Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2733: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 5)

Feng Chen Yin took his mother’s name.  In the struggles of the Jianghu, Gu Liu Shang had no choice but to separate from his wife.

He took Gu Dai Xiang and Feng Xue took Feng Chen Yin.  But how could the people of the Jianghu let Gu Liu Shang who possessed the secrets of the ultimate skill off?

In order to let Feng Chen Yin survive, Feng Xue gave him a new name so that he could live in peace.

Only she didn’t expect that she wouldn’t live that long.  It was probably because running around during the Jianghu struggle had exhausted her to a point that her body couldn’t take it anymore.

So not long after she settled down with Feng Chen Yin, she passed away.

Later Feng Chen Yin entered the Luo Family.

At the same time, in order to let Gu Dai Xiang run away, Gu Liu Shang had to separate from her.

But after separating, when they met again, they had already changed.

Although Gu Dai Xiang had escaped the pursuit of these people, she never met Gu Liu Shang.

Like this, the Gu Family had scattered.

Gu Liu Shang cultivated the ultimate Restoring Mountains and Rivers while looking for Gu Dai Xiang.

But even after the Restoring Mountains and Rivers was complete, he never found Gu Dai Xiang.

Actually, Gu Dai Xiang had been picked up by the most famous brothel in the capital, Sweet Water Lane and had become the top liner there for many years.

Gu Dai Xiang naturally knew her identity, but there was no news about Gu Liu Shang, so she didn’t dare reveal herself.

She stayed in the Sweet Water Lane under the pseudonym Gu Xiang Xiang for ten years.

The descendants of royals and nobles, they all had a special appreciation for her.  There were even several times that princes of the dynasty wanted to buy her, but she always sold her art and not her body.

A song of “Stunning Bright Clothes” made all the princes fall in love with her, but no one could enter her eyes or her heart.

Until……Qi Tian Ge appeared.

Everything started to change.

Tang Ming Yu, the sixth prince most loved by the emperor had always been arrogant and willful, spending most of his time in brothels.

He had heard of Gu Dai Xiang, but because of his noble status, he looked down on girls from the brothel.

Therefore, even if Gu Dai Xiang had been the headliner for many years by selling her art and not her body, she didn’t get Tang Ming Yu’s attention.

Until one day when he saw her playing the zither in the courtyard alone.  The moment that she silently cried attracted his attention.

Tears like peach flowers and a nation collapsing beauty.

The next day, he sent his servants to Sweet Water Lane to buy Gu Dai Xiang.  He thought that the brothel woman would not only be grateful, she would do all that she could to stay by this noble prince.

But he never thought that she would reject him.

Tang Ming Yu who was headstrong by nature felt deeply insulted by this brothel woman and he decided to make Gu Dai Xiang pay a price.

The price of her innocence!

He didn’t want one person to take Gu Dai Xiang’s innocence, he wanted a group of people.

Under the mist, it was already too late for Gu Dai Xiang when she realized she had been tricked.

She thought that her life would end like this, she would never see her father and her long lost little brother again.

But at this time, Qi Tian Ge appeared.  He had appeared at just the right time.

A bright moon, a handsome face, the hero saving the beauty.

The sixth prince was naturally very angry, but Qi Tian Ge was the young master of the Sword Trial Mountain Villa, so he couldn’t say anything.

After all, the Sword Trial Mountain Villa was the most prestigious place in the Jianghu and the court couldn’t ignore the Jianghu.

Although he was headstrong, he wasn’t a fool.  He knew what he should and shouldn’t do.

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