Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 25 Gu Ye (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 25 Mr. Yu, want to come and play? Part 1

If to say Gu Ye looked like he simply doesn’t care and bother with them, Gu Decheng definitely looked hostile to the people from Xuanshu Association, "I don't care what you do but my son will not have anything to do with you in the future, stay away from my son."

The people from Xuanshu Association stood there in embarrassment. They didn't know how they managed to get on this boss’s nerves.

In the car, Gu Decheng told Gu Ye sternly, "This Xuanshu Association sounds like an underground organization engaged in feudal superstition. If you dare to become a Taoist priest, I will break your legs."

"Okay Dad, I’ll listen to you." Gu Ye took out his mobile phone and searched for the most popular variety show while promising piously in the mouth.

President Gu wanted to beat the child again, "Still remember the Disciple's Rules? Recite once for me."

Gu Ye sighed, and turned off the video,
"If the Parents call out, don't delay to answer,
If the Parents give an order, don't be lazy to do it,
If the Parents teach a lesson, listen quietly,
If the Parents give a scolding, obey and follow.

Dad, please say what you want. I will kneel and listen to your scolding."

Gu Decheng softened his expression and said, "How do you know that Li Shengkai evaded taxes? You calculated it?"

"For the fortune-telling business, after seeing through the secrets of Heaven, one must also add in personal speculation."

"So if one’s brain is not working well (not witty), they can't do this job?"


Amused, Gu Decheng asked, "Why didn't I see that you were so smart before this?"

Gu Ye said solemnly, "I got scared from getting beaten by you before, so I dare not make noise."

"Then why are you constantly making trouble now?"

"Because I know you are reluctant to beat me to death now."

Papa Gu is at a loss for words, what Gu Ye said really made sense.

At this moment, Gu Ye glanced at the window and his eyes lit up. He suddenly asked, "Is the car at the front belonging to Li Shengkai?"

The driver took a look and answered, "Yes, this kind of thing also can be calculated out?"

"It's just that it has the same aura as Li Shengkai. Stop here, I'll go down for a while."

Gu Decheng watched Gu Ye goof about with a cold face. At first, he wanted to stop him, but it seemed that he hadn't sat in the same car with his son for a long time. Also, it's been a long time since he saw Gu Ye make a request so naturally, so he just endured it.

Gu Ye walked around Li Shengkai's car and patted the front of the car with a smile. After that, he returned to the car with a grin and said, "Let's go."

The driver looked at the smile on the corner of Gu Ye's mouth from the rearview mirror and didn't dare to ask any more questions. He had a feeling that Third Young Master had an evil smile at that moment.

The next day, it was reported that Li Shengkai encountered a ‘ghost hitting the wall’* on the way home. It was said that he wandered around the Outer Ring Road for most of the night, and finally found his way back around dawn.

*Keep circling in the same area, unable to leave

After Gu Ye made such a fuss in the reception, many people in the business circle asked if Li Shengkai is really evading taxes, especially those who wanted to cooperate with him. Hence, they went and got someone to check it out. Although no tangible evidence was found, some problems were found during the investigation. Cooperating with Li Shengkai under the pressure of offending Gu Decheng is inherently risky, now that the other party may really break the law, who wants to take risks? In a short time, countless orders were withdrawn, and the stock of Li Shengkai’s company fell all the way to the bottom.

Immediately afterward, Li Shengkai is reported to the authorities. He had offended many people over the years so upon hearing that Gu Ye calculated about his crime, those people would rather believe Gu Ye and reported Li Shengkai. After receiving the reports, the relevant units began to investigate his tax issues.

Li Shengkai is worried about his company until his hair would turn white, but it is a pity that misfortunes never come alone. One of the little mistresses he secretly raised outside came to his house with a child in her arms. Knowing that Li Shengkai has encountered problems, the little mistress is afraid that she will no longer have money to use for the rest of her life. She is one of the mistresses and has given birth to a child for Li Shengkai but why did he send another vixen abroad as soon as something happened, not to mention that he gave that woman money as well?!

Hu Yu is mad with anger and slapped the mistress. Unexpectedly, the mistress is not someone easy to provoke. She pulled Hu Yu’s hair, pushed her to the ground, and kicked her fiercely.

It happened that Li Shengkai's son, Li Peng, came home. When he saw that the mistress dared to beat his mother, he rushed up and hit the mistress until her head is bleeding. Li Shengkai wanted to protect his little lover, so he shoved his son away angrily. That push caused Li Peng to knock his head on the table, and a big bump immediately appeared.

Seeing this, Hu Yu finally understood that there is no way to live this life. She declared, "Divorce, we must divorce! Everything you have is given by my father, and it is all mine!"

"How dare you?!" Li Shengkai’s eyes turned red, "Even if I kill you, I won't divorce you!"

"If you have the guts, kill me then!" Hu Yu straightened her neck at Li Shengkai. With her son by her side, she stiffened her will to divorce.

Li Shengkai looked at the mother and son who dared to resist him and hated them very much. He picked up something from the table without looking at what it was and smashed it hard at Hu Yu, "Bitch, I'll kill you right now!"

"ARGH!" With Hu Yu's scream, the atmosphere suddenly turned silent. Hu Yu fell to the ground, her widened eyes stained with blood staring at the floor gradually turning red.

"Mom! Mom!!" Li Peng picked up his mother with trembling hands. After shouting a few times but his mother didn't respond, his face turned pale with fright, "What are you doing in a daze? Call an ambulance!"

The little mistress didn't dare to make trouble anymore and silently slipped away with the baby in her arms. Li Shengkai is also scared by what happened and subconsciously took out his mobile phone. Just after he pressed the number 120 (number for the ambulance), he suddenly thought of something. His finger hovered over the dial button for a long time but didn’t press it.

Li Peng anxiously cover the blood on his mother's head, calling his mother several times but there was no response. As her body got colder, Li Peng looked up at his father in fear, "What are you doing? Help my mother!"

"Son, we may not be able to save your mother." Li Shengkai steeled his heart and grabbed his son's shoulder with one hand. The strength of the grip is so strong that his veins bulged out. If Hu Yu dies, she will not divorce him, and the family property will not be divided. In the current situation, Hu Yu's death is in his best interest.

Li Peng looked at his father in shock, as if he didn't know the man in front of him anymore. Not caring about the pain in his shoulder, he asked, "Do you want to watch my mother die? She can still be saved! If you don't call, I will call!"

Li Peng took out his cell phone to call an ambulance, but Li Shengkai pushed his son down. Grabbing Li Peng’s cell phone, he smashed it to the ground.

"Are you crazy? You're crazy! You murderer!"

Li Peng is only 15 years old. This is the first time in his life that he suffered such a big blow and it is because his father wanted to kill his mother. Li Peng is already in a panic and wanted to run away, but his father held him down. When he looked back, his father's eyes are red, like a lunatic.

"If you reported it, you will not only have no mother, but also no father, and you will lose a good life in the future. Dad promises you that after this difficulty is over, Dad will send you to study abroad. I will give you whatever you want."

Li Peng cried, "I just want my mother, can you give her to me?"

With red eyes, Li Shengkai held the stone lion that smashed Hu Yu just now. A fierce glint flashed in his eyes, "Are you listening to me or not?"

Li Peng is so frightened that he trembled all over. Nodding tremblingly, he cried, "I, I’ll listen. Dad, I’ll listen to you. I’ll listen to you in everything."

Hearing that, Li Shengkai loosened his grip on Li Peng’s hand a little bit. At this moment, Li Peng jumped up suddenly. After all, he is an energetic 15-year-old boy. He often fights so he still has that explosive power. Li Shengkai is suddenly pushed to the ground. Before he could react, Li Peng had already run to the door.

Li Peng cried and shouted, "Help! Call an ambulance! Quickly call an ambulance!"

Unfortunately, when the ambulance arrived, Hu Yu's body is already cold. The doctor said regretfully, "It's too late, even if it's 3 minutes earlier, she can still be saved."

Li Peng tidied up his mother's body expressionlessly and adjusted his mother's appearance. Then, not even looking at Li Shengkai, he ran away from home as the Li family fell into chaos.

Soon, the police came to the door, "Your son said you killed his mother, we need to investigate."

"This unfilial son!" Li Shengkai never thought that his son would betray him as soon as he left the house.

The evidence is solid, so Li Shengkai is arrested that day. This incident really answered Gu Ye's words, finished.

The Li family is completely finished.

After this incident got out, Gu Ye's name became more famous in the circle. The more rumors are passed on, the more evil they become, and it is said that a few words of him have ruined a company. Even though Gu Ye is still young, after so many incidents, they all prefer to believe what they heard and have the mentality that they don't want to offend the master. This incident even caused Gu Decheng’s business to become smoother.

There are also many people who want Gu Ye to check out their Feng Shui and do fortune telling, but unfortunately, they can't get started queueing now because Master Gu is about to take the college entrance examination.

The people in the Xuanshu Association are also very troubled. If this Gu Ye is really related to that ‘Gu Ye’, then they would have to bring him into their association in advance to control his temper so that he would not be difficult to manage when he grows up. It's a pity that Gu Ye is the son of Gu Decheng, and President Gu has inexplicable hostility towards them, so it's not convenient to get close to Gu Ye.

Many masters in the Xuanshu Association got together for a chat, "This kid is quite capable of stealing business, which sect does he belongs to?"

"I don't know, I never heard of such a young child that possesses such strong spiritual power, and he is still in school."

"Why are people with the name Gu Ye so talented? Will Old Master Yu invite him to a tea party this year?"

"Anyone invited in the name of the old master must ensure that they attend. This is, after all, the old national treasure that could make both the business circle and the entertainment circle sing along with a stomp of feet. Coupled with the success of the heir, the Yu family will develop better and better. Anything the old master says, everyone must give face."

"Mr. Yu is also very interesting. Every July, he will hold a tea party, inviting people from our circle to appraise some antiques and whatnot. What is his real purpose?" The person who asked this question is a young man who had just joined the association not long ago.

Hearing that, a few old people amusedly answered, "What else? It’s to choose a truly talented person to change the life of his youngest son. Yu Ze's whole body of good fortune, if ordinary people possessed just a little bit of that, they will be prosperous and rich all their lives. It's a pity that ‘when a thing reaches an extreme, it can only move in the opposite direction* (idiom)’. Yu Ze had his fortune told from the moment he was born that he won’t have any children and grandchildren. The fate of an emperor is heaped on this lifetime in wealth and honor."

*You can never have too much good things

The young man thought for a while and said enviously, "...I feel that I can exchange my life with him. I don't want children and descendants, I just want to live a rich life.[1]"

The elders joked, "Won't your parents beat you to death?"

The young man fell silent. The fact is that young people don't actually care about having children, but old people don't think so. Therefore, Old Master Yu religiously invites people to come over every year. This year, he really wrote an extra invitation to Gu Ye, which is now on the old man's desk.

Raw word count: 6153 (whole chapter)


[1] Same here, brother, Banana has the same thought (╥_╥) who cares about children? (okay, some do) … I just want to live a life where I don’t have to worry if I earned enough for retirement or worried if I don’t have enough money for healthcare. I just want to enjoy life _(;3/

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