Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2713: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 64)

At the same time, on the roof of the school.

Yan Tong gave a casual throw and pieces of paper fell into the school yard.

Lu Jue Feng was standing not far away with narrowed eyes, releasing a coldness from his body as if he wanted to freeze everyone around him.

“Young master……”  Yan Tong’s eyes were filled with a faint sparkle as she turned to look at Lu Jue Feng, “Why don’t you believe me?  She is a fake, she really is a fake!  She might be approaching you for other intentions!”

When Yan Tong said this, she could feel the pain in her heart.  Why didn’t Lu Jue Feng believe her?

If he believed her, then that Luo Qing Chen wouldn’t have a chance.

How could this fake have been that young miss for all those days!

“Other intentions?”  Lu Jue Feng’s deep eyes had a bit of gentleness in them as he revealed a faint smile, “I hope that she approached me with other intentions.”

“Why?”  Yan Tong’s voice choked up when she heard this.  It was like she went crazy as she threw the stack of paper down and roared out, “Didn’t the young master protect her because she was the young miss?  That was why you let her approach you?”

It’s like this, it had to be like this!

This was the final line of defense in her heart, but why was she so afraid?  She was afraid that this final line of defense would collapse at any moment.

“I’m protecting her not because she is the young miss.”  Lu Jue Feng’s cold eyes narrowed and looked at her like cold arrows, “You’ve followed me for all these years and you really don’t understand anything.”

“Young master……It can’t be that the young master likes her……The young master wouldn’t……”  Yan Tong bit her lip and muttered to herself as tears fell one by one.

This was a dream, it was like a fairy tail dream.

She had been beside him and those girls couldn’t approach.  There was no one by his side and he never looked at another girl.

Only her, only her, only her……

But now……

“I don’t like her?”  Lu Jue Feng seemed to be asking himself as he revealed a smile.

A few seconds later, it was like he saw through his heart and said with a chuckle, “It should be deep love.”

It was very hard for Lu Jue Feng to face his heart in the past, but now he felt it was a very warming thing.

This was the joy of having her in his heart!

“I don’t believe it!”  Yan Tong roared out, “I don’t believe it!  I will never believe it!  Young master, she is a fake!”

“So what?”  Lu Jue Feng coldly looked at Yan Tong, “It’s quite good if it really is like this.  At least I don’t need to ask the old master to marry her.”

If she was, he could also be assured in being a son in law.

The area fell into silence and Yan Tong didn’t say anything.

Her eyes were hollow.  She thought that Lu Jue Feng would hate Luo Qing Chen after the truth was revealed, but she never thought that not only would he not hate her, but rather…….Rather those cold eyes would fill with this kind of warmth……

After a while, she gave a cold laugh and her eyes turned very sharp as she said word for word, “But you can’t protect her.  She is a fake and mister L won’t let her off.  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, he absolutely, absolutely won’t let her off!”

Yan Tong laughed wildly and threw the pieces of paper off the roof like she had gone crazy……

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