Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2737: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 9)

Gu Liu Shang left this world for his two children.

He had been famous for many years and was known by all.

Although there were many people who wanted to kill him, there were many who respected him.

After Gu Dai Xiang received Gu Liu Shang’s true energy, she became much better.

Her heart was filled with guilt, hatred, anger, sadness, but she never felt regret.

Feng Chen Yin didn’t know why Gu Dai Xiang was so insistent.  Even though that man was selfish and evil, doing anything to achieve his goals, why was his big sister so obsessed that she didn’t feel any regret?

Could it be that it was because she couldn’t forget the hero saving the beauty act from before?

“Yin’er, when you meet a person that you love, you will know that these obsessions come from your heart and you can’t control them.”  Gu Dai Xiang looked down with a few bitter tears in her eyes.

Her heart’s bitterness, no one could understand.

Although she didn’t regret it, if she could start her life again, she would hope that she never met Qi Tian Ge.  Even if she stayed in the Sweet Water Lane for the rest of the life, it was fine.

“Big sister, I will never fall in love with anyone.”  Feng Chen Yin looked at her with deep eyes, “I also don’t need anyone to love me.”

He was not a heartless swordsman, but because of everything Gu Dai Xiang experienced, he felt that ‘love’ was too painful.

The more you were tied down, the easier it was to be controlled.

He didn’t need love and he didn’t want to harm anyone.

In the following days, he kept asking about the immortal medicine man of Medicine King Valley.

Although there were many medicine men in the Medicine King Valley, no immortal medicine man had appeared in over a hundred years.  If they didn’t appear again, he wouldn’t be able to save his big sister.

But the heavens gave him a chance in the end.

The immortal medicine man appeared and they seemed to be in the Medicine King Valley.  However, when he arrived, that place had already become a river of blood.

The immortal medicine man had disappeared.  When he asked about her, he found that she had been taken by the Sword Trial Mountain Villa’s Qi Tian Ge.

It was Qi Tian Ge again, it was him again!


Luo Qing Chen was absorbed in the memories of this bloody Jianghu struggle for a long time.  Finally she felt the aura of the entire Jianghu in these fragmented memories.

This kind of pure Jianghu world, it was her first time.

Even the air that she breathed felt a bit different.

[Host, you’ve been accepting the memories for a long time.]

It’s so complicated that I had to digest it.  Three months before the previous host died, it should be when the Medicine King Valley was destroyed.



Luo Qing Chen looked around herself and found that it was dark and gloomy.

There was a man lying in front of her.  The light was dim, so she couldn’t see it clearly.

She just knew that he was in an azure robe with an emerald ring on his hand, giving people a noble feeling.

Could it be that he’s Shen Qing Feng?


So I’m in the Medicine King Valley’s secret room?



Luo Qing Chen felt a bit speechless.  This timing was a bit tricky.  If she had been a bit earlier and Medicine King Valley wasn’t slaughtered, she could find a better way to get to a safer position.


So if I walk out of this secret room now, I’ll meet……

[The host is correct!  Yes, it’s the supporting male lead, Qi Tian Ge!]

Why don’t you just send me to heaven now?  It’s such a difficult beginning?

[The male lead’s current affection for the host is 10%.]

How grateful should I be to hear these words!  How long has it been since you haven’t given me any affection since the beginning!

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