Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2771: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 43)

Fang Rou knitted her brows.  She took out a jade pendant and a letter from her sleeve, “I hope that you will agree to this favour after reading this letter.”

Feng Chen Yin knitted his brows that were ice cold.  There was a chill that came from him that froze everyone standing around him.

He couldn’t be more familiar with this jade pendant, it belonged to his big sister Gu Dai Xiang.

Three years ago in Magnet State, after the life and death battle, he never went to see Gu Dai Xiang again.

Or it could be said that he no longer cared about where she was, whether she was alive or not, or even if she would survive.

Because he regretted bringing Luo Qing Chen to Magnet State more than anyone.  If he wasn’t for her, she wouldn’t have died.

He, he……

He vowed to protect her and the end?  And then?

“Put the thing down.  If I go, I’ll go, if I don’t, I won’t.”  Feng Chen Yin narrowed his eyes, “Sect master Fang, please leave.”

Fang Rou’s heart was pressed down by a large stone.  He really didn’t want her to stay an extra second.

The letter wrote: Loving someone meant you wanted to be with them.  Even if you woke at sunrise and slept at sundown, you would be happy.

If you hated someone, even if you didn’t say it on the surface, you didn’t want to stay with them for a single second.

In the past, she thought that if there was no Luo Qing Chen or Gu Dai Xiang, she would be the closest person to Feng Chen Yin.

After all, he had once rescued her when she was in danger and he had traveled with her.

She would never forget this.  When he was with her, although his tone was calm, he had walked with her alone.

“I know.”  Without knowing how long passed, Fang Rou slowly looked up and said with tearful eyes, “Young master Feng, I know that we won’t meet again after this.  Fang Rou is really sorry about what happened in the past……In the place of that girl, I apologize to you now……”

She wanted a complete farewell because she didn’t know when they would meet again.

“No need.”  Feng Chen Yin looked over.  Seeing this tearful Fang Rou, his eyes didn’t have a single ripple in them as he said with cold and resolute eyes, “We don’t need it.”

Could it be that an apology could be exchanged for her life?

What’s the point if you couldn’t apologize?

There was no need for meaningless words.  They would always be the people he hated, that would never change.

This really was Fang Rou’s last time seeing Feng Chen Yin.  Even if she stood at the entrance of the hall and suffered, she didn’t receive a single word from Feng Chen Yin, or even……any care.

He was as cold as a mountain of ice.  Even if she died in front of him, his expression wouldn’t change.

After Fang Rou left, Feng Chen Yin slowly came forward to pick up the neatly folded letter.

The writing on the letter belonged to Gu Dai Xiang.  It had really been a long time since he had seen her writing.

There were four elegant letters on top: Big sister’s final words.

Feng Chen Yin didn’t feel any ripples in his heart from this person that he desperately tried to save before.

Her life and death wasn’t important to him at all right now.

What a joke…….He strangely felt that it was all laughable.

Perhaps it was because he had a most important person in his heart that there was no place for others.

Perhaps he couldn’t forgive Gu Dai Xiang for what she did three years ago even in death, causing him to lose his most important person.

The contents of the letter were very short, it was just a few words, but they confirmed…..her death.

It should have been a few days ago.  There was only Fang Rou by her side when she died.

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