Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2648: Side story: Your figure is fading away (3)

This incident caused the crown prince to become everyone’s target.  With Chen Yao Yao’s testimony and the fact that nothing had happened between us.

Even if he was good at talking, it was hard to argue.

Since the crown prince had lit the fuse, I wouldn’t be polite.

Although I didn’t expect a trap banquet to be held in the Supreme Hall in this situation and father was angry with the crown prince, if I didn’t have power in my hand, it was impossible to overturn everything.

Thinking of it, it was an exciting duel.

What followed was the death of Yue Leng Qing, the crown prince, and also the empress.

I watched all of this with cold eyes and found that our family’s girl also watched everything with cold eyes.

Doing all of this, other than to let her peacefully stay by my side, it was also to take revenge for the sixty six members of the Luo Family.

Right and wrong, those that killed needed to repay them with their lives.

She wasn’t a weak woman and she would never talk about revenge with me, but that doesn’t mean that these things don’t need to be done.

Later on.

She got pregnant and fainted at the sacrifice ceremony which really scared me.

When I learned that she wasn’t sick and had a baby, peace of mind turned into much more than just joy.

The old saying goes that if the emperor had to choose between a concubine and a prince, he would always choose the prince.

But if she was in any danger because of the baby, I hope that the baby would never come out.

His appearance is another person to protect her and not to threaten her life.

But she seemed to know more about this child than I did.

When the doctor didn’t know if it was a prince or a princess, she told me that it would definitely be a boy.

And the name was already set, it would be Nian An.

Nian An……Actually, I never knew why she would come up with this name.

Later when I was in a different place, I seemed to understand.

Nian An meant……Thinking of safety.

When the prince was born, everything seemed to return to normal.

No one could threaten her and any minister who had intentions towards her no longer appeared in court.

I could not kill, but I couldn’t hear others saying that she wasn’t good.

Since that person felt that she wasn’t good, then he could leave forever because I didn’t want to see them either.

After a long time, whether it was the court or the harem, everyone knew her position in my heart and no one dared to say that she wasn’t good.

Because that meant returning home to go farm.

But none of us expected this smooth life to usher in the first change.

Chen Yao Yao’s death was a painful decision for Xu Yue.

I was infinitely grateful towards Chen Yao Yao because if it wasn’t for her help, Qing’er and I wouldn’t have reached this point.

I wouldn’t even have had a way to trap the prince and sit on the throne.

I thought that after she came back, I wouldn’t let her go on the battlefield again.  But I never thought that she wouldn’t come back.

That strong woman, for the one that she loved, she held on without caring for a thing, but she still closed her eyes and died.

How painful of a thing this was……

Xu Yue had watched her die, how much pain was he in.

I could understand and even feel this pain because……I was also this afraid of losing her.

But……what came came in the end.  I couldn’t escape it……

It was like a thousand year old curse, a constant cycle that never stopped.

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