Chapter 2772: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 44)

Shen Yin, when you read this, big sister will already be gone.

Actually, I know that you don’t care if I was alive or dead, but I’ve always been worried about you.

After I learned that you were in the Medicine King Valley, I was much more relieved.

It should be because of the red snow falling in Magnet State entering my skin that I was able to hold on for three years.

But I aged ten times faster than normal people, you wouldn’t believe it if you were to see me now.  I’ve already become an old woman.

In these three years, I didn’t see him again, but there wasn’t a moment where I didn’t miss him.

I wronged you and her, but if time could go back, I would still make the same decision.

I love him, as humbly as possible without asking for anything in return.  Even if I go to the eighteenth layer of hell and am never reborn, it doesn’t matter.

As long as he can live, I can endure everything.

I know that you miss her, but it’s already been all these years and I hope that you can let go.

Because I know better than anyone how painful it is clinging onto impossible things.

Miss Fang Rou has been taking good care of me over the years.  I know how she feels about you and if you can’t give her a response, just promise her to go to the palace.

If you can let it go, then treat her well……

You are luckier than big sister, you’ve met good people.

I’ve been tired these days and I can’t remember many things.  I should be dying, so you don’t need to come and see me.

I’ve wronged you in this life.  If there is a next life, I will repay you, dad……and that immortal medicine man.

July 11th, Gu Dai Xiang’s final words.


Feng Chen Yin burned the letter and the faint green smoke made his eyes a bit distracted.

“You think that you are the most obsessed person in the world, but that isn’t the case.”  He gave a cold laugh and then headed to the alchemy pavilion with a flick of his sleeve.

“Hero Long Yin.”  The two guards at the door quickly greeted him when they saw him approach, “Everything is progressing normally.”

“Un.”  He nodded and then headed in.

Everyone thought that he revived the Medicine King Valley because he wanted to be where that immortal medicine man once lived, so he could remember some things.

Actually, he was refining medicine men.

When the red snow fell, he left and then returned.

Letting the white snow float away, he kneeled down and picked up the red snow bit by bit.

The strange thing was that after the red snow was packed up, it didn’t melt.  It would gradually take the form of grains after a long time.

But the red snow couldn’t touch flames as it would burn away if it touched flames.

He studied countless medical techniques, becoming an even more powerful medicine god than Shen Qing Feng.

Building an alchemy pavilion and using red snow to refine medicine men.

Many people came to the Medicine King Valley asking for help over the years and he asked them if they were willing to become medicine men when they had no other choices.

The success rate wasn’t high, but those people didn’t have any hopes of living and agreed to Feng Chen Yin’s suggestion.

He used the red snow to refine medicine men over these three years.

He didn’t know what the results would be, he just knew that the condensed red snow was her soul.

Then he would forcefully keep her soul, no matter what method it was.  He wanted to meet her, even if she was a fool, a ghost, or a monster, it didn’t matter.

Everyone’s obsession was manifested in different ways.  Feng Chen Yin’s obsession became diseased.  Under that indifferent appearance, there was the heart of a devil.

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