girl was calmer than anyone else.  She didn’t show any signs of running like she was ‘crazy’.

“Alright……”  The boy looked a bit embarrassed.  It was hard for him to say anything else, so he left the cafeteria.

Luo Qing Chen looked up slightly at Fat Tiger, “Little fatty, go and find someone in the math research lab.”

“You’re talking about……Professor Su Chen?”  Fat Tiger naturally knew about her relationship with Su Chen, so she had been up late last night.  She was a bit worried and wanted to talk to her.

But she was in a good mood today which made her feel that she walked out of the shadow of broken love.

“Un, smart girl.”  Luo Qing Chen took a sip of her soup and said, “Have him come to the southern courtyard, just be honest.”

Fat Tiger looked at her with a bit of worry, “They are all upper class people, why don’t you not go?  I……I have a bad feeling about this.”

Fat Tiger was very scared, girls had this kind of sixth sense.  Moreover, her sixth sense today was very strong and kept lingering in her mind.

It had to be said that Fat Tiger’s premonitions were very accurate.

If it developed the same way as the previous host, there would be another tragic ending.

But she was not the previous host and she didn’t love Su Chen.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”  Luo Qing Chen said with a smile, “I’ve never fought an uncertain battle.”

Luo Qing Chen waited half an hour before going to the southern courtyard.  First, there was some distance between the southern courtyard and the math research lab, so it would take at least fifteen minutes to get there by walking as quickly as possible.  Then there was the time it would take for Fat Tiger to find Su Chen.

Second, it was right before class in half an hour, so there wouldn’t be as many onlookers.

She wasn’t sure if Fat Tiger would appear like in the previous host’s world, but to avoid accidents, it was best to have as few onlookers as possible.

Third, she wanted Lan Ting to wait!

She was a person with a ‘bad heart’, so she felt a certain kind of pleasure from making the people who she hated wait.

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