Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2652: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 3)

The couple was very angry because of this.  Their living conditions weren’t good to begin with and now they had to raise this girl for nothing, so that filled them with resentment.

This resentment needed to be vented, so the previous host became their target.

From the age of five, she had to do all kinds of work.  From washing clothes to cooking food to moving various things, not a single one was missed.

That included taking care of her little sister, Fang Xin Xin.

Her life couldn’t be more bitter.

For the previous host, the only time she was alive was when she went to school each day.

She cherished it……

Why would the stingy couple send the previous host to school?

The reason was very simple, they were vain!

Their neighbours, friends, and relatives all knew that they adopted a child.

They had boasted about being loving and caring.

If they knew about it earlier, poor people like them wouldn’t have boasted and this was the only time.

But if everyone knew that they wouldn’t even let the previous host go to school……

The gossip would naturally surface.

So they reluctantly paid the tuition fee for the previous host.

It was a good thing that for the nine years of compulsory education, the fees weren’t that high, but that didn’t mean that there weren’t any.  Because the previous host used their money, they squeezed even more out of the previous host.

The previous host in her teens could only sleep a few hours each day.

But this wasn’t the worst part.

Fang Xin Xin had been spoiled since she was young and always treated the previous host as her servant.

She still played with her when she was young, but she hated her when she grew up, hated her from the bottom of her heart.

She disliked her rough hands, her ugly clothes, and her disheveled appearance.

But she kept her dislike in her heart and didn’t show it on the surface.

She always thought that she was a princess and had to act perfectly in front of her classmates.

If she bullied an adopted girl, people would have a bad image of her.

When they were at school, she would ask the previous host to do things in a gentle manner, but when they were at home, she would go back to pointing her finger at the previous host like a shrewd mother in law.

The funny thing was that in this environment, the previous host was actually a pure idiot.

She thought that her adoptive parents treated her badly because she didn’t do well and that Fang Xin Xin only yelled at her at home because she was afraid that their parents would see her treating her nicely?

So in her heart, Fang Xin Xin at school was the real Fang Xin Xin.

The previous host really was a cute fool.

It was because she knew everything and would help people that her classmates liked her.

Although her hands were rough, she did have a good face.

Ye Qing was among them.  He was the school hunk and someone everyone looked up to.

Fang Xin Xin also liked Ye Qing, so she was even more disgusted when Ye Qing frequently went looking for the previous host.

In her heart, the previous host had stolen her Ye Qing.  If it wasn’t for the previous host, Ye Qing would definitely love her.

So Fang Xin Xin planned on chasing the previous host out of the house and she used her falling as an excuse.

“Qing Chen, help me hold this ladder, I want to get something.”

“Come down, I’ll get it for you.”

“No need!  It’s hard enough for you!  I’ll do it myself!”

“Alright then.”

This was the conversation between her and Fang Xin Xin.  The ladder had been tampered with and when Fang Xin Xing fell, the previous host tried to catch her, but she was still injured.

But the previous host was more injured and was kicked out of the Fang House.

No medical bills and no tuition.

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