Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2712: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 63)

Luo Qing Chen’s words stunned everyone here.  Even Gu Hong Fei who just came in was a bit confused.

The entire school was spreading the rumour that Luo Qing Chen was a fake and there was no one that could stop the pressure of public opinion.

If the rumours weren’t stopped now, the consequences would be disastrous.

“Young miss, do you already have a plan?”  Tan Xiao thought about it before saying, “Could it be that you already know who spread this information?”

“Is it important who spread it?”  Luo Qing Chen said with a faint smile, “Not to mention that your young master Feng should already be finding her.”

“Then does young miss have a plan to calm this situation down?”  Mo Ling’s eyes flickered.  He wanted to look at Gu Hong Fei, but also didn’t dare.

Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug, “It’s simple!”

“What should we do?  How many people do we need?”  Tan Xiao said in a serious voice, “I’ll prepare them.”

“Wa!  You really can’t think this through.”  Luo Qing Chen shook her head with a helpless smile, “The truth will always be the truth!  Grandfather and I just need to do another paternity test, what other countermeasures are needed?”

“Si!”  Everyone was surprised before taking a cold breath.

They had really complicated this matter.  They had based everything on how to convince people that this lie was the truth.

But they never thought that Luo Qing Chen was real in the first place!

“But……”  Tan Xiao knitted his brows, “Even we aren’t sure that the young miss is the old master’s real granddaughter, why is the miss so certain?”

“Un humph?”  Luo Qing Chen looked up with a smile, “Didn’t you say that there were many people who came pretending to be your young miss?”

“Yes!”  Yan Ze pursed his lips and said, “Many people……”

He didn’t like or hate Luo Qing Chen, but she had made Yan Tong leave and also made Yan Tong leave Lu Jue Feng’s side.

He was selfish, so he was a bit confused now.

“Why would they pretend to be Luo Qing Chen?”

“For money and fame.”  Tan Xiao said word for word, “So that’s why young master Feng had thought that it would be best that this ‘young miss’ didn’t appear.”

“It’s a pity that he’s dying of regret now.”  Mo Ling couldn’t help cutting in with a tease.

“Puchi.”  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help laughing, “Then why do you believe me like this?”

“It should be because you’ve gotten to know each other!”  Gu Hong Fei slowly said, “Only people who have gotten to know each other know that your character is superior to others.”

Mo Ling was surprised, but he didn’t say anything.

Tan Xiao said with a nod, “It’s indeed like this.  So I don’t think that the young miss is pretending to be the old master’s granddaughter for money and fame.”

“You know best that I don’t need those things!”  Luo Qing Chen said with a smile, “Do I need those crude things with my abilities?”

“Si!”  Tan Xiao’s eyes opened wide as he looked at Luo Qing Chen, “You, you, you, you, you…….You’re admitting it?  You went……from the villa to the hospital with a ‘whoosh’?!”

Everyone looked at Tan Xiao with confused looks and only Mo Ling could understand a bit, but he didn’t understand everything.

Luo Qing Chen calmly took two sips of the yogurt Gu Hong Fei gave her, “I never denied it!”

“My god!”  Tan Xiao gave a gulp, “Too……Too much!”

“Don’t be surprised like this.”  Mo Ling helplessly shook his head, “Go and find young master Feng.  Young master Yan, go and investigate who is spreading these rumours.”

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