Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2734: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 6)

After Qi Tian Ge saved Gu Dai Xiang, he left without a word.

Some people would never love if they never loved and they would only love one person if they loved someone.

Gu Dai Xiang was this kind of person.  Even though the act of the hero saving the beauty was old fashioned, Qi Tian Ge had taken her heart away at that moment.

She loved this man and it was hard to take that back.

It was two months later when she saw Qi Tian Ge again.  It was Gu Dai Xiang’s birthday and he came to celebrate it.

The two smiled at each other and she played a song “Drunken Duck” for him.

This was the first time she had sung such a happy song in years.  Since she had been separated from her father and little brother, she had never sung happy songs

Since that day, Qi Tian Ge would come looking for her.

Sometimes he sat for an hour or two, sometimes he sat for an entire afternoon.  He would occasionally give her gifts.  Although they were only small things, she was very happy.

The two of them became more and more intimate with each meeting.

She knew that he was the young master of the Sword Trial Mountain Villa, so rumours would gradually spread about him coming to a place like this.

But he didn’t care and would still often visit her and bring gifts.

It was another birthday and he gave her a big gift.

He bought her.

In these ten years, countless people wanted to redeem her.  Some were poor, some were rich, but she refused them no matter who they were.

Only this one time, only Qi Tian Ge, she agreed.

But Qi Tian Ge told her that although he bought her, it was so she wouldn’t serve others.  He couldn’t bring her back to the Sword Trial Mountain Villa.

Although these words sounded unremarkable, Gu Dai Xiang understood their meaning.

He couldn’t marry her, a girl like her from the brothel wasn’t qualified to enter the Sword Trial Mountain Villa.

Although she was a bit disappointed, she understood his difficulties.

The Sword Trial Mountain Villa was the most prestigious place for martial artists, so a woman like her would naturally be looked down on.

But Qi Tian Ge had bought her so she would be free, this was already a very touching thing.

Qi Tian Ge booked the room that she lived in at the Sweet Water Lane for a year.  It was so she wouldn’t have to serve any customers and could live somewhere that was familiar to her.

“Although I can’t marry you, I can satisfy all your other requests.”  That was his promise to her.

“Tian Ge, I don’t need anything.”  She shook her head and said, “It’s fine as long as you’re by my side.”

Gu Dai Xiang thought that she had found her true love, but all of this was a trap that was planned by Qi Tian Ge.

He knew better than anyone who Gu Dai Xiang was and he knew better than anyone what status her father had in the Jianghu.

After disappearing for ten years, he had learned the Refining Mountains and Rivers, but he couldn’t find Gu Dai Xiang.

Qi Tian Ge was obsessed with martial arts and he wanted to become number one in the world, so his first target was Gu Dai Xiang.

But the naive Gu Dai Xiang really thought that he loved her.

Qi Tian Ge’s plan was never discovered by Gu Dai Xiang.  Even before he could get the Refining Mountains and Rivers, he had another use for Gu Dai Xiang.

It was to do some spying and some shady things for him.

Gu Dai Xiang thought that Qi Tian Ge had a reason for asking her to do this, but she gradually learned……that there was no reason.

But no matter what, she was deeply trapped and couldn’t turn back.

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