Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2731: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 3)

Everyone wanted an immortal medicine man.  They could use her blood to save their lives when they were sick, they could use her blood to detoxify poisons they were inflicted with, and people with money and power could use her blood to live forever.

From the court to the Jianghu, everyone wanted the previous host.  They wanted to use the previous host’s life to gain the greatest benefits.

Only Shen Qing Feng knew that the immortal medicine man wasn’t this.

She had her own destiny, her own secret.

Although Medicine King Valley had a high position in the Jianghu and was very strong, when all the forces came at once, even the powerful Medicine King Valley couldn’t resist this attack.

Not long after, everyone in the Medicine King Valley was wiped out.  Shen Qing Feng used his final breath to take the previous host to a hidden room before dying.

The previous host stayed in the hidden room alone for three days before returning to the Medicine King Valley with the same path.

The current Medicine King Valley was simply like heaven and hell compared to the past Medicine King Valley.

Covered in corpses and blood, full of ruins, a shocking scene.

The previous fell to her knees and raised her head into the sky as she started crying out loud.

The medicine man had no heart, but had feelings and thoughts.

The people in the pool of blood had all died fighting for her.

Even if not a single one of them wanted her to live, when they all died because of her, she couldn’t help feeling unsettled.

It wasn’t sympathy, it was more doubt, confusion, and disgust……

Shen Qing Feng had saved her, but he had also died because of her identity.

The immortal medicine man……did it save people or hurt people.

She didn’t know and didn't want to know.

The previous host’s story didn’t end there.  When she left the Medicine King Valley, she met the son of the Sword Trial Mountain Villa’s master, Qi Tian Ge.

He was known as the youngest martial arts prodigy in the Jianghu and he had already made a reputation for himself.

Qi Tian Ge reached his hand out to the previous host and looked at her with his deep eyes, “In Jianghu, only I can protect you.”

At that moment, the hand outstretched to the previous host was like a life saving straw and it was impossible to let go once she grabbed them.

The Sword Trial Mountain Villa was a sacred ground for martial arts.  Other than the master Qi Gui Yang being famous around the world, each master was respected in the Jianghu.

So even if everyone knew that Qi Tian Ge brought the previous host to the Sword Trial Mountain Villa, no one dared to charge in.

Different from the Medicine King Valley, going against the Sword Trial Mountain Villa was like going against all of Jianghu.

No one dared to do this, other than……Feng Chen Yin.

When he arrived at the Sword Trial Mountain Villa, it was seven days after the Medicine King Valley had been destroyed.

The previous host didn’t recognize Feng Chen Yin at the time, but she knew this person was a famous person in the Jianghu.

His name was Long Yin.

He was ranked first in the Sword Trial Mountain Villa’s martial arts rankings and was a very powerful person.

The reason he was placed first was because three years ago, he had killed the Emei Sword Immortal Gu Liu Shang who had been first on the rankings.

So his reputation exploded.

His reason for coming to the Sword Trial Mountain Villa was very simple.  He wanted the previous host to save Gu Dai Xiang’s life.

Qi Tian Ge naturally wouldn’t hand over the previous host.  Even if Feng Chen Yin was strong, he couldn’t withstand the siege of many experts charging into the Sword Trial Mountain Villa alone.

In the end, he escaped with heavy injuries……

Since then, the previous host always followed Qi Tian Ge.  Her life didn’t change, but she slept longer and longer each day.

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