Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2650: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 1)


In the third year of the new Mo Dynasty, the Liao People army worked with the Ying army to break through Peaceful Ink City.  The prosperous scene of the past was gone and only the destruction of war was left.

In all of this, a handsome man described as a lame mute took a boy to Three Emotions Mountain.

He acted so real that no one recognized him.

He left after sending Nian An to Three Emotions Mountain.  No one knew where he went and no one knew if he was alive or dead.

But in his eyes, Ten Thousand Miles Gorge was his final destination.  He wanted to stay by that man’s side and be his servant forever.

Eighteen years later, Nian An with sword in hand became the strongest swordsman on Three Emotions Mountain.

In his white clothes, there was a faint sparkle in his deep eyes that seemed indifferent to everything.

There were many who loved him on Three Emotions Mountain and countless eyes were attracted every year at the sword test.

A sweet looking female disciple would often give him cakes and fruits.

She would look at him with wide eyes and say, “Big brother Nian An is so beautiful, I never get tired of looking at you.”

“Un, thank you.”  He would always return the things politely and say, “You should keep it for yourself!”

He wasn’t indifferent, he knew how to reject them.

Without knowing why, he always felt an unspeakable sadness that filled his heart.

No one to love and no one to fall in love with.

It seemed that all people in this world were the same to him, there were no differences at all.

He would often dance with the sword in the snow.  The pieces of snow fell onto his white sword which would sometimes dispel the boredom in his heart.

Du was the surname of the past royal family of the Mo Country and he was called Du Nian An.

Even if no one told him, he could already guess what his identity was.

But he didn’t know where his parents were.  Were they still alive or were they dead?

There would be a nation collapsing woman who appeared in his mind that looked at him.  She would hold a pink bag as she looked at him with a look of farewell.

These were the most beautiful eyes he had seen in life.


[Welcome back host.]

Coming back to this place, Luo Qing Chen could feel a deeply touched feeling in her heart.

She hated this place, but also looked forward to it.

This was where it ended and where it began.

[Host, the system has already worked hard, don’t scold me again.]

It had courted death by entering the world, but it was the same as her, it also wanted to protect Nian An.

“The ending was already decided, there’s nothing to say.  Just start the next story!”

[Does the host not want to rest?]


[The following is a summary of the previous mission.  Host, please properly look over it.]

Name: Luo Qing Chen

World: «Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know»

Mission completion rate: 100%

Experience: 6000/10000

There are currently four items in the spatial storage (4/5): [Exquisite Ring], [Nine Section Moon Whip], [Phoenix Dance Sword], [Universal Medicine Box].

Permanent abilities: Space and time freeze level 5

Permanent abilities: Teleportation level 3

The special world has added a new permanent ability: Mind control level 1

Exchange points: 6000

Base points: 40

[The host’s forty first mission panel is below.]

Appearance: 90/100

Strength: 99/100

Intelligence: 80/100

Figure: 80/100

After that, the image in the bronze mirror changed.

[Mission Grade: A]

[Experience gained: 500]

Female lead: Luo Qing Chen

Male lead: Lu Jue Feng

Supporting female lead: Yan Tong

Supporting male lead: Ye Qing

Mission content: [Return to one hour before the female lead died and obtain the love of the male lead.]

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