Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2651: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 2)

After sorting out her memories, Luo Qing Chen felt that this story was very interesting.

It wasn’t considered sad, it was just very difficult.

To some extent, it could be said that the previous host was killed by the male lead Lu Jue Feng.

The matters went to mister L, the richest man in the country looking for his granddaughter.

Luo Bai Wan didn’t become the world’s richest man as a rich second generation.

He reached his position through his own virtues, building his business empire step by step.

The previous host was the bloodline that was left behind in his youth when he hadn’t gone into business yet.

Of course, he had left behind a son and the previous host was his son’s daughter.

In short, she was his granddaughter.

After nearly half a century, mister Luo Bai Wan who was the richest man in the world began looking for his long lost granddaughter.

After all, after having status, wealth, and power, family became the most important.

He had a wife, a son, and a granddaughter.

But they had been sacrificed for his business.

The duels of the rich people’s world were black and white.  He couldn’t protect them, so they were torn away by kidnappers.

The kidnappers were caught in the end, but so what?  They had only followed orders and the real culprits were still out there.

Now at the age of sixty, there was no one to inherit his large fortune and he couldn’t have any more children.

The only hope was to find his son from his youth and that son’s children.

This matter was like looking for a needle in a haystack for normal people.  After all, not to mention a granddaughter, even his son would be hard to find.

But he wasn’t the same.

At first he didn’t know if his son was still alive and if he had a granddaughter.

But after many investigations, it had basically been confirmed that he had a granddaughter.

But his son had died in a car crash fifteen years ago.

His wife had also been killed at the same time.  They had used their lives to protect the three year old girl and allowed her to miraculously survive.

This girl was later taken in by an orphanage and given to another family.

When the orphanage was investigated, it was found that it had long closed.

No one knew which family the previous host had been sent to and no one knew if this family treated her well.

Actually……it wasn’t good.

It was a normal family.  The parents thought that they wouldn’t have children, so they adopted the previous host so they would have someone to take care of them when they were old.

This thinking was terrifying at first.  Taking in a three year old so she could take care of them when they were older, there wasn’t much love in the important places.

Not to mention that two years after they adopted her, the couple who thought that they would never have a child became pregnant.

After having their own flesh and blood, the previous host’s existence became dispensable.

After all, one’s flesh and blood surpassed the heavens, not to mention that they were from a family that wasn’t well off.

Adopting the previous host was just to secure their old age.

But they no longer needed her with their own child.

A month after their child had been born, the couple wanted to send the previous host back to the orphanage.

They even wondered if they could get some child support from the orphanage.

After all, the previous host had lived for free in their house for two years, so getting a bit of money wasn’t too much.

But they never thought that the orphanage had been demolished in just two short years.

They couldn’t contact the dean no matter who they called.  After a few days, this unreachable number became a void number.

That was when the previous host started living a nightmarish life.

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