Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2735: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 7)

Gu Dai Xiang didn’t know that Qi Tian Ge wasn’t just hiding one or two things from her.

In the next few months, he not only sent people to spread news about her, he spread false information.

After working hard, he finally let Gu Liu Shang find his precious daughter.

It was a pity that Gu Liu Shang said that he no longer had the Refining Mountains and Rivers.

This book had many incomplete parts and after running around, it was broken.  Finally, the last few remaining pages were lost in a duel.

“Impossible!”  Qi Tian Ge wouldn’t believe a single word of this far fetched reason.

“What I said is true.  Where have you hidden Dai Xiang?”

“Alright, I believe you.  But since you have already learned the Refining Mountains and Rivers, you can write it out.  I will bring you back to the Sword Trial Mountain Villa and I’ll give you one month.  If you can’t write it, don’t blame me for forgetting the morals of the Jianghu.”

Gu Liu Shang naturally didn’t tell Qi Tian Ge the truth, it was no wonder he didn’t believe him.

But to find where his daughter was, he still followed Qi Tian Ge to the Sword Trial Mountain Villa.

By chance, he met Feng Chen Yin who had also been looking for Gu Dai Xiang.

When the father and son saw each other, they recognized each other with one glance.

It was the bloodiest fight in the hundred years of the Sword Trial Mountain Villa.  Gu Liu Shang and Feng Chen Yin, this father and son fought the entire Sword Trial Mountain Villa.

In the end, Gu Dai Xiang charged out and stood between them.

One side was her family and the other was the one she loved the most.

No matter which side it was, she didn’t want to see them hurt.

In the end, Gu Dai Xiang told Gu Liu Shang and Feng Chen Yin that she was willingly staying in the Sword Trial Mountain Villa to work for Qi Tian Ge and didn’t blame anyone.

She also requested Qi Tian Ge let her father and brother go.

After thinking about it, Qi Tian Ge agreed to Gu Dai Xiang’s request.  It wasn’t because he loved Gu Dai Xiang, but because Gu Dai Xiang was about to find the location of the Soul Release Sutra for him.

Her beauty played an important role in this and there was just a bit missing.

He had already lost the Refining Mountains and Rivers, he couldn’t lose the Soul Release Sutra.

Although Gu Liu Shang and Feng Chen Yin were worried about Gu Dai Xiang, they could also see that if she insisted, no one could stop her.

Adding in the fact that she was wearing fine brocaded clothes, she shouldn’t be suffering.

In the end, they listened to Gu Dai Xiang and left the Sword Trial Mountain Villa.

But in reality, even if they stayed and fought, they weren’t confident in winning.

A few days later, Gu Dai Xiang brought the Soul Release Sutra back to Qi Tian Ge, using her life to exchange for it.

It was snowing when she returned to the Sword Trial Mountain Villa.  She stood there covered in blood, drop after drop falling onto the ground.

She saw Qi Tian Ge running towards her with her blurred vision.  She wanted to fall into his embrace, but she found that the moment that he came close, he took the Soul Release Sutra in her hands almost instantly.

Then she could no longer hold back the darkness and fell down.

She wasn’t injured, but poisoned.  The Soul Release Sutra was in the hands of the Love Poison Young Master.

Although Gu Dai Xiang used her beauty to charm him, he found out in the end.

She did all she could to bring the Soul Release Sutra back to Qi Tian Ge, but she was also inflicted with the Seven Insect Seven Flower Poison that couldn’t be cured in this world.  Unless……with the blood of the immortal medicine man.

After Qi Tian Ge received the Soul Release Sutra, Gu Dai Xiang no longer had any use to him.

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