Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 25 Gu Ye (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 25 Mr. Yu, want to come and play? Part 2

Carrying his schoolbag, Gu Ye casually stood by the door and waved goodbye to his parents, "Don't worry, everything is destined."

Mrs. Gu rolled her eyes, what does the test score have to do with destiny?

"Remember to take the exam well, and check the answers several times after you finish the test. Don't eat random things starting today, and make sure you don't get sick when you go to the exam room tomorrow. After the exam, I will pick you up at the entrance gate. If you don't pass the exam, your dad will spank your butt when you come home!"

"Okay, okay~" Gu Ye swung his bag onto his back, "I remembered it all! After the exam, please give me a few days off, I want to go out for a while and play."

Gu Decheng wants to say ‘Where do you want to play, please stop running around and stay put’ but Mrs. Gu grabbed her husband and said, "For now, just let him do whatever he wants. Let him go to the exam without any pressure."

Gu Decheng could only endure it.

Gu Ye climbed into the car and left with a smile on his face. Gu Ye simply takes it as his consent if his father didn't object. After the exam, he wanted to go out and had fun. Then he wants to go to the mountains to sweep his master's tomb and burn incense sticks.

On the day of the college entrance examination, it must rain! This is the iron law of nature![1]

A large group of parents held umbrellas and guarded the school gate like mushroom soldiers. They are more anxious than the students who are on the battlefield. It really makes people feel sorry for the parents in the world. Students without parents to accompany the exam all went to have lunch with Teacher Yu. After lunch, they went to a nearby hotel to rest and prepare for the exam in the afternoon.

Gu Ye went to the bathroom after lunch. When he came out, he heard someone in the corner saying something like a swindler, "I am your senior from the previous class. I have people in the education bureau who already know the question. I can give you the answer for only 200 yuan. Do you want it?"

Amused, Gu Ye thought to himself, what age is this? How can any fool still believe in such nonsense?

At this moment, a girl asked in a low voice, "Is it true? Can you give it now?"

Hearing that, Gu Ye is dumbfounded. There really are fools!

"I can't give now. I can only give you the answers 5 minutes before you enter the examination hall. How much you can memorize depends on your ability. If I give it to you in advance, the risk of you leaking it will be greater. Wouldn't it cause me trouble?"

The girl didn't even realize that it is just a lie, so she thought she is being smart in asking, "What if after I give you money, but you don't give me the answers?"

"Then you report to the police to arrest me. You can add me on WeChat, and I will never run away."

Gu Ye could hardly listen to the scam anymore and turned around the corner to see how bastardly-looking is that liar’s face.

The liar had just made a fortune, so when he saw Gu Ye coming over, he wanted to continue his scam and asked, "Little handsome guy, I have the answers to the next test questions here, do you want it?"

Gu Ye asked coldly, "If I buy it, what can I do if you send me a bunch of nonsensical answers? The college entrance examination papers are not distributed to outsiders, so who knows if you gave me the right ones? You can still claim that I have a bad memory if I get the wrong answers. Your words are justified anyway."

Seeing that Gu Ye didn't take the bait, the liar continued to lie, "If I lie to you, you can go to the police station and make a report!"

Gu Ye sneered, "Buying illegal answers for the college entrance examination, you think I still have the face to complain after being cheated? For 200 yuan, do you think I'll let the teacher know about it? At that time, won’t I try to hide the secret tightly? Liars like you who aim to cheat little fools, I can beat 800 of them to death a day."

At this point, the girl who was cheated also realized that something is wrong, "Liar! Give me back the money!"

"Who is a liar? Little girl, how do you talk? Let me tell you, you are legally responsible for framing someone!"

After all, the student is just a little girl who has never been in contact with society. The girl didn't expect this liar to be so shameless. She got frightened by his domineering attitude and took a step back, not daring to speak out.

Gu Ye grabbed the liar by the collar with one hand and dragged him to the toilet like a dog. Then he pressed the liar against the wall with his elbow, so that he couldn't move, "Give her back the money, or I will feed you shit."

The liar is frightened by Gu Ye's strength, while paying back the money, he quibbles, "I, I’ll give it back. I'm not lying, I really have the answer, why don't you guys believe me?"

Gu Ye curled his lips, dragged the liar out forcibly, and handed him over to the patrolling police.

The girl caught up with Gu Ye and said gratefully, "Classmate, thank you."

"For pushovers, you can only learn from your mistakes." Gu Ye threw his schoolbag on his back, waved his hands without looking back, and left.

The girl chased after Gu Ye for a few steps but failed to catch up. She regretfully took a picture of his back. In her heart she hoped, see you again if we have fate.

On the morning of the second day of the college entrance examination, Lin Zihao rushed to the toilet, clutching his stomach. The little cartoon that Gu Ye gave him is a nightmare for him, and he was afraid that it would come true during the college entrance examination*. Yesterday he didn't dare to eat too much all day, for fear of ruining his stomach. But because he ate too little, he was very hungry when he came back. So he asked his mother to make him a bowl of noodles and added a little bit of chili that he usually likes to eat. Unexpectedly, because he has been staying hungry for too long, his stomach became fragile. Stimulated by the chili, he ended up having diarrhea.

*Lin Zihao is the person who reported to Teacher Yu that Gu Ye must have cheated in the exam. And Gu Ye drew a cartoon figure behind his paper in Chapter 14 that he will lose his admission slip

Lin Zihao’s hatred rose in his heart, thinking to himself that this must be Gu Ye's curse on him!

Before going out to the examination hall, Lin Zihao went to the toilet 3 times. He went too much that he almost gets dehydrated, causing his parents to feel anxious for him. Seeing that time is running out, Lin Zihao tightened his belt and rushed out of the toilet. He put on his schoolbag and ran out the door. His parents also hurried to catch up, but no one saw that Lin Zihao's admission slip is still lying on the table.

One can imagine the result. For the first exam, Lin Zihao failed to enter the exam room, his parents fell into despair on the spot.

Lin Zihao muttered furiously with red eyes, "It must be Gu Ye who cursed me, Gu Ye has already cursed me since then! It's Gu Ye!"

After the exam has ended, Gu Ye walked out with Teacher Yu and a few classmates when Lin Zihao rushed up, "Gu Ye! I'm going to kill you!"

Before Lin Zihao could reach them, the security personnel held Lin Zihao down, "What's the matter with you, student? You can't commit crimes even if you don't do well in the exam."

"Gu Ye, did you curse me to lose my admission slip? It must be you!" Lin Zihao struggled like crazy, just wanting to rush up and hit Gu Ye.

Hearing that, several students in the same class became speechless, "Lin Zihao, are you mental? What does it have to do with Gu Ye that you didn't bring your admission slip?"

Teacher Yu’s face turned red from the anger. He had been extremely disappointed in Lin Zihao for the past 6 months, "Lin Zihao, why are you having trouble with Gu Ye again?"

Gu Ye shook his head. He had calculated that Lin Zihao would encounter a hurdle, and this time he would definitely not be able to get into the university of his choice. That picture he drew before was just to scare him.

Lin Zihao is jealous, narrow-minded, and doesn't know how to be grateful. If Zhao Pengyu, an innocent person, hadn't been implicated, he wouldn't have bothered to help him and Liu Yiwen (from the female ghost case). If this person had changed his temperament, he might not have suffered such a catastrophe. Unfortunately, nature is hard to change.

Lin Zihao's mother is surprised by her son's behavior. She ran to hold her son, and asked in panic, "Zihao, what's wrong with you? You didn't lose your admission slip. Your dad found it for you. You put it on the table and didn't take it. How can you blame others?"

Lin Zihao froze in astonishment, "On, on the table?"

"Yeah, it's on your desk." His mother cried and persuaded him, "It doesn't matter if you didn't pass the exam this year. You can study for another year and take the exam next year. You can't let yourself down."

After such a commotion, the parents and students around looked at Lin Zihao as if he has gone crazy. Lin Zihao couldn't bear it, so he pushed his mother away and ran away. In the afternoon exam, Lin Zihao did not come. He has to review for an extra year anyway whether he takes this exam or not. Lin Zihao is so lofty that he couldn't afford to lose his face by coming.

After the college entrance examination, there are even more parents waiting at the gate. Because it rained yesterday, the sky is washed clean today and the sun is shining brightly. The heat makes people feel like they are melting, and a mushroom of umbrellas once again propped up at the school gate.

As soon as Gu Ye left the school gate, he saw his little mother all wrapped up, looking like she had just returned from the Sahara Desert. Amused, Gu Ye walked over with a smile, and praised, "Even if it is a mushroom, you are the most beautiful one here."

"Aiya, you brat, hahaha," Mrs. Gu slapped Gu Ye on the shoulder happily, "You are the only one who knows how to talk, hahaha!"

Gu Ye grinned in pain, and quickly grabbed her hand, "Mom, there are a lot of people watching you here. Later, won’t news come out saying: Shocking! The wealthy stepmother beat up her stepson in the street, why is she so vicious?"

The smile on Mrs. Gu's face paused, this is really possible. When she came, she had already noticed that a reporter taking pictures of her, but she didn't know what those people said about her. Probably saying that she is just putting on a show for waiting here. She didn't bother to think about those stupid things anymore, so she asked Gu Ye with concern, "How did you do in the exam?"

Gu Ye smiled and said, "I have answered everything I know. Let's go home, I want to have a big meal and then have a good sleep."

Gu Ye slept all morning again the next day and didn't get up until lunchtime. Mrs. Gu is not at home, so Gu Ye went downstairs to make a cup of milk tea by himself. The nanny came over and asked him, "Third Young Master, what do you want for lunch? Chinese food or Western food?"

Gu Ye shook his head disinterestedly.

The nanny asked with a smile, "The sea cucumbers bought by the kitchen today are not bad, do you want some sushi?"

Gu Ye continue shaking his head, still not interested.

The nanny asked tentatively, "Then, Thai food?"

Gu Ye finished his milk tea and stretched his waist, "I want to eat Malatang and stinky tofu."

Nanny: "... Urm, we don't know how to do this, but we can learn!"

Gu Ye laughed, "Then you guys definitely can’t make it at noon today. I’ll go out to eat, so don't worry about me, and don't tell my mother."

Mrs. Gu has never let her children eat those outside food. Gu Ye couldn't hold it anymore, so he called Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang, and they went to the snack street. 3 wealthy young masters, each holding a bowl of Malatang, eating until their belly is round and sweating all over.

While sitting and resting, Gu Ye received a phone call unexpectedly. When he checked the caller ID, Gu Ye blinked and asked seriously, "Zhao Pengyu, if I invite your uncle to eat Malatang and stinky tofu, will he come?"

Zhao Pengyu saw that the caller ID is Yu Ze, and sneered twice, "My uncle is obsessed with cleanliness. In some aspects, he is almost obsessed. Hero, you can try to ask."

"Hello, I'm Yu Ze." Yu Ze's cold voice sounded, like a glass of sake in summer. Gu Ye immediately felt much refreshed.

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes with a smile, "Mr. Yu, what do you want me to do?"

"Have you received the invitation?"

Gu Ye is puzzled, "What invitation?"

Zhao Pengyu came to his senses first and explained, "It must be the invitation for the July tea party. The guests are all masters in your field, let's go play together!"

Hearing Zhao Pengyu's voice, Yu Ze said in disdain, "Shut up."

Zhao Pengyu immediately fell silent.

Gu Ye understood what is happening and said, "I'm eating out now, the invitation should be at home."

Yu Ze asked, "So, do you want to come and play?"

"Okay." Gu Ye agreed immediately. Then, squinting his eyes, he warmly invited in the call, "I'm eating Malatang and stinky tofu outside. Mr. Yu, want to come and play?"

Yu Ze: "..."


Author has something to say:

Yu Ze: Should I go or not?

Raw word count: 6153 (whole chapter)


[1] Just like how Banana’s place would rain for no reason whenever a funfair is built nearby, for about 2-weeks to a month

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