Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2730: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 2)

She went over the story for a very long time since it was a very long story.

There were many small branches.  Luo Qing Chen didn’t know which ones were important and which ones weren’t.

The previous host had lived a life without worries since she was young.  Her father was a grand scholar in court and her mother was a master embroiderer, who specially sewed clothes for the empress and the concubines.

She had a big brother who had a frail body.  Although this big brother couldn’t protect her normally like other big brothers, he was still good to her.

The status screen showed that Feng Chen Yin was the male lead.  The first time that the previous host met him was when she was five.

The male lead sold his body to bury his mother and was bought into the Luo Family to be a housekeeper.

But since he was a servant and he didn’t flatter people, he was normally bullied by the people who had already formed groups.

There was one time when he was beaten until he was covered in blood in the heavy snow.  The previous host walked over with soft steps and stood up for him.

The previous host had only been five and Feng Chen Yin was twelve years old.

Since that day, because of the previous host, the people in the manor didn’t dare bully Feng Chen Yin.

After all, the Luo Family’s young miss was loved.  No one dared to bully anyone the young miss protected.

Feng Chen Yin didn’t talk much, but when he met the previous host in the Luo Family, he would say in a deep voice, “Young miss.”

Those days lasted for a year until the Luo Family was involved in disputes in the Jianghu, so their whole family was targeted.

The two elders tried their best to protect the previous host, but when the heavily injured housekeeper pulled the previous host from a pile of corpses, she only had a single breath left.

The housekeeper followed the orders of the master Luo and took the previous host to the Medicine King Valley to find Medicine King Shen Qing Feng for help with his last breath.

Shen Qing Feng shook his head and said, “There’s no way to recover unless…”

“Unless what?”

“She becomes a medicine man.”

Medicine man, as the name suggested, was someone who cultivated medicine.  This was the ultimate secret technique of the Medicine King Valley.  Out of a thousand medicine men, nine hundred and ninety nine of them couldn’t live past ten years.

The remaining one would become the most previous immortal medicine man.

Medicine men were not different from normal people, except that they had no life and no heart.

Since she became a medicine man, her previous memories no longer exist.  Some medicine men never even knew that they were medicine men.

They had feelings and thoughts, they could be happy and sad.

Ten years, the previous host stayed in the Medicine King Valley for ten years.

Her life didn’t disappear, but became even stronger.

Shen Qing Feng was overjoyed since after eight hundred years, there was finally another immortal medicine man born from his hands.

The previous host looked lively and cheerful, not caring about the world, but she already knew everything in her heart.  Other than indifference, there was only indifference.

It wasn’t because she was born this way, but because the partners that she played with died one by one.

They would be fine the day before, but then they would suddenly die the next day.

Once, twice, or thrice might be a coincidence, but seven times, eight times, and nine times definitely wouldn’t be.

The previous host knew her identity and knew that after the ten years hurdle was passed, she would be the immortal medicine man.

Either a short life or eternal life.

How ridiculous it sounded……

Paper could never hold back the flames.  Shen Qing Feng had already hidden the matter of the immortal medicine man very well, but there was nothing that could be hidden forever in this world.

It didn’t take long before the bright and dark forces of Jianghu learned of this matter.

The bloody storm was about to start.

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