Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2738: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 10)

But after going through all that, it made her feel uncomfortable that there was affection.

She had heard the system say that although the male lead she was after was from this world, her original feelings were different from this world.

Although she wasn’t completely certain, she believed that there would be an answer.

Luo Qing Chen calculated the time and planned on staying in the secret room an extra day before going out.

After all, she didn’t want to meet Qi Tian Ge.

This was a very long story and she needed to digest it before finding her family’s male lead!

To be honest, it wasn’t an easy thing to stay in the secret room for an extra day.

It was a good thing that she spent half the time burying Shen Qing Feng.  Although it was simple, she also had a place to rest.

No matter what, Shen Qing Feng died because of the previous host, so finding him a place to rest was what she should do.

“Rest in peace!”

The fourth day, she took out the Phoenix Dance Sword and walked towards the exit of the secret room.

When she came out, there was a wave of blood smell that hit her in the face.

The ground was covered in corpses and the blood created a river.  Even the sun that had just risen had hints of red to it.

Seeing it with her own eyes was different from experiencing it in her memories.  She felt her breath stop and there was something trembling deep inside of her even though she didn’t have a heart.

She shouldn’t meet Qi Tian Ge now, but the Jianghu was very big, so where should she look for Feng Chen Yin?

[Notification: The previous host has two things that they want the host to do.]

What is it?  Why do all the previous hosts have so many things to do!

[The host’s mission will become harder after every special world.]


[One: The previous host wants to find the murderer who killed her family.  Two: The previous host wants to rebuild the Medicine King Valley.]

It really was a bunch of things that were easier said than done.

Luo Qing Chen waved her hand.  Although she had no choice but to do it or something would go wrong.

The system only likes doing these inhumane things and taking away her experience points without saying anything.

After considering it again and again, Luo Qing Chen still decided to find Feng Chen Yin first.

After all, if he went to the Sword Trial Mountain Villa, he would most likely die.

[The host should know that the male lead wants your blood and you’re about to send it to him!]

What does it matter to you!

[The host should also know that you’re the treasure that everyone in the Jianghu is currently searching for!]

I’m not the previous host.  If they want to kill me, bring their lives.

Many people had died in this world to protect her.  Some to kill her and some to protect her.

The immortal medicine man sounded very aloof, but it was very ironic.

Coming out of the Medicine King Valley, the path was filled with corpses.

It turned out that many people died without even reaching the Medicine King Valley.  She really didn’t know what they did it for.

Especially those that wanted to live forever, this wave of death really seemed meaningless to her.

“Stop.”  When she was thinking about this, there was a voice that called out from behind her.

Luo Qing Chen slightly narrowed her brows.  She narrowed her cold eyes and slowly turned around.

“You are……the immortal medicine man?”  That person was very excited as he said while laughing, “I finally found you……Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…….Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha……”

“It’s very easy to find me.”  Luo Qing Chen’s cold voice slowly rang out with a trace of disdain, “But whether you have the ability to take me away or not is another issue.”

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