Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2649: Side story: Your figure is fading away (4)

The day of the conferring ceremony, a day that I looked forward to.

From the red carpet to the high buildings, everyone bowed their heads and kneeled down to her.

This was what I had promised her in the past.  I wanted her to become the most dazzling person.

This was the day that I had been waiting for all this time, but I never thought that this day would be the key in my parting with her.

With a bolt of lightning, Ya Nu and I both tried to protect her, but we never expected to switch bodies because of this.

I woke up first, but it wasn’t in the King’s Landing Palace and she wasn’t beside me.

I was filled with pain and I wanted to get out of bed, but I found that I couldn’t use strength in one of my legs.  I wanted to talk, but I couldn’t say a thing.

Gradually, a feeling of fear filled me as an ominous premonition filled my mind.

I started running and running.  I ignored the doctors that tried to stop me and ran to the King’s Landing Palace.  I was afraid that this terrible truth would become real if I stopped running.

But when I ran to the King’s Landing Palace to see the other ‘me’, my breathing had stopped.

Sitting there with empty eyes, focused on her who was lying in bed.

When my footsteps appeared, he came back to my senses and looked in my direction.

Ya Nu wanted to bow to me, but I stopped him.

Because I was him and he was me.

I looked at him and used a finally greedy look to look at her.

Because I knew that from now on, I couldn’t possibly have her anymore.

I forever remembered the conversation with Ya Nu in the royal study, he spoke while I wrote.

“Young master, tell the empress the truth.  Your love won’t be influenced because of this.”

No, she is important.

“Young master!  I can’t hide it for long.  I don’t understand the empress, she will easily see through it!”

No, you understand.

“Young master……”

I will protect her using a different method.

I never thought that this method would come so quickly.  I had to go even before I could even decide whether to go or not.

Once the Dragon Gate Pass was broken, the Mo Country would fall.

It was because everyone knew this that Yao Yao died, Xu Yue couldn’t open the gate, and he now lived a painful life.

Thinking of this, I was luckier than Xu Yue.

At least I could still protect this person and he could only protect the land.

She would never know that when I headed to the border, I went to the Three in One House that we went together to before.

I ordered all the dishes she ordered other than the osmanthus cake that made her sick.

I wanted to recall something, but I found that all those memories were lingering in my mind.

Life and death, I couldn’t see through it and I didn’t want to.

What was scary about death?  The scary thing was not being able to die by her side……

Standing on the walls of Dragon Gate Pass one last time, Xu Yue asked me if I regretted knowing that I couldn’t be with her one last time even if the Mo Country perished.

I was silent for a long time and even Xu Yue felt that I wouldn’t be able to answer.

Because even I wondered what it would have been like if I had stayed by her side.

It was a pity that there were no ifs in this world and this is how I answered Xu Yue.

If time could go back, I would have left the royal palace with her long ago and lived our lives together in a beautiful place.

This was the only blessing in this lonely world.  I could love you and could be deeply loved by you.

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 40/100]

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