Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2736: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 8)

But he still found many doctors for her, but not a single one of them could cure the Seven Insect Seven Flower Poison.  At most they could use expensive medicines to control the poison in her body.

“Young master, why don’t you abandon her?  Why do you still let her stay in the manor?”  Sui Yu, who had always followed him as a confidant, asked him about her.

She liked Qi Tian Ge, so she never liked Gu Dai Xiang to begin with.

Only she didn’t know why she was so lucky to charm the Love Poison Young Master, finding the Soul Release Sutra that everyone in Jianghu wanted.

But it was a good thing that she paid a price and would die soon.

Only she didn’t understand why Qi Tian Ge who was always obsessed with martial arts and chose to use any methods he could to improve his martial arts would keep a person without any use by his side.

Qi Tian Ge coldly narrowed his eyes and coldly said, “What does it matter to you?”

He also didn’t know why he kept Gu Dai Xiang by her side.  He clearly knew that Gu Liu Shang and Feng Chen Yin were already on their way to the Sword Trial Mountain Villa.

But seeing her pale face, his heart would feel a bit uncomfortable.

It was a very strange feeling, but he couldn’t say what it was.

Seven days later, Gu Liu Shang and Feng Chen Yin arrived at the Sword Trial Mountain Villa.  They bathed the entire villa in blood, killing many, many people.

The villa master, the madame and Qi Tian Ge were all injured.  Gu Liu Shang had many wounds on him from facing a hundred enemies alone.

Both sides no longer had any energy to fight.  Qi Tian Ge agreed to let them take Gu Dai Xiang and gave them some medicine that could control the poison.

“Take one portion a day, she can still live for half a year.”  He threw the medicine on the ground before turning to leave under the protection of the experts.

When he turned to leave, he still looked at Feng Chen Yin.  He didn’t know Feng Chen Yin, but he thought that Feng Chen Yin had always been someone that had admired Gu Dai Xiang.

Even though Gu Liu Shang and Feng Chen Yin were unwilling and still wanted to fight, when they saw Gu Dai Xiang who was so weak that she could be blown over by a breeze, they decided to take her away.

After all, her life was the most important thing.  If Qi Tian Ge wanted to threaten them with Gu Dai Xiang, they couldn’t do anything.

Gu Dai Xiang was half conscious during the trip and would occasionally open her eyes to call for Qi Tian Ge.

In order to stop the villains of Jianghu from seizing this chance to chase after them, they found a place under a cliff to recover.

After leaving the Sword Trial Mountain Villa, Gu Dai Xiang’s condition quickly deteriorated.  Although they gave her the medicine that Qi Tian Ge gave her, her body became worse with each passing day.

With no other choice, Gu Liu Shang decided to use all his true energy to extend Gu Dai Xiang’s life.

He owed his daughter too much and now that he had finally found her, he couldn’t just watch her die.

Before renewing Gu Dai Xiang’s true energy, he taught Feng Chen Yin all his skills and the entirety of the Refining Mountains and Rivers.

Feng Chen Yin didn’t know that Gu Liu Shang had the conviction to die until he gave Gu Dai Xiang his true energy.  He left a few simple words behind.

“Dad can’t hold on, you have to save your big sister.  Ke, ke…….I can only temporarily suppress the poison in her body, her life will not last more than a year.  You have to go to Medicine King Valley……find the immortal medicine man.  Her blood can cure your big sister’s poison.  I heard that this medicine man is about to appear soon……”

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