Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2653: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 4)

The previous host was kicked out of the Fang House like this.  She was also forced to leave school because she couldn’t pay the tuition and fees.

At the age of sixteen, she only had herself in this world.  No one held a lamp for her to light up the darkness in front of her.

But the problem was that while her life was miserable, someone still wanted to kill her.

The four young masters and the subordinates by Mister L’s side all looked for Luo Bai Wan’s granddaughter.

There would be people pretending to be his granddaughter, but they were all seen through.

But those people who pretended to be the previous host didn’t know that what awaited the previous host wasn’t wealth, but rather a well planned murder.

In this situation, for Mister L and to get rid of all enemies of the Luo Group, this person that could become Luo Bai Wan’s weakness couldn’t appear.

She had to die and she couldn’t be found.

Lu Jue Feng knew that other than the four young masters looking for Luo Bai Wan’s granddaughter, there were many other forces looking for her.

She couldn’t be found by others and this girl couldn’t appear in the Luo Family.

The death of a useless person wasn’t terrifying, what was terrifying was this useless person changing the entire situation of the business world.

Therefore, Lu Jue Feng sent his subordinate Yan Tong to cause an accident after finding Luo Qing Chen.

To achieve great things, there must be sacrifices.

The pitiful previous host was hit by Yan Tong’s Maserati while walking through the streets and died on the spot!

After the previous host died, the many unrealized things in her heart reached the bronze mirror and the host Luo Qing Chen appeared.

[Reminder to the host: The previous host was sweet and foolish, so you will receive an extra reward if you remain sweet and foolish most of the time.]

Can you tell me what the extra reward is?

[Buddha: No.]


[The previous host had three things that she couldn’t accomplish: One, the previous host liked to paint, so she hoped to become a painter.  Second, she always treated Fang Xin Xin well, but she never thought that she would be treated like this.  She felt that the Fang Family should receive their punishment.  Third, she wanted to express her feelings to Ye Qing.]


Express her feelings?  But I remember that on the bronze mirror, Jiu……the male lead’s name was Lu Jue Feng!

Almost, she almost blurted out the name of a person from another world here.

No one knew how she felt and she wouldn’t tell anyone.

After being in the special world for that long, she should grow up and use her actions to prove it.  She would find his soul fragments and redeem her dream.

[Indeed!  The further you go, the more difficult it is.  The host has to decide for yourself.]

Luo Qing Chen then fell into deep thought.  To express your feeling for the supporting male lead and then having to gain affection from the male lead step by step.

In this situation, why does she feel like someone who changed their mind easily…..

What if her wishes aren’t fulfilled?

[The special plane will change, but the change is unknown.]


Really enough!

It was currently eleven at night and there was no one on the street.

She had come out of the hospital covered in gauze and her wounds still ached.

She vaguely remembered that the previous host died at midnight, which meant that the supporting female lead called Yan Tong should be driving her Maserati over soon.

Actually, she was a bit curious.  Why was the supporting female lead called Yan Tong and not Fang Xin Xin?

Could it be……

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