Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2714: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 65)

Lu Jue Feng ignored her.  This matter was tricky and he had more important things to do.

He dialed Yan Ze’s phone and said, “Go find Yan Tong on the roof of building A.  Don’t let her run off.”

After saying this, Lu Jue Feng didn’t stay at school and directly drove to the Luo Manor.

Luo Bai Wan sat in the living room with a dark look and Chen Nan was beside him with knitted brows.

“Old master, about the young miss……”  Lu Jue Feng came forward and was about to explain.

But before he could finish, Luo Bai Wan angrily slammed his cane down, “Who is it?  Who dares spread rumours like this?  Do they think that there’s no one in the Luo Family?”

Lu Jue Feng was surprised.  Luo Bai Wan didn’t have any doubts about Luo Qing Chen and believed that she was real without hesitation.

Why was this?

“Young master Feng, I won’t hide anything from you now that matters are like this.”  Chen Nan explained, “Actually, the young miss looks exactly like the old madam when she was younger.  Although the old master had another wife later on, he could never forget the old madam.  So he never doubted the young miss from the moment that he saw her.”

Chen Nan paused before continuing, “Their first meeting wasn’t in the Luo Manor.”

Over the next half an hour, Chen Nan spoke of matters that even someone who thought of everything like Lu Jue Feng didn’t know.

Luo Bai Wan first saw Luo Qing Chen on the street and it was just a quick look.

But because Luo Qing Chen was so familiar to the old madam, he had Chen Nan investigate this matter.

The investigation didn’t take long and soon he got all the information on Luo Qing Chen.

Before Luo Qing Chen went to the hospital for a paternity test, they had already tested her.

After all, it was easy for the Luo Family to get something like her hair.

So the second time Chen Nan only did a test to let Luo Qing Chen feel assured, but he never thought that there would be this incident.

Chen Nan also investigated this matter in just a single day.

There was no need to mention this matter, but they never thought that someone would create a fuss over this.

“Da, da.”  Anxious footsteps rang out and two people wearing black suits came in.  They looked at Chen Nan before looking at Lu Jue Feng.

Chen Nan waved his hand and said, “Speak!”

“Yes.”  One of them said, “It’s been investigated, it was……it was Yan Tong who used to follow young master Feng.”

“Yan Tong?”  Chen Nan knitted his brows to look at Lu Jue Feng, “You……”

“Don’t doubt me.”  Lu Jue Feng laughed at himself before saying, “I used my life to protect her.”

“I know.”  Chen Nan narrowed his eyes, “The assassins at the square had been arranged by Yan Tong as well!  We have already caught several of them outside of the country and we have confirmed the trajectory of the bullet.  But since I’ve never seen Yan Tong again, I thought that……you had already taken care of it.”

“I’ve had Yan Ze find her.”  Lu Jue Feng looked up and said, “I wanted to come back and explain to the old master first……”

“Un.  We’ver already sent someone to deal with the young miss matter, you don’t need to worry about it.”  Chen Nan looked at him and said, “Go and pick up the young miss from school, the old master is worried that she will have random thoughts.”

“Yes, yes, yes, quickly bring Xiao Qing back!”


Chen Nan came to the door with Lu Jue Feng.  When he sent him off, he didn’t forget to say with a smile of deep meaning, “Does young master Feng regret sending killers after the young miss the first time?”

Lu Jue Feng trembled before saying with a bitter smile, “It’s too late for regret.”

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