Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2732: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 4)

There was a consistent wound on her hand.  She thought that it was a wound that she received back in the Medicine King Valley, but it never healed which confused her.

Qi Tian Ge treated her very well and everyone in the Sword Trial Mountain Villa was polite to her.  There were even a few little girls who discussed that the previous host was the young master’s favourite.

The ones who said it had no intentions, but the ones who heard it cared very much.

The previous host took it to heart.  Perhaps she really had been too lonely over the years.

People around her left her one by one and those that protected her were all dead.

Her parents, her sisters, and Shen Qing Feng from the Medicine King Valley.

This time when Qi Tian Ge stood in front of her like a king, her heart had been shaken like that.

It was as if she had finally found a safe place, his arms were that strong.

The person she admired!  She thought that he could protect her!  She was so in love that she even wanted to marry him!

But he was actually just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

He would light some incense for the previous host each night so that she wouldn’t wake up.

Then he would come to her bed and cut her unhealed wound, draining her blood drop by drop.

One bowl a day for three months straight.

Actually, the previous host almost couldn’t even open her eyes later on.

Her body was as pale as snow, almost looking transparent.  There wasn’t a trace of warmth that came from her.

The wound on her hand had gone from being small to being able to see the bone through it.

Her blood flow slowed because it was almost exhausted.

Until the moment that the previous host died, she didn’t know that Qi Tian Ge had killed her.

Like everyone else, it was for her blood.

There were two ultimate skills in the Jianghu.  One was called the Soul Release Sutra and the other was called Restoring Mountains and Rivers.  It was rumoured that as long as one could obtain one of these, they would be become the number one martial artist in the world.

Feng Chen Yin received the Restoring Mountains and Rivers after killing Gu Liu Shang, receiving a great increase in his strength and became the number one ranker on the Sword Trial Mountain Villa’s list.

Qi Tian Ge naturally refused to accept this.  He killed many people and finally obtained the Soul Release Sutra by chance.

But there was a price for learning the world’s best skills.

The Soul Release Sutra could greatly increase a person’s power, but it had a price of eating away at the lifespan of the learner.

Qi Tian Ge naturally quickly noticed this since he was just a young man, but his hair had already started turning gray after two months.

The Soul Release Sutra clearly stated that the only way to to purify the poison was to use the blood of a medicine man.

Not a little, but all of it.

And it had to be an immortal medicine man……

Qi Tian Ge waited for her for a long time.  It wasn’t to save her, but to use her blood to save him.

This story almost ended there and that was the life of the previous host.

It wasn’t that no one loved her, but rather all that loved her were dead.

The one she loved the most had killed her in the end.

As for why the story was so long, it was to carry out the mission more smoothly.  The system didn’t just give her the memories of the previous host, but also the memories of the tragedy between Feng Chen Yin and the supporting female host, Gu Dai Xiang.

Although the memories were scattered, Luo Qing Chen could understand the basic plot.

Not in all stories did the supporting female lead fall in love with the male lead.  The supporting female lead of this story fell in love with the supporting male lead, Qi Tian Ge.

Feng Chen Yin, Gu Dai Xiang, Gu Liu Shang.

These three seemingly irrelevant identities actually had the same blood flowing through them.

Feng Chen Yin and Gu Dai Xiang were both Gu Liu Shang’s children.  The truth of the story was different from the rumours in the Jianghu.

No, it should be completely different.

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