Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2770: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 42)

Seeing Fang Rou again, she had changed from that pink and white skirt to a green skirt.

The long black hair was combed into a hairpin, looking much more mature and calm.

Over the years, Mount Emei had greatly changed.  The Red Sleeves Divine Nun was killed when she was hunting down an enemy and Fang Rou had to undertake this danger, as well as accepting this large burden.

Since she was young, the elders made it hard for her when she first became the sect master.

Fang Rou used her own abilities to defeat two of the elders and finally obtained everyone’s approval.

When she took the belt of the sect master, she suppressed the countless throbbings in her heart.

They probably wouldn’t meet again…..

He most likely hated her……


“Sect master Fang, please have some tea.”

“Thank you.”

Fang Rou took the teacup with a slight nod.  She took a sip and there was a faint taste of plums in her mouth.

After not meeting for a long time, she was a bit nervous.  Her palms were sweaty, but she forced herself to stay calm.

“Sect master Fang.”  Before she could calm herself down, a cold voice rang out that had a hint of mocking to it.

“Young master Feng……”  Fang Rou quickly stood up, “Long time no see.”

They last met not far away from Medicine King Valley.  On the cliff, he had jumped down with that immortal medicine man.

She still couldn’t forget how he had looked at her, how he had hugged her.

“It’s better not to meet.”  Feng Chen Yin sat on the high platform and looked at her with cold eyes, “After all, there are no good memories with sect master Fang.”

Feng Chen Yin’s voice was very calm, but it pierced right into Fang Rou’s heart.

She actually wasn’t that strong.  Even if she had forced herself to become stronger in these three years, it had all collapsed with a single phrase from Feng Chen Yin.

“In the past, I was just……”  Fang Rou bit her lip and wanted to explain, but Feng Chen Yin cut her off.

“Sect master Fang, if you have nothing useful to say, then this Medicine King Valley does not welcome your Mount Emei’s people.”

He would never forget over the years.  Those ugly people that wanted to act noble and take her blood, those people that claimed that they wanted to save the world.

He didn’t forget a single one of them……

Fang Rou felt her heart skip a beat and she found it a bit hard to breathe.

“I was asked by someone to come to the Medicine King Valley.”  Fang Rou took a deep breath and suddenly looked up at Feng Chen Yin, “The current emperor is sick and they heard that hero Long Yin who is in charge of the Medicine King Valley can bring back a life with a single silver needle.  The people in the court can’t come to the Medicine King Valley, so I’m here to deliver a message from them.”

“He, he.”  Feng Chen Yin gave a cold laugh, “Bring back a life with a single silver needle, truly laughable.”

If he could really do that, how could he have watched her die in front of him?

“Young master Feng……”

“I can’t do anything and I don’t want to get involved with the court.”  Feng Chen Yin coldly rejected her, “Sect master Fang, please return.”

Fang Rou naturally knew that this method wouldn’t work after being sent off.

Mount Emei’s position in the Jianghu kept declining day after day.  It was a good thing that the prime minister had been secretly helping them, that they were able to obtain a firm foothold in the Jianghu.

Now that the emperor was sick and the court was in chaos.

The prime minister asked her to find a famous doctor, but how could a girl like her know any famous doctors?

The only thing that came to mind was Feng Chen Yin who had been in charge of the Medicine King Valley over the years.

Actually, she was also being a bit selfish.  She still wanted to see him.

Just one glance was enough……

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